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Calling all Forgeborn,

WENEED YOUR HELP! We are making a lot of progress with the new release and it’s time we find out more about you so we can more finely tune the client to be what everyone wants. Please take this short survey to give us your input and there may even be a reward for you at the end of it. Thank you for your help and for being a part of Solforge!

Take the survey HERE!



  1. Aegon82

    I also forgot:
    - Daily/weekly/monthly quests.
    - Faster way to open packs. It’s OK when you open 3-4, but if you have 100 you just don’t want to open them.

  2. Iranoctis

    Nice to see somebody working on Solforge. Thought it was left for dead, because you really failed at communicating progress.

    AND: I didn’t get any rewards for filling out the survey.

  3. UrzaAntilles

    I ran out of space- also would like to hear from the art team (what were their influences, favourite pieces, etc). Basically, I just want to hear more from all of the cool peeps that we rarely/never hear from.

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