New Client Update 6/3/2016

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Hello Forgeborn,

Justin Gary here again, with another update on the state of the new client and an overview of next steps.  It was great getting to talk with many of you directly on my AMA yesterday, and our team is listening to your concerns.  We will be working late nights and through the weekend to continue to fix things until they are back on track (thank god for caffeine).

I am happy to report three pieces of good news:

  1. The servers are responding much better now after our fixes last night.  There is still more work to be done, but we are clearly making good progress.
  2. We just released an Android update that should allow players to use that platform.  It still has issues we are working on, but you should be able to play and no longer just sit at the Black Screen of Doom(™)
  3. We have modified friend challenges to be UNTIMED in response to massive player demand for untimed games (this currently only works when challenging from a PC but will update on other platforms soon).  Now you can battle friends at your leisure and still have time to make dinner and use the bathroom.  Just please wash your hands.

Here is a roadmap for the next few days.  Our top priorities are:

  1. Continue to increase server stability
  2. Address a display bug causing some creatures to not be visible when spawned during play
  3. Update mobile UI to allow dragging cards in draft and deckbuilding (tap to view card levels).  You can see a preview of this functionality in the current Steam build.
  4. Fix clock display bug so it accurately portrays the time remaining

When we feel the game is ready, we will leave FREE MODE and accounts will be reset to their state on 6/1/16 at 7PM.  Our current estimate is that this will happen sometime next week. So enjoy your freebies while you can!  At that time, I will give more details on the relaunch process and give out some goodies as a thank you for your patience.

When will this all be done you ask? Unfortunately, I can’t give a definite answer.  We still have some final bugs to work through before we can submit a new build to Apple.  Once that is done, we will be at the mercy of Apple to approve a new build, after which we will take the servers down and push everything back into normal play mode.

Once we get things running, we will work on our second tier priorities, including continuing to update mobile UI, update the tutorial and restore some of the features that have not yet been implemented in the new build.

Thank you again for your support, feedback, and patience.  It has been a tough week, but SolForge and this community will get through this stronger than ever.


  1. XBenedict

    Logged in for the first time after the new interface was implemented. So disappointed. The game used to be so attractive to play and the music was so relaxing. Now we have this incredibly ugly interface where you can hardly see the card art (the cards are tiny and are obscured by the new borders) plus the distracting animations plus the dinky scifi look and music. The element which makes the game so good (the three card levels) has been downplayed with the previous system of giving each card level its own colour and look being replaced with the new interface where all the cards look the same. No longer a pleasure to play. You would have been better putting the development time into new stuff rather than replacing what was working well.

  2. Xiarros

    Will the prizes won on tournaments also be lost after ending free mode? I didn’t buy anything, but spent many event tickets in the past few days.

  3. kaosweaver

    I used to play daily, I’ve not since the update.

    I played single player (sorry, your AI just plain sucks horribly bad, it doesn’t understand deck concepts and plays them very poorly) and I can’t anymore.

    Original KS supporter.

  4. Myssk1103

    Finally jumping in after not playing for a few weeks. Overall it’s an improvement from my perspective. I like that you were able to quickly add in untimed games for friends. I like that it runs smoothly on my older system. I like the animated portraits on menus (a little thing, I know, but I like it!). I also LOVE the fact that I don’t have to wait around forever for someone’s timer to run out.

    There are only two pieces of constructive feedback I can offer: 1 – the animations are over-the-top and distracting. Wish they could be toned down. I keep thinking “Star wipe!” and 2 – And this is the biggest one for me – when creating a deck I don’t see a way to go into list mode and sort things anymore. I made a lot of use of the ability to sort the cards by faction, level, strength, health, and sometimes even text. Also, not being able to see the entirety of the deck at once makes it difficult to take in the big picture. I hope that the sorting/listing function is on the list of features to return.

    Thank you! I appreciate the work that’s gone into this so far. :)

  5. WrA1thOfCroft

    Awesome news! To me the spawn bug is the biggest problem at the moment. Android is working just fine. The deck builder does need work tho across all platforms. Things are overall looking good. Just imagine how easy this would have been to let more beta testers in before you released the new UI. ;)

  6. The Whapow

    Also: If you send an untimed challenge via PC, and other players use mobile. It still works.
    I have been playing untimed with my mobile friends all day. I just have to send the challenges.

    1. agarnael

      Are list view and sorting going to be available for the collection/deck/draft in the near future?
      For example sort a draft deck by card type (spell vs creature) or faction.

  7. nemo3

    Thanks for the updates. Server quality has definitely improved over the last couple of days, which is great to see.

    One quick (but very important question): are you guys bringing back offline mode? This was certainly one of the biggest reasons why I love playing Solforge (and have done so for many years now), and it’s also one of the biggest differentiators from other online CCGs out there.

  8. Thalia

    THANK YOU THANK YOU for bringing back untimed games! And being able to tap a card to see its stats in deckbuilder is going to make me want to use deckbuilder again!

    One issue that also needs to be addressed: (on iOS mobile) In the deck menu of Deckbuildeer on the right, if you press a card to see the card text, once you release, it automatically takes it out of your deck. You can’t click the plus or minus to add or subtract the card, because as soon as you touch it (or press it to see the card text) it removes one of that card from your deck. Unless you press and hold to see the FULL card, but I don’t want to do that every time I want to click on a card to either add one or see the quick text.

    Thank you for listening! You are making your players happy and feeling like our opinions make a difference, which is very important to keeping a loyal userbase. It is very much appreciated.

  9. Gabo

    Hopefully the return of untimed on PC will give many people the hope they need, though I imagine that most people that require untimed play on a mobile device since that’s where it’s most convenient.

    BTW, have you considered that one of the reason that many people didn’t play untimed was that there weren’t any tournaments in untimed? Given that you don’t need a big player base to play untimed events (since you don’t expect quick response times), I strongly recommend you add them ASAP since its a unique mode that no other CCG offers.

    Also, I strongly recommend that instead of making them completely untimed, add a global timer of about 3-5 days. This prevents griefing and stalemates. On that note, I think the normal turn timed games should also have a global timer to prevent stalemates.

  10. KonanTheBarbar

    Just tested on Android and its working like a charm. The draft selection shows all levels, but it’s really hard to add a card to your deck. You have to drag really fast, since the card loses focus really fast when dragging. Apart from that it seems really good.

  11. JuggyBrodeltein

    Game feels better already. Any update on whether or not we will get offline rewards back? Everyone loves getting a couple packs and event tickets for when they want to take the time and participate in the game seriously, but many players, myself included, just don’t have the free time to get 10 online wins against other players in up to 30 minute long games.

  12. Mordo

    It seems like the great danger every player is facing is that the team will run out of coffee!

    Thanks for the continuous updates! you’re all handling this very well, and i love the options you’ve chosen(free mode, untimed friend challenge). i’m already a fan of the new client, as it feels like the making of a great enviroment for a great game!

  13. Baal_Sagoth

    Thanks for these very frequent updates. You’re on the right track! Still don’t love this unfortunate release but you really seem to be doing all one can reasonably expect, if not more. And let’s be real, as soon as you polish off these rough edges the troubles will soon be forgotten. Best of luck and hats off to your dedication!

  14. BraveBaldrick

    Thanks for the update! I really hope you can fix the UI on iOS. The cards are just so small right now, and gameplay on my iPad 4 is sluggish even with effects on the lowest setting :(

  15. Dragomir

    What about the dailies? Many people don’t have time to devote 2+ hours a day (minimum 9 games, average 20 minutes a game). At least before, if I ran out of time, I could slam out a campaign game or two to finish them off. How about changing it to 1 online win, 4/7 total wins?

  16. zrandles

    Thanks for the update Justin (and the game tonight, if justingary isn’t an impostor). I’m confident that if you keep up this level of communication the game will be in great shape.

    PC is running very smoothly for me, can’t wait to try out Android.

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