New Client Update – Friends List, Sharing, and Forging!

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Hey everyone,

Todaywe have a progress update for the new Solforge client. The video, put together by the one and only Outrageous of the QA team, features our new take on the Friend’s List, Sharing, Forging, and Scrapping. These are some of the features that are most drastically improved in the new client in terms of being able to understand the systems clearly and use them with very little friction.

So, without further delay:

I hope that the video gets you guys excited about what is to come! As always, stay tuned for future updates. I would dare say that the next update about the new client will be a very significant one!

Expect an increased amount of content from us in the next few weeks regarding some other upcoming events as well, including Ben Lundquist’s design article for Solforge set 7, “Raiders Unchained”! After the design article, we will begin the long awaited card preview season for a bunch of the cool cards coming out in the set.

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  1. Lidz87

    I do agree with one suggestion that Holyghost5514 made in regards to the attack and health not being distinguished. But than again…its attack and health lol Other than that I personally like the new look and feel. I can’t wait until this goes live.

  2. BraveBaldrick

    Thanks for the update.
    My comments:
    - Make the borders around the cards smaller. The more artwork we can see, the better. The borders are just too thick. IMO the currents cards look better than the new ones.
    - Make the notifications pop-up balloons that dissapear by themselves after a while instead of having to make extra mousclicks to dismiss notifications like “forged or scrapped this card for this amount of silver”

  3. Kindulas

    So, why ARE you guys sticking with the inability to scrap below 3 of a card anyway? Your competition isn’t, and no one is complaining. I know your reasoning is that you don’t want people scrapping a card and regretting it, but I think the simple fact is that if someone DOES regret scrapping something, they blame themselves, and it doesn’t reflect badly on your game. Meanwhile, restricting people’s crafting options IS something they actively blame you for, and really only reflects poorly on the game. I can’t really imagine many people thinking to themselves “Oh man, I’m glad the game didn’t let me scrap that card back when, that’s a feature worth having.”

    Whatever debtate there is for it being in the player’s best interest, it certainly doesn’t appear as such in any capacity that is good for the game. Especially with the big release marketing push, everyone coming from Hearthstone, Faeria and such will simply be flabbergasted that you’re restricting them that way and, frankly, with reasoning that treats them like they don’t know what they want – again, even if that’s true in some cases, they’ll only resent you for it, and that negativity will trump whatever may be gained by keeping them from scrapping cards.

    Now, personally I hate to craft away cards so it doesn’t directly affect me much, but I want SF to succeed and this feature does and will reeeeeally rub people the wrong way I think.

    Other than that though, the client looks awesome and I’m really excited!

  4. Holyghost5514

    Man those cards are still hard to look at. Not everyone is a fan of the techy side of stuff in Solforge. Mythogical Fantasy>scifi fantasy IMO. Some of us prefer Dragons, faireys and treefolk to robots and mechanical looking cards. Current layout of battlefield and cards really takes away from that feel. Is there some reason the Attack and health of creatures couldn’t at least get red ax and green + for health?

  5. tristan

    Is there a slider for sharing as well. If I have 150 Zombie Warriors to share with a friend or newbie, do I have to click 150 times? because 1 click per 5 silver is not exactly an efficient use of anyone’s time.

  6. Wendell

    Thanks for he update! I’d REALLY like to see an option to sort recently played players by time, rather than alphabetically. Most of the time I look there, it’s to remind myself who I faced, and that is much easier to do when sorted by time.

    When going to the sharing tab by right-clicking a name, that name should by default be the receiver of your cards, rather than having to select them again. In the example in the video, for instance, MonkeyDance should have been the default receiver. I would also like to be able to share with people who are not my friends; the above suggestion would facilitate this.

    I think my other suggestions are already in my survey responses, so I’ll leave it at this for now. Looking good, can’t wait!

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