New Client Update: Game Screen

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NewClient Update: The Game Screen

Hi everyone! For this update on the upcoming Solforge client release, we will be showing off a video of the in-game screen. There are several new features shown in the video that we hope everyone is excited about as well as a lot of polish added to the experience of playing a game of Solforge. Progress is still being made on this aspect of the new client, so we are eager to hear the community’s thoughts about what the video shows.

So, here it is:

We have been making steady progress on the new client but it is a large and complicated task. We feel that each week, we get closer to something that we will be proud to release to the Solforge community. For now, we will continue moving forward and getting your feedback about the progress made. Stay tuned for another update a few weeks from now to see what new features we will have to show you all!

-[SBE] Gary Arant


  1. Watje

    I am kind of missing the titles of the card, has that been sacrificed in order to make the picture of the card larger? For now I always look at the title when an opponent plays their cards, with so many AA cards (which I don’t have) how would I recognize them?
    Can we get the title back? :-)

  2. Conaiz

    First of all, I really like the feature, that if there is nothing else to be done, the system automatically ends the turn/battle it out. In the old client, clicking twice (with a pause) the battle/endturn button is the most tedious game mechanic for me personally.

    In General, if everything is complete, I will be right to expect optional board themes?

    In Terms of Animation:
    -AOE spell indicator is at its peak to bright. The same goes for the rankingup/shuffle animation. With tuning that down, the latter is maybe not to exhausting. However I got an issue with the animation itself. Visually you wanna tell the player, that your whole deck is shuffled again and you draw new 5 cards which can contain higher level cards. But because the draw and the shuffle animation is starting at the same time, it looks like you just draw from your old pile and THEN the rest of your deck is shuffeled.

    -I like there is an animation if a card is destroyed, but neither like or dislike the current one. The Chain looks good.

    -Space is limited, but I think it is odd to have your progress of ranking up on the left side, while your actual rank is on the ride side. I think it is the same kind of information and should not be seperated by the whole board. But maybe I am biased, since I do not mind the way it is done in the old version. It is finally good to see how many actions you have left, if you know what all these “lamps” represent (be it actions bottomright or progress middleleft). But I do not think they are intuitive.

    -Finally a visual log^^
    -I miss a quick information of how many cards are in your deck/discard pile. For certain decks, this is useful.

  3. Juma

    In my oppinion, a slightly more comfortable interface, and that is all it means to me, is far too less to make this game succesful.

    The game itself needs a massive modernisation to become interesting for the masses

  4. Tomaseq

    Thank you so much for sharing new things in upcoming client. I certainly enjoyed the opportunity to see you excited about new look. Unfortunately, all new becomes old very soon and all it matters is performance. I love the automatic end of turn when you can’t do anything more – that will improve game speed. No more forgotten end of turn buttons.

    Please give me an option to turn off animations and I hope you will add skins – or at least a night mode, where I can play cards at night on very dark background.

    I am playing this game for a long time on iPad/iPhone, spent some money on it, but the new UI looks like a step back, with all those plastic looking fake 3d effects. Anyway, if cards are good, I’ll keep playing. Just keep in mind all those animations you’re so excited about will get boring and annoying after couple days of playing. Esp. rank up and chains.

    I hope you will focus your time and energy not only to revamp the graphics, but also daily taksks. It’s numbing and so boring to play every day those same tasks for almost the same rewards. Log in, win one, win three for some silver, ticket and two basic boosters.

    Give me some tasks like win with a UN deck for bronze/silver booster instead two regular ones. Provide me a couple of specific cards to use in one deck (you may let me play them for free for that day). Force me to play with unlegendary deck or with sigletons like you have in tournaments. Let me win with more than 120 life for a better price, upgrade my booster when I bring an opponent exactly to 0. Or make me win under rank 3 or last over rank 5 to get a daily reward. Give different taks to different folks. These things can affect the metagame and make the game so much more interesting than animations.

    Give me some weekly rewards as well – let me win at least once whole week with UN deck and give me some random U/N heroic card for that. I do not want more free stuff, I want free stuff that keeps me interested in this game. I want some food for my brain. Those are things that matter to me so much more than animations.

    Also, allow me to play crazy builds with another crazy people even when I already have a good ELO and now I play with people who have competitive decks. I wish I could play simple and silly decks with people who play the same. I hope you’re thinking about those things much more than about how to redo the game in new graphical design.

    I hope you are thinking about these things too and you will share some of them as well. I still believe you will finally unlock the full potential of Solforge game and make all of us happy.

  5. MrJapco

    Thanks for another sneak peek. My feedback:
    -6/6 Bear looks like 8/8. The font and size should be such as to make it clear at first glance what the numbers are.
    -How will the new combat log display information about what card was leveled when opponent plays Metatransfer,Tech Explorer etc.? That`s one of the most important functions of the log so the information should be readily available.
    -The arrows when casting spells look too much like Hearthstone. I don`t like Hearthstone.
    -The rank-up solitaire-like animation will get old very quickly. Please add an option to disable it. Forcing players to keep watching it would be a big mistake imo.

  6. pkedu

    Am I the only one that thinks the new look is a huge step backwards. What the hell is up with the cheesy rank animation? I can’t think of any professional designer that would look at that animation and say “nailed it!” After all of these months going by, the community torn apart waiting on new content, it seams way underwhelming. With the amount of Facebook likes on this post you can tell that no one gives a crap anymore. I hope that they learn from the mistakes they did on this game and don’t repeat it on their upcoming game. You can’t just stop making content on a game without a large amount of your community losing interest and this game will never gain back momentum. Where are the animated cards they promised at Kickstarter? They could not even meet the promises of the last Kickstarter project before they started another one. This is a game I used to love to play and spend money on… Now I have little to no faith in the game dev team. I remember the times when I could find a match instantly because the community was thriving, now there are times of the day I try to find a game and just log out because it’s taking to log. I’ll end this rant here, because the likelihood that anyone is even interested in reading the original dev post are slim.

  7. Johnnybeg00d

    Every single time I see an update, I get more and more excited. I can’t wait to get back into the game with the client update. Me and a whole bunch of my friends are waiting.

    About this update: The tooltip is great. I never minded having to click the cards to read them, but tooltips are great in just about every game.
    The little blue info bar seems surprisingly bright. It demands attention when you’re really only going to need it when you are still trying to grasp the basics. Seems like you’re in some sort of tutorial mode? Maybe just have that there for playing against AI? Since that’ll be what newbies do.

    The animations. Grr… this is the hardest sticking point for me. On one hand, it took me AGES of research and general testing to actually understand the mechanics of Solforge. So getting these animations are absolutely necessary. The level up card going to the discard, only to be shuffled into the deck at the rank up describes how the mechanics work perfectly. The only problem is… it’s demanding too much attention from the player.
    When you play a card, the next level pops up, instead of the card just played. This card has movement, commanding your eyes to watch it. What’s left behind is a locked card of the ‘correct’ level, but it feels like two different cards. In my opinion, and this still might not be the best, but it would be to have the just played card be fully zoomed on the screen for just a bit (like in Duels or Hearthstone) and then settle into place where it needs to go. Then, behind that card, at the same time, the next level makes a subtle hop into the discard pile. That way you see that it’s putting the next level somewhere, but the main motion remains on the card that was ACTUALLY played.

    Same thing with the level up animation. The fancy swirling is cool, but it’s far too distracting. It covers up the entire board, lasts just a bit too long, and still doesn’t seem to get the point across perfectly. I was honestly expecting (when you were describing it) to see the cards from the discard pile fly into the middle of the screen, and your deck fly to the middle at the same time, forming the single new deck, and that gets dropped back into the deck slot. Basically, everything would be just about instant. You pass turn, the cards fly into the middle, takes maybe 2 seconds, then drops into the deck slot. All you really need to see is that the decks get combined. The shuffling part is completely implied and players will both assume, and realize, that it’s shuffled.

    The sound effects aren’t as hammering to me this update as the last, but I’m not sure if that’s just because I’m used to them. It seems like a lot of different noises, none of which are passive. This isn’t bad, since old Solforge basically had one single sound for the battle button that got louder for each creature. That was just bad. New noises seem much better, if not a bit too loud.

    And finally, the chains. They look perfect to me. Someone mentioned moving them a bit to see the art better, and that seems like a good idea, but it’s really great to quickly see what is going to attack and what’s not. Since each creature attempts to attack on EACH players turn (I don’t know any other popular TCG that does this) it’s very important to make that obvious. So great change there.

    And the auto-turns seems awesome. That should speed up the game a lot. I don’t know if it’s ideal, since sometimes you just need to take a look at everything before you let them go, but that just means waiting to play your last card. Anyway.

    Awesome update. I can’t wait.

  8. Elder Dragon

    For the chains, I would make them go somewhere other the the center of the art. It obscures the card art too much and makes it hard to see what has just been played. At the very least remove the white drop shadow on them.

  9. Elder Dragon

    I really miss how the cards in play used to be much larger than the ones in your hand. It’s especially important for players on tablets and phones to have the cards be as big as they can be. I posted a rough mock up of how you could reclaim more space for them.

    1. Nickelleon

      After viewing the video for a few times, I am really stoked about the updates you’ve made. The tooltips (especially on the log) will be one of my favorite new features. It is such a huge usability improvement! I dont mind all the “flash” with the animations and such, but as others have mentioned, it would be nice to fine-tune which animations are enabled, even if the only option is to turn all of them off.

      I’m looking forward to a mobile preview sometime soon! All of these PC videos are making me jelly ;)

      1. zjhomrighaus

        I’m with Geros. It’s not just the deck shuffling animation… it’s everything. It would be great to be able to disable animations for battle, chains breaking off when a card becomes active, etc. I’m fine seeing a card go to discard pile, etc… but all the cartoony animations will be annoying after about 5-10 games.

          1. EvilAaron

            As nice as animation can be, I agree a disable is very important. Animation are not really needed and should be optional, for a faster crisper experience.

    1. skooba

      I can see where you would want to disable them if you had to wait for each animation to finish before each tap, but to me it looks like the controls stay responsive and you don’t have to wait. As long as that’s the case and you can keep making moves, having the animations sort of stack, this shouldn’t be an issue.

  10. okeyj74

    Love the tool tips and am really liking how the sidebars are looking. I think the play area is still a little bit stale and the color of the light blue info bar above your hand is kind of hideous. I could maybe see it being the dark gray color like where it says “SoonTM” maybe with a slight transparency showing a little texture of the art of the play area behind and using white copy to show up nicely.

    Also, I assume the play counter goes up when you play Soul Harvest 3, for instance. What happens to the counter if your plays go above 5, besides winning the game?

  11. skooba

    I really really dig it! In my ideal version there would be like a nekrium skin where the discard was more of a portal/abyss and I envision the health meter as some sort of arcane globe with a bleeding heart symbol instead of the med-pak icon. more skulls/ghouls etc. Maybe the Uterra skin has an overgrown cave entrance discard that opens and closes in a quick animation…

    I think I’m getting too creative with these but you see where I’m going.
    I know a lot of us already purchased skins, but I for one would pay even more for even better ones for the official client. A patch where they’re added later doesn’t seem too far fetched.
    Overall I’d say this was a nice update, a real nice update.

  12. jazzymantis

    I agree with zwaxor that options to toggle animations would be nice.

    Also I’m not sure if I completely missed it but I couldn’t see any indicators of deck and/or discard size. Also with the game log will there still be the relevant information besides just seeing what cards have been played? Like a more detailed screen showing what a killion targeted, or when a triggered effect happens?

    1. CTNC

      I’m seconding this. Why is the focus on something that isn’t in effect yet instead of the thing that is in effect? I think that with the new client, there’s overkill with how flashy it is.

  13. roarmalf

    I love what you guys have done so far! The animations and targeting changes are nice additions. I noticed one thing I would change, the font.

    This might seem small, but the 8 and 6 look very similar in this font. When playing on my phone this would be a big source of frustration. I could see losing a game because I thought my creature had 8 life or my opponent only had 6, etc.

    Thanks for all your hard work!

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