New Client Update: Season 1 Ranked and Tournaments

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Hi everyone,

SBEGary here, bringing you even more information about the fast-approaching client update. This post will provide important details of some of our in-game systems, Ranked play and Tournaments. If you missed my post from last week about Solforge economy changes, you can find it here. The main goal of this post is to purely provide information. Let’s get started.

Ranked play!

I made a post some time ago introducing one of the most exciting upcoming additions to the game of SolForge, Ranked ,ode (which you can find [here]). When we launch the new client, Season 1 of Ranked play will commence. It will conclude August 1st, which means the last day to climb rankings will be July 31st.

Along with increased card prizes as you get into higher divisions, we will be giving out exclusive cosmetic rewards at the end of each season.

Seasons 1 – 3 exclusive cosmetic Ranked rewards:

  • Players who reach Silver division and higher will receive an exclusive Alternate Art Ambriel Archangel.


  • Players who reach Titanium will receive an exclusive Alternate Art Varna, Immortal King.


The Alternate Art cards will change over with Season 4, so players have an opportunity to obtain a playset of each Alternate Art we offer as Ranked rewards.

Lastly, to celebrate our inaugural Ranked season, we will be offering a special prize for the player who finishes the season at the top of the standings. This player will be given the option to have their likeness created as a Forgeborn card in a future set release!

What about Tournaments?

We will still be offering Tournaments in SolForge like we always have, including Weekend Warrior and Elite tournaments. However, there are going to be some changes to the system.

For starters, we are no longer going to be offering two different draft queues. We will be offering one draft queue as well as one constructed queue, and both will have a different structure than any we have had before. Here are some of the key details:


  • Players will be able to play rounds in their draft until they either get up to 7 wins or 2 losses

The main reason we like this structure compared to our old system is that if you are playing a draft game, it means you are still in contention for the top prize. There will be no more 0-1 starts that make queueing up for your remaining rounds less exciting.

Entry Fee

  • Draft will cost 4 tickets to enter, Constructed will cost 3
  • Tickets are the only way to enter tournaments
  • Tickets will no longer be available to purchase with Silver but their Gold price will be reduced

Our new daily reward structure will allow players to earn 3 tickets per day for free, making it very easy for players to play in tournaments often without spending a dime. We will also be giving out tickets as prizes, making it even easier to continue to play. The new system will allow for more free tickets to be earned than in our previous system, with an even cheaper gold price to get extra tickets for when you can’t wait for that next draft.

The main reason we are removing the Silver price for tickets is to reduce potential confusion that players may have when deciding how to spend their Silver. In this new system, silver is used only for directly acquiring cards, through packs or the forging system.  This combines with our new, simpler pack configuration to make the entire SolForge economy much simpler and easier to understand for old and new players alike.


We will be using the following prize structure:

Seven Wins - 7 Event tickets, 20,000 Silver, 1 Booster Pack, 3 Elite Tickets and a random Legendary card
Six Wins - 4 Event tickets, 15,000 Silver, 1 Booster Pack and 2 Elite Tickets
Five Wins – 3 Event tickets, 10,000 Silver, 1 Booster Pack and 1 Elite Ticket
Four Wins – 2 Event tickets, 8,000 Silver and 1 Booster Pack
Three Wins – 1 Event ticket, 6,000 Silver and 1 Booster Pack
Two Wins - 1 Event ticket, 4,000 Silver and 1 Booster Pack
One Win - 2,000 Silver and 1 Booster Pack
Zero Wins – 1 Booster Pack

There are a few important things to take note of here. First, in Draft, players will keep their cards. Second, the new Booster Pack we will have is far more valuable that the current Basic Packs. Lastly, wins in tournaments will go towards earning your daily rewards, which include tickets.

That was a lot of information to digest. I hope you all are excited about the start of Ranked season 1 and the new tournament format. As always, let us know what you think!

-SBE Gary Arant

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  1. yra111

    Bad idea removing event tickets for silver((( Better return it as it was, or cheapier. Also draft prize is not always good, more ticket and less cards may be good idea, or let players choose , like before.

    Also fond a little bug – whan i look at uranti stormshaper, i cannot see all about lighting wyrm, only short stats.For new players it wery bad.

  2. Gabo

    Yay! We got the hearthstone model AND we get to keep the cards! The change to only gold tickets seems necessary in order to maintain any kind of financial balance for this business model. I wish they could say that instead of the spin about not confusing players but it’s understandable.

    There are only two things I don’t like. 1) I would have liked to be able to use my boosters as pay-in though this is really just a nice to have for me. The other thing is a little more serious, it looks like the payout is still in global packs, which is quite a downer for those that have a decent collection and we’re hoping for an improvement in this. Basically means that packs are only as good as the silver they unforge into which Just isn’t as exciting as opening packs from a new set.

    Other than that, I’ve gotta say that this is awesome and incredibly generous in my opinion.

    1. Snarfmaster

      Well it is confusing, people constantly refer to gold tickets vs silver tickets, but gold tickets haven’t been the old gold tickets in forever, but they’re still purchased with gold. Now there’s just tickets. It’s at least consistent now.

  3. pipermac

    I think the 0-2 and your out portion of the queues is definitely a valid thing to worry about. and if I was SBE I would be carefully looking at how often that is happening . It may not be an issue but it definitely could be.

  4. moraalridder

    Can someone tell me trough calculation(with a chart or something) how many games the below avarage player will be playing in draft?

    Im worried the first game will be an autoloss for many (because of the merging of the qeues and normal draft wasnt exactly a walk in the park for many). With the old model, with enough players, with a 0-3 you would probably be matched against someone of equal skill.
    But with the new model how is a 0-1 gonna be enough for matchmaking to match you to an equal? and then your at 0-2 end draft.
    I would immagine this would be a terribly way to learn to draft or an experience that would most likely disappoint greatly.

    there are so many more wins to be had for the good players, those losses are gonna come from somewhere. Keep in mind these are worrys, not yet critiques

  5. donderillo

    The alternate art Varna is sweet, but I guess the alternate arts are the only the only reward? I think giving Elite tickets to high placed players (maybe 5 for gold, 10 for platinum, 20 for titanium) would be a good supplement to the alternate art cards.
    I’m not sure about the new tournament system, since tournaments grinding with tournaments got more time consuming. Having to play up to 8 rounds will take longer than the previous 4 games you had to play and the sweet tournament packs are gone. At least 7-1 still gives a legendary.

  6. soda_quasar

    I m liking all the updates news so far! Seems SF is going in right direction. Just pre-ordered the new Raider Unchained ultimate bundle… I cant wait for the new client official release! Roaar

  7. DraftSilver

    This new tournament payout is really bad. You must 7-1 to get a single legendary (because get booster is not a good thing). Also do not waste your tickets (that can only buy with Gold now) you must make 5-1. Or but you can keep cards from draft now, but is so hard get legendaries in Draft and few heroics. Why chance all boosters prizes for normal booster (even if this normal booster is better then the old)? Was fun have 100% chance to get a Legendary with 4-0 now you have the same chance only with 7-1. You said new players but if make 7-1 is hard for pro players imagine for new players. Please add the options for the Expert Draft and old constructed. This will make Solforge alot harder even with 3 Event Tickets per day.

    1. Snarfmaster

      The new packs have like a 10% legendary drop rate, on top of that tourney payouts give silver and tickets and you get the cards and potential for even more elite tickets. In what world is this worse? Plus with one queue matching should be snappy and give you much better odds at running the table than expert draft since the huge population of “draft” will merge in. There also was no guaranteed legendary for regular draft players, and the new packs look on par with an old gold pack. So how will new players react? Probably “oh gee this is awesome”

      1. DraftSilver

        Now will be alot harder get the Elite Tickets. For me the worst part of the text was “There will be no more 0-1 starts that make queueing up for your remaining rounds less exciting.”. Now if you make 0-1 then instead of need 3 wins to not waste your tickets you will need 5. I think this will be really bad for new players. The prizes are really bad. You really think new players will make 5-1 or better to get a not really bad prize? The actual 3-1 prize will become 5-1 prize. And the weekend warrior that was the real way to get easy cards will chance too? I normally make 600 000 or more Silver in 4 days of ww. If you change this payout new players will not have so much chance. I know will be almost one draft per day now, but to new players they normally will get a not so great result and lets be realistic the 30 cards you will pick for the Draft will not help so much your collection because almost all will be common or rares. You normally dont get so much heroics and almost never get a Legendary. And play for a rare chance to get Elite Tickets is not a good thing. And play Draft for growth collection? Really? In the first weeks ok but if you play like for 2 months than you will normally only get bad cards to forge. Players that have almost all cards will be ok with this payout but for new players will be a nightmare. But is ok some players like the actual normal draft that has a really bad payout (even 4-0 almost always make you lose tickets). To me is ok because i only need 3 Legendaries to complete my non-AA collection but for new players will be really bad. I think in new players and a tournament that is almost impossible win and the almost only chance to get a legendary is making 7-1 is not that great. Even if have 1 legendary for each 10 booster (the actual is worst i know, one time i open more than 100 booster and get 1 legendary). The old payout was alot better. 3 Tickets for Constructed. 7 Tickets for Draft and a good prize. Then they chance to silver payout. Then they change to the actual payout that is bad. Now they make a worst payout? Also 7 wins? This is so much. Ok now we have turn timer and duels will be fast, but anyway. Also this thing of “we will be offering a special prize for the player who finishes the season at the top of the standings.” is bad. Only the first place will get this prize. This mean the player must play alot of Ranked every day to get. This will be similar to mkx mobile and the better would be get a certain point and get the prize. Also i see in the economics that some things will be reduced, like now is 250 Silver for win and ~1500Silver for Log in and Third win and if they change this the game will be very hard for new players.

        1. Voctor

          I’m confused. You say over and over that this is worse for new players, but the only real criticisms I see involve it becoming harder to farm the constructed queue for legendaries. That’s not exactly something new players do.

          First, while recouping the cost of buying a draft requires a better record the ability to play for free was vastly improved. Including daily rewards you only need a 2-2 record to play a draft a day for free, which is much easier than the current system where you can only do that with a great record in Elite Draft. Even after an 0-2 run a new player could be back in the queue within 2 days at most. That’s far better than the current model, which is 1 draft every 3ish days for anyone but the top elite drafters. This is fantastic for new players.

          Getting legendaries in draft is easier as well. In the current queue if you go 7-1 across 2 drafts you’d profit 3 tickets, 3 elite tickets, and a platinum and gold pack. That’s basically the same reward the new system offers, but in the Elite queue you’re only going against the best SolForge drafters in the game. Now with that same record you can get roughly the same payout with a smaller buy-in against a weaker average opponent. For anyone trying to draft for legendaries that’s actually a pretty good deal. The end result is something significantly more attainable for new players, even if it still won’t happen very often.

          I’ve been one of the harshest and most vocal critics of the SolForge economy, so I’m certainly not the type to blindly agree with everything they do. That said, this change actually looks like it will really benefit most players.

          1. DraftSilver

            7-1 now is the same reward?
            Ok they have same number of Elite Tickets but the rest.
            20,000 Silver, 1 Booster Pack, and a random Legendary card

            1 L, 3 H, and the other dont import so much.

            This is really serious?

            Also make 4-0 in one match and 3-1 in the other is alot easy then make 7-1 with the same deck.

            Now will be harder get Legendaries and harder get Elite Tickets.

            5-1 to get 1 Elite Ticket? This can be serious.

            7 wins is so much to a normal tournament.

            For 2-2 will be better, but for 3-2 will be lose 2 or 3 ticekts. This is so much to lose.

            For 4-2 is lose 1 or 2 tickets then if you is 4-0 then lose 2 consecutives matches you will lose 1 and 2.

            You can think this is good now but you will see how harder is to get 7-1. I remember Elite Tournaments i play alot and only 1 time i get 6-0. Sometimes i get 5-1 in Elite Tournaments but anyway the tension of must have 5 wins instead of 3 to dont waste tickets is not that great. Remember they said they will remove some bonus.

            The thing i most like for this article was the AA from Varna (i really think they will only make recolered version instead of real AA).

            But the great problem is they remove the option to buy Silver. I make this account to buy Tickets with Silver i will never spend gold in Tickets.

            I dont like this payout (for me is the worst payout of Solforge history), but i really want see an opinion of a recent user because i player that play for more than 3 years must have all the cards right? Then you dont need play in tournament for cards, right?

          2. The Average Guy

            You’re completely ignoring the ratio for ticket entry to ticket payout; 7 tickets for top prize is almost twice as much as your entry fee in draft (and more than twice as much in constructed). The end result is that you’ll be able to draft a lot more consistently more easily and potentially get more gameplay. Then there’s also the fact that you no longer have to sacrifice ticket payout for the ability to keep your cards. THEN there’s the fact that the number of tickets you can grind per day has increased to the point where you can hypothetically draft every day with only two tickets. For a new player, the best way to get a collection is by drafting as much as possible. The new draft format lets you hypothetically draft every day if you can hit only TWO wins. Being able to draft every day for free while getting to keep what you draft makes this arguably the best draft system for a newbie in the history of the game.

        2. Snarfmaster

          You do a massive amount of explaining and still just don’t get it. There isn’t a single thing about this that isn’t better. As someone who’s been playing for a long time and is f2p other than seeding my account with $5 in gold back in the day, I don’t have all the cards. I have no interest in constructed and just want to draft. This is way better because I’m essentially infinite already based on my ticket stockpile and the new 3 tickets per day. It’s an awesome deal for f2p and an even better deal for new players. There’s no more high risk mediocre reward queue.

          1. DraftSilver

            I said have all the cards to Voctor not to you. My focus is in Draft too but if you play regular and get good results in ww then you could get all the cards in more or less one year after this nerf is prizes. I dont even see you register in 2013. I growth my collection in ww. Draft is a really bad way to growth the collection. In the beggining ok because you have a more number of cards you could draft then they make a small list of cards right now. And you will normally get the same cards you have. If you focus only in Draft then ok you maybe dont have all cards because the better way to get new cards are in ww and constructed.

            Also another bad things for this article the AA prizes. Will be only 1 card of the recolored and real AA? And the card for player that finish in the first place how many matches he must win to do that. Solforge has alot of constructed players and this will be painfull because will be a prize for the player that has more time to play.

            Any new player like this? Because i post in this page are for old players (2012-2014).

          2. The Average Guy

            @DraftSilver: Even if the pool of cards is smaller now than it was during Alpha/Rise, drafting is still one of the better ways to start up a collection for a newbie. Newbies can basically get a heroic every other day at worst now (this is assuming you just instantly scrub out at 0-2 in draft, draft only one heroic, and get no heroics in your prize pack), which still builds up quickly if you’re consistent. And as you improve/get lucky in drafting, your collection grows more and more quickly.

          3. Snarfmaster

            “Draft is a really bad way to growth the collection” so I see there’s no real point in discussing this with you. These rewards are amazingly generous. They make f2p a real real possibility with daily drafting at no cost. When everyone is telling you you’re wrong, perhaps it’s time to take another look at your analysis.

          4. DraftSilver

            The problem of “free” draft every day is with this really small draft pool you will get all heroic, all rares, and all commons from the draft list in like a month even with bad results then instead of get new cards you will play to get the same cards over and over again. I understand past players dont care so much about card collection and this really help draft players but is alot worst for constructed.

    2. The Average Guy

      This new draft economy looks considerably better to me. At two wins, you could hypothetically draft every day if you’re willing to grind out the tickets. And that’s in a draft format where you get to keep what you draft.

    3. vandergus

      It’s a keeper draft now. The drop rate of legendaries during the picks probably comes close to replacing the legendaries you were getting from 4-0′s and plat packs.

  8. roy7

    What’s the breakdown on constructed rewards moving forward, given there’s only one type of pack now?

    Are deck slots only buyable with gold? Or no limit to decks in new client?

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