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Firstthings first, ailment the status of the client.

Hi everyone. SBE Gary Arant at your service again with another update about the status of the new client build and the card rebalance. As many of you have realized, the estimate we made about a month ago to have the client out by January is running short on time. Sadly, we’ve realized that releasing the client this month is not a possibility. We are as disappointed as anyone about these continued delays. Nothing matters more to us than delivering the new client as soon as possible, at as high a quality as possible.

Now that the bad news is out of the way, I would like to take this opportunity to show off some of the progress that has been made. Below, you will find a video that I put together of the most recent build of the client. We are proud of what we have built so far and are really excited to share it with you all.

I can’t provide a new estimate for when we think the client will be ready to launch at this time. As you can probably gather, this process has been hard for us to predict. So, instead of making another guess as to when it will be ready, I will be providing you with an update with new progress every few weeks until we launch.

What about the rebalance and the state of the game in the meantime?

We have decided that pushing a patch to the live servers is now appropriate, given the delay of the client release. This will not be the launch of set 7, which will still come after the client. What it will be is a round of changes to the existing cardpool and an increase to player starting health. We believe this round of changes will be a solid improvement to gameplay. You can expect an article from me soon about this patch. In the article, I will address our philosophy about the update, specific examples of some of the changes, patch notes and a timeline for its release.

As always, I would like to take the opportunity to say thanks to those of you reading this. We greatly appreciate your loyalty and dedication to Solforge.

-SBE Gary



  1. Krillinx

    The problem is not the client, is how much this game costs.
    I played several years MTG, i play hearthstone, Pokemon TCG and this one is super expensive.

    No trading and the costs for each pack is huge, this put me out of this game, i understand making money is important but to much greed kills a game very fast.

  2. g30urg30us

    I still think that the field should be bigger and all that space on the left side of the screen is kinda unnecessary…other than that it looks very clean and nice. I think animations that we see theoughout some pages should he done for all legendary cards to make them just a little more special. Nice work, can’t wait for the update!!!!

  3. scar4

    The new client looks sharp and responsive (most importantly). Great job so far! Is the client being coded with cross-platform flexibility in mind? Should we expect a mac client? How will the mobile versions work, considering a lot of functionality in the demo was based on mouse overs?

  4. Nickelleon

    Wow! The new client looks great! The video was way more than I was expecting for an update (a tweet would’ve sufficed), so thank you very much! Keep up the great work, SBE!

  5. parkaboy

    Looks much better. I still think the playfield looks stark and empty. Perhaps some skins will be made available?

    I agree with the previous comment that not everything needs a tooltip all the time. Make sure we can turn that off.

    I find it a bit strange that the cards come from the right and head off to the left rather than the other way around. That is perhaps because of my tabletop experience with deckbuilders like Dominion, where I always have a draw pile on my left and discard on the right. I assume this decision was made in part in reaction to Hearthstone, where the cards are on the right and the history of the match on the left. That said, it seems counterintuitive for SF since the cards aren’t GONE after you play them. Indeed, they level up and therefore progress. Given longstanding Western traditions for representing temporality (cultural constructions to be sure, but nonetheless powerful), I think it would make more sense to have the leveled-up cards move off to the right. I assume that it will be too late to change this, however.

  6. mister_VWP

    Thx for the update.

    especially the animated creatures that are scattered in the UI make it look profesional,inviting and fun!

    job wel done :)

  7. Kindulas

    Home screen triggers Wegu PTSD 0/10

    No but seriously this is looking really good, thanks for the update. Animated cards look great, do a lot for the apparent production value. Animations look awesome, great job toning them down the right amount – love the nekrium combat animation. Personally I might make the move-to-discard animation slightly faster, and the sound effect therein seems a bit loud compared to the other effects.

    Card frames look pretty great, one thing is I’d make the level III more gold and less yellow.

    Just please tell me the turn alerts are coming back on mobile. I miss seeing “It’s your turn in a match!” Nothing keeps me coming back like the game asking me too ;)

  8. moraalridder

    Can someone politely explain to me why set 7 has te be released after te client?
    I mean, im happy with the work you guys have done and seens to work very smoothly (though i think it could still use some polish, but skins can fix that) but if there are no new cards and the draftpool also doesnt change im worried im still only going to do my first 3 wins vs ai when the client launches.

    Thanks for the update though

    1. UnluckOfTheDraw

      My guess is because they’re a small team with a limited amount of money. They need to get this UI update out. It’s been on the burner since forever.

      Obviously, more cards is always important. But the card pool is so large, it’s not as urgent as the UI update, IMO.

      1. Kindulas

        Agreed, back before set 2 or 3 I cared more about cards than anything else, but if anything it feels like they’ve pushed expansions just a tad too fast

    2. Hackworth

      It doesn’t have to be, but it makes sense. First of all, they want to release the new balance patch, so they can learn what effects it will have. Second, if they release set 7 before the new client, they have to update the old client (at least because deck builder), which means extra work and testing that is discarded a relatively short while later.

  9. wytefang

    I’d like to say that I was definitely a very vocal and unhappy detractor from the crummier version we saw last year. I’d also like to say that this looks stunningly better, it’s amazing.

    I’m quite impressed and dare I say, excited about this. Now I have to get back to finishing that video. Thanks for the update and video!!!

    1. Hackworth

      Fully agree. At this point, the new client is nice to have and might bring in a few new players on its own, but player retention is the big issue. Tournament rewards and pack dilution are a constant drain on the player base.

  10. mark

    Thank you for the update.
    A few ideas based off of the video.
    -It appears the game now runs in fullscreen, please do not trap the mouse for people with multiple monitors. In hearthstone I can move the mouse in and out of the game without minimizing it and also click on other things without minimizing it. This of course may already be implemented but I think it is a really important detail
    -In the deckbuilder it would be excellent to bring back the original filter that allows us to sort through level 2, 3, 4 cards
    -The mouse-over tooltips look nice, it would also nice to have a setting to disable them

    For the ingame UI:
    -Would be nice to have a keyboard hotkey to bring up the complete log (I’m liking that recent log feature btw)
    -My gestault is it is fairly bulky and the leveling animation is really overpowering. It would be awesome if there was some way to increase the visual appeal of the game.

    I don’t speak for everyone but I would fully support SBE in taking extra time to add more polish/remove bugs from the game before release.

      1. mark

        Thank you for the response. I don’t mean to nitpick but it would be pretty awesome if you could run the game in fullscreen and be able to freely move the mouse in and out of it without minimizing. This would only be possible on a system with more than 1 monitor. I could have say the solforgeladder site open on the other screen so I could see my opponent’s list for limited. I could of course do that on windowed mode as well but I think it is a nice added bonus. I’m glad to hear that windowed mode is supported as well! The only real advantage of fullscreen mode that doesn’t trap the mouse over nearly fullscreen windowed mode would be that solforge would completely dominate the aesthetic experience for that monitor.

  11. Osirus

    Looks good, and while obviously it’s disappointing to have the update delayed, we all want you to Get It Right, so understand the necessity of delaying. Am hopeful that there will ACTUALLY be regular updates on client progress this time around, as I feel the community has been asking for that for many moons, and making that happen would go a long way towards increasing confidence.

    As for the client itself, glad to see it’s a lot more responsive, and the new deckbuilder is very pretty, but I hope we won’t lose the options of the current long-text view that allow us to see the att/hp of all cards in our deck-under-construction, and the ability to sort by thus. (This is one of my favorite things about the current deckbuilder, very useful to see at a glance if I don’t have enough heavy-hitting creatures.)

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