New Features Coming to SolForge: Sharing, Multi-Forging, Elite Tournaments, and more!

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I’m very excited to announce some BIG NEWS about our upcoming release.  We have a ton of new features and exciting developments in the world of Solis, in large part based on what you, our players, have been asking for.  This article is going to talk about many of these new features, along with the first glimpse of a preview from Set 4.  I teased that I would be talking about the most requested feature for Solforge in this article but there is SO MUCH MORE in this article that I think you will all be very excited about.

Legendary Changes

Legendary chests are the best way to collect cards in Solforge.  WIth a guaranteed legendary card and plenty of heroics (and a chance at bonus legendaries) in every pack, they are the most effective way to build up your collection.  Up until now, you could only buy legendary chests with gold (or get very lucky in one of your daily rewards).  As of this release, our classic all-card legendary chests can now also be purchased for 100,000 silver.

Stoke the Forge

Our forging system has been very popular with players, giving a chance to turn those excess cards into silver so you can get whatever you want for them.  But the system was far from perfect.  For one, trying to break down a lot of cards into silver can be a very painful process.  With this release, we’ve solved that problem:

Behold the MultiForge!


You can access the multi-forge from the large card view in your collection screen (the same way you access regular forging).  With MultiForging, you can cash in all of your excess cards (all copies beyond the three you can include in a deck) in just a few taps.  You can select to forge by rarity and you can choose to whether or not you want to forge sharable cards (see more on sharing below).  Players have been asking for this feature for a long time and we are happy to finally deliver it.

But that isn’t all we are changing about the forging system!  Up until now, all forgeable cards have been “locked” for forging until about 30 days after a cards release.  With the release of Set 4, that changes.  Forging will be unlocked from Day 1 of release, albeit with an increased price during the first 30 days after release.  This will allow players to get the exact cards they need if they absolutely positively need to have that card seriously today without having to hope to crack the card in a pack.

The new release forge pricing is as follows

First Month After One Month
Common 1500 150
Rare 14,000 1,400
Heroic 65,000 32,500
Legendary 285,000 142,500

We still want booster packs and Legendary Chests to be the best way to build your collection when a new set releases, but we don’t want players to feel like they have no way to get the cards they want. With this change, you’ll be able to get every playable card with Silver at any time.

We’ve also reduced the prices of Legendary cards purchased with gold via Card of the Day.

New Legendary (first month of release): 3750 Gold - Now 2500 Gold

Older Legendary (after first month of release): 2000 GoldNow 1300 Gold

But with this release, there is now a brand new and exciting way to accomplish these goals.

Share the Love

Solforge was a game built around combining the best of the paper trading card game world and the digital free to play world.  One of the greatest things about traditional paper trading card games is that very first word – trading.  Swapping cards with your friends to improve your collection and help both of you build better decks is social, economical and helps provide the foundation for a life-long connection to a game.

When we evaluated what trading means in a digital world, we went through countless iterations of how to go about it.  We asked ourselves a fundamental question: What are the best parts and worst parts of trading?

What are the best things about trading?

  •      Getting the cards you want
  •      Having something to do with excess cards
  •      Helping out your friends
  •      Making new friends
  •      Bringing friends into a game you love

What are the worst things about trading?

  • Having to give up cards you own and want
  • Not being able to find the cards you want
  • Not being able to get rid of cards you don’t want.

In the digital world, we wanted to get the best parts of trading without the drawbacks.  We already introduced the forging system that allows players to “forge” away cards they don’t need to get in-game currency.  Also, every card can already be purchased with silver through the same system.  But something was still missing- the core social aspect of giving cards to friends.  We wanted a way to do this without the downside of giving up the cards you want. Thus we came up with the idea of sharing.

Sharing Basics

  •      Most cards purchased with in-game gold will be Sharable
  •      You can send any Sharable cards to any friend in your friends list
  •      Your friend receives those cards the next time they go to their home screen.
  •      Each card may only be Shared once.
  •      You keep the cards you Shared

Let me repeat that last line again- You keep the cards you shared!  This is something that is obviously impossible in the physical game world. Now you can give a friend cards and still keep them for yourself!  In effect, every card you buy is really two cards- one for you and one for a friend.  We hope that players will use this feature to bring new friends into the game and functionally share their collection with one another!

To use sharing, simply go to your Collection Screen (What used to be called Deckbuilder) and turn on the shareable filter under advanced filters to see what you have that is shareable.

Then, add those cards into a “deck” just like you were building a new deck.  Instead of saving the deck, hit the “Share” button.


This will prompt you to select a friend you want to send the gift to, and then (once you confirm the gift) you are done!   Your friend will receive the gift the next time they are on the home screen.

In the long run, we plan to add a more complex interface allowing players to better coordinate sharing back and forth – something akin to a more traditional trading system – but in the meantime, we hope you enjoy the gifts you give and receive!

A Golden Ticket

The basic principle of gifting is that you can only gift cards purchased with gold.  Up to this point, there has been one exception to that rule and many players may not know about it.  Event tickets purchased with gold were flagged behind the scenes to make your cards earned in tournaments (drafted cards and prizes) giftable.  If you entered an event with “Gold” tickets, your prizes were tradable, if you entered an event with “Silver” tickets (earned via daily rewards or purchased with silver), they were not.  This is a confusing system and the SolForge client has no way to communicate which tickets are which – not a great situation.

With the release of Set 4, we will fix this system by removing “Golden Tickets.”  Every player who has golden tickets in their account will have them removed and be given 200 gold per ticket removed. All tournaments will now have entry fees in either tickets, Silver, or via Gold directly. If you enter a tournament with Gold, all cards earned during the tournament will be sharable. If you enter a tournament with event tickets or Silver, they will not be.

This will not impact any rewards earned prior to the patch. Any cards earned through the use of “Gold” tickets in tournaments up to this point will remain sharable, but future tournament rewards will only be sharable if entry into the event is purchased with Gold.

Additionally, we are reducing the price of tickets acquired with Silver. Instead of 30,000 Silver, Event Tickets will cost 20,000 Silver each after the update, which should let players participate in events more frequently.

New Tournament Queues

We’ve been watching and listening closely to our tournament playing community and we’ve learned a lot over the last year since they were first introduced.  Ultimately, we have two groups of players we are trying to support with one set of tournament queues. Our current queues do a very good job of satisfying the most competitive of players, but players who aren’t quite as successful often feel bad about the result. More importantly, new players who are just getting into the tournament scene often get crushed by much more experienced opponents and walk away often never to return.

Today, we are announcing a plan that should offer each of these groups options more suited to what they’re looking for. We are keeping our current tournament queues (with a few modifications), but are introducing a more casual friendly draft format at a lower entry fee to allow players a chance to play more frequently even if they’re not a consistent winner.

In addition, we’re adding a little of extra excitement to our more competitive queues with the addition of Elite Tournaments. Elite Tournaments are monthly events that are only available to players who earn enough Elite Tickets from the competitive tournament queues. These are six round events in which every player is guaranteed an Alternate Art card that won’t be available anywhere else at the time of the event, with prizes going all the way up to 20,000 Gold for a perfect 6-0 finish! We will run Elite Tournaments in both Constructed and Draft formats, and if you can’t or don’t want to play in a particular month’s Elite Tournament, you can save your Elite Tickets for a future event.

Keep in mind that along with the payout changes, we’ve also reduced the cost of event tickets from 30,000 to 20,000 Silver, so the relative cost of entering events is significantly lower than before.

Casual Draft

Cost: 3 Tickets, 60k Silver, or 540 Gold

Cards chosen during this draft are NOT added to your collection.

Final Record Silver Pack
0-4 3 Basic Pack
1-3 10,000 3 Basic Pack
2-2 20,000 2 Basic Pack + Bronze Prize Pack
3-1 30,000 2 Basic Pack + Silver Prize Pack
4-0 60,000 2 Basic Pack + Gold Prize Pack

Competitive Draft

Cost: 7 Tickets, 140,000 Silver, or 1260 Gold. Cards chosen in this draft are added to your collection.

Final Record Silver Pack Elite Ticket
0-4 10,000 Basic Pack
1-3 40,000 Bronze Prize Pack
2-2 70,000 Silver Prize Pack
3-1 100,000 Gold Prize Pack 1 Elite Ticket
4-0 145,000 Platinum Prize Pack 2 Elite Tickets


Cost: 4 Tickets, 80,000 Silver, or 720 Gold

Final Record Silver Pack Elite Tickets
0-4 10,000 Basic Pack
1-3 20,000 Bronze Prize Pack
2-2 40,000 Silver Prize Pack
3-1 60,000 Gold Prize Pack 1 Elite Ticket
4-0 80,000 Platinum Prize Pack 2 Elite Tickets

Elite Tournament

Cost: 20 Elite Tickets, available monthly

Final Record Alternate Art Pack
0-6 Participation AA Bronze Prize Pack
1-5 Participation AA Silver Prize Pack
2-4 Participation AA Gold Prize Pack
3-3 Participation AA Platinum Prize Pack
4-2 Participation AA New Set Legendary Chest
5-1 Participation AA 500,000 Silver
6-0 Participation AA 20,000 Gold

Card Balance Changes

We have been listening to the community and will be making some changes to released cards to help rebalance the format.  In addition, we’ve added in tools to this release that will make it easier than ever for us to make card changes if we feel the need.  Our number one goal is to make the game of Solforge as fun as it can be.  We work hard everyday to playtest the game and balance cards before they go out the door (in no small part thanks to the growing base of volunteers from our community who help with early testing). With the now hundreds of cards in the game, however, it is impossible for us to catch everything and we are always on the lookout for unfun play patterns that warp the format.  With this release, not only do we fix several gameplay issues (e.g. banished cards will no longer be returnable with cards like Varna’s Pact) but we also have added better tools that will allow us to react more quickly to any issues that may arise so we can alter cards that may be distorting gameplay without waiting for a major client release.

New Cards Coming Soon

My favorite part of every release is spoiling new cards and mechanics.  I remember when I was a player and the excitement of seeing new cards and brewing up decks in my head that I wanted to build with them. We’re going to have lots of new toys for you to play with soon, but I don’t want to dive too much into what you can expect from the new set just yet. I do want to give you a glimpse at just one cards that you’ll be able to get your virtual hands on soon.




  1. Callisto24

    Unless I’m reading this article incorrectly (and I dont think I am given the comments here), SBE missed the boat AGAIN on tournament payout structure. Somehow making it worse yet again….
    Now you are forced to pay gold to enter tournaments to ensure that cards you get in packs are sharable. Once you share them, they are then essentially non tradeable account bound cards with no value. Without a secondary market there is no purpose on ever spending gold for anything…
    On top of that, even if you spend gold to enter a tournament, your friggin payout is silver!!!!! So you are guaranteed to lose value every time you enter a tournament, even if you go 4-0 because you get only silver back… So dumb.
    Sadly, my group of friends who played upwards of 10+ tournament games a day has dwindled from over 10 to now just me due to the prior reduction in payouts with draft especially and now constructed almost makes no sense either. Will be hard pressed to decide to play this game over Dragon Age 3 in two weeks.

  2. soulwarrior

    I liked the Sharing part quite a bit; I have a number of friends that are missing certain cards and I’m happy that I can help them out now. :)

    What I don’t like are the changes to the ticketing system. I guess it was too much of a problem that people that had invested 1 ticket that was purchased with Gold and a few other tickets that were purchased with Silver were receiving “tradable” prizes in their tournaments. If you just went 3 – 1, you turned 1 “Gold ticket” into 7 “Gold tickets”, so you had plenty of opportunities to earn more cards and rewards that were not account bound.

    The new changes are not moving away from that “slightly”, they are moving away from that completely. I am now pretty much convinced that there will never be a secondary market and that this game will never have a “good” trading system; instead, it will just be “everyone on his own” (and the help of his friends that are sharing some cards with him). It discourages me quite a bit as I feel like most of the prizes you’re getting for tournaments are much less valuable when compared to what you are receiving at the moment.

    I’m glad I’m not the only one that thinks this way; I have rarely seen so much feedback below a post…

  3. StarvingGamer

    Add me to the list of players stoked about this update until they reached the new tournament payouts. I understand the reasoning behind this from a business perspective, but if things go through as they are I’ll probably end up playing less, not spending more.

  4. kcon

    One thing I do feel like people are neglecting about “sharing” is that chat feature. If you have sharable cards that someone else wants, and they have sharable cards that you want, you can share the card with eachother, effectively trading the card away and keeping it at the same time. I realize since this is not simultaneous that there is a small amount of risk involved, but it could effectively still be used to acquire cards using cards, even if it is not an actual “trade”

  5. MadBMan

    Why would someone pay gold to enter casual draft? To make the 1 or 2 heroic cards he can expect to win shareable? What we need is a really CASUAL draft as I suggested it in the suggestions forum that works like the casual constructed random queue with no costs, no prizes and most importantly matching you against people of the same skill level. A draft for people like my dad for whom Computer Normal is a serious opponent.

    As for the rest of the changes: There’s still nothing to encourage people to pay a few bucks each month on an ongoing basis (which I consider the most important sustainability goal). I would like to have a reason to pay 5$ per month for Solforge. But what does that buy me? 1 extra (old) legendary or 1 extra competitive draft tournament that at my skill level does not even guarantee a legendary.

  6. Dgrivera84

    The announcements were great until I got to the part about the new tournament payout structure. I’m disappointed in it and I hope SBE hears the community outcry and can find a solution that allows them to keep the lights on while we try to live the dream of going infinite.

  7. nation

    I generally suck at the drafts.

    I fit in the “casual” level & would like to improve, but the casual does not appeal to me.

    I simply don’t see me getting enough out of it to spend my time & energy on it. If the level of play is lower & the payout is lower … I don’t get better, or get as much stuff.

    I don’t see the Casual as helping me improve so that I don’t suck at competitive draft.

  8. Sebola3D

    If your intent was to make things better, you missed the boat completely. Please don’t implement the change to tournaments, until the community has had time to make their case against it.

    1. urbantriathlete

      +1 Agreed!!!

      The community does not like the changes to tournament payouts…. The whole dream of this game is being able to go infinite… that is now impossible…..

      1. KestralB

        I think we should look at how things turn out for the *average* player, not just the top 25% who currently get to play all the queues they want for free.

        I do absolutely think that a gold entry fee should not pay silver as a prize though…maybe I’m underestimating the value of the elite tickets though.

        1. urbantriathlete

          I have no problem changing all the tickets to silver, that doesn’t bother me in the slightest. It’s just like you said being able to play for free in the tournament queue. Normally i would play like 3 a day and now it looks like that will have to be reduced to like once per day or less.

  9. SeagullsTacklingDucks

    I am no expert, but I foresee myself playing less. Same for those I speak with. But I like the idea of sharing. I am going to blow through my tickets while I still have them to try and go as infinite as I can while the rewards will still be tradable. I will not pay, i am sure.

  10. PatrykBG

    I have a strange question – since “tradeable” cards are really now “1-time gift-able”, when my friend gets the gift in his account, is that card tradeable or not? It doesn’t really say, but if i’m understanding the way they’re describing it, it’s not *trading*, it’s more like splitting into two silver copies.

    The idea, while unique, is freakin horrible :(

    1. diablo

      Neither the original nor the shared copy will be sharable. Otherwise when one person opens a new card, basically everyone in the community would get a copy, provided you know someone.

  11. Thechynd

    So does this mean you can make a profit in gold by massbuying tickets through the “10 for 1800 gold” option before the patch is implemented and you get 200 back per ticket? Pay 1800 now, gett 2000 when the patch arrives.

    1. diablo

      It’s not profit. It’s more like a discount. You give SBE a bunch of cash, and you eventually get slightly more gold for that cash than you would if not for the new patch.

  12. rxis

    I, for one, absolutely hate the “sharing” system.

    This system totally negates any value that was left to “gold” cards, making them only slightly better than your regular cards.

    Looking to build up your collection and actually have it be worth something (something that I expected and is present in most TRADEABLE card games; guess that is what I got wrong: Solforge really does not want to be a tcg)? Look elsewhere.

    Together with the terrible new tournament payouts, I’m sSeriously considering quiting Solforge for the first time.

    1. KestralB

      I know some people were hoping for a “secondary market” or something…but I’m not sure that’s really ideal for a digital game. So there won’t be a Solforge version of the Diablo 3 “real world auction house”…I’ll have to mull it over, but right now I’m pretty ok with that.

  13. Holyghost5514

    Mostly good stuff. Unfortunately the way the tournament Q ‘s are set up, players have little incentive to pay real money’s to join. Prize payouts should pay you gold if you enterd with gold. And the elite tourney should spread some of the gold love out their as well. Like i see this as making it not want me to play as much, that’s bad. Why spend gold to enter a Q,when that money goes away forever, and getting it back (6-0) in elite tourney will be very rare, so I can gift some cards to my friends…… Derp pass. Luckily stoneblade listens to our feedback, and it can always change down the road.

  14. Supraluminus

    I had already been on a hiatus since the release of Set 3, and the changes to the constructed tournament payouts and the way “sharing” is described have snuffed any lingering interest I had in returning to competitive play, at least for now.

    Being able to go infinite at a realistic win percentage, and receive tradeable – or I guess “shareable” – rewards along the way, was a big part of what I liked about SolForge and in particular what made it possible for me to stomach the F2P model and crazy cash prices.

    It was hard to scrape together a halfway-decent collection, but I was managing, and (I hoped) squirreling away some resources to get value out of later with the release of trading. Now it sounds like it’s going to be even harder to earn a collection in the queues, and unless the sharing system gets drastically expanded on down the road it seems that the stuff I was saving for trading isn’t going to be worth what I expected either.

    I dunno. I’ll probably keep doing my solo dailies and watching the news, but right now I’m discouraged.

      1. Supraluminus

        Has it been indicated anywhere that prizes from elite tourneys will in fact be tradeable? Even if so, that sharply curtails the proportion of tradeable cards players can earn for free.

        Literally every card I’ve gotten as a tournament reward in SolForge to this point has been tradeable after I spent $10 on tickets. If you think of “trading” as a single feature you’re paying to unlock in an online game, $10 does not seem cheap in the era of Steam sales.

  15. Wargallow

    Well, this is a very exciting article for me, as I love Solforge. Before I say what I like and what I don’t like about what I’ve read, I’d first like to say that I realize it can’t be easy to make these decisions, especially when you know it’s absolutely impossible to please everyone. That being said, it seems like you’ve made a lot of these changes to make this game more accessible to players, however it’s been done at the expense of others. I agree that a 3-0 record should get your entry fee back, ever if you offer the choice of the entry fee OR the new rewards…people could either chain tournaments, or look forward to the elite tournament. My 2nd major pet peeve is that you’ve turned the game into Farmville…you added a pretty awesome feature IF the player has friends that own the cards he wants. I don’t play games on Facebook because I don’t want to be limited by the number of gaming friends I have in my friends list…this absolutely must be changed.

    Other than that I’m looking forward to most of the changes. Thanks for all your hard work at making a great game even better.

  16. Hydroclasm

    Also going to add that I don’t like the decreased rewards for draft tourny (if I’m understanding everything correctly). 3-1 got you infinite before and 4-0 got you extra tickets but now 3-1 will have you bleeding tickets (or silver) and 4-0 will have just break even. Hoping that gets changed.

    On a positive note, I’m excited about everything else in the article.

  17. Zwaxor

    I don’t like the fact that you have to go undefeated to get your entry back on the regular queues. I get that Elite tickets exist to make up for that somewhat, but it seems odd to go 3-1 in a draft, losing silver multiple times in order to play an event that may or may not get you a return on your investment.

  18. The Average Guy

    Gotta say, I’m not a fan of how the silver payouts basically makes it so you have to go 4-0 in order to infinite draft. I thought the point of adding a fourth round was to make it easier to go infinite? Is it to prevent making it too easy to build up Elite Tickets?

  19. Llauron

    if I’m using gold to enter the tournament I want gold as part of the price support not silver. who exactly was confused about the ticket system? it was pretty clear and obvious to me how they work. I hope more is coming with the sharing system because the way it stands now is terrible no secondary market thanks for nothing.

  20. Noetherian

    The part of this I most excited about is the Elite Tournaments.

    I hope that Stoneblade posts a list of everyone who goes 6-0 in an Elite tournament. Much bragging rights!

    1. flamejuggler

      +1 to this. There is some value to the elite ticket thats hard to measure yet, but my gut says its not worth the loss in EV for most people. Can you use the elite ticket to fund a normal draft? Regardless, it seems harder to chain drafts/constructed tournaments into one another at first glance for the average joe that can get close to averagring 3-1 and re-ups on tickets occasionally. 3-1 ain’t what it used to be? I’ll admit, I’m nervous. I’d love some more explanation from SBE on these payout changes, as I expect them to be controversial.

    2. Error Ash

      Yea thats the one big bad thing about this news :(
      Also no more “gold infinite”, I really don’t like that you have to pay the full tournament price in gold to make the rewards non-account-bound. Before you only had to pay a third of the price in gold and could pay the rest with silver tickets…

      1. urbantriathlete

        The way the tournement payouts worked before was really great!! they should have left it all the same!! If they wanted an elite tourney they could have still given out the elite tickets. Maybe have a higher threshold then before. Now the best you can do in a tourney is break even… and bleed if you go 3-1. Sure if you forge the cards you won in packs you may go ahead in silver…. but loose cards from your collection that you may have been able to use for forging cards you don’t own……

        “Going infinite” is no more!

  21. diablo

    Very excited for all the new features!

    By the way, when you click on one of the images in this article to zoom in on it, it starts a slide show that cycles through all the images in the article. A bit annoying when I’m trying to read the card text. :)

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