New Version of Official Client

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Onlyavailable for windows/steam. Sorry. I need as much feedback on this version as possible before pushing it elsewhere. To enable open your steam library. Right click on solforge and select properties. Click on the betas tab and select publicbeta from the drop down.

click save deck should always save back to the server.
Decks should now be alphabetized.
Viewing discard/deck after playing a spell that interacts with them should no longer cause them to freeze. This needs some more testing. It worked for me but the change was far too easy so I’m worried it’s going to blow up.
Sword drop intro animation is now muted. This should load volume settings and adjust properly but for now just muted
Default games tab is now “All” instead of “Campaign”
Loads game log on reentering a game in progress. Color coding is off slightly when doing so


  1. Volterock

    It’s working great so far! The alphabetized decks is extremely helpful.
    Is there any way to add the ability to purchase more deck slots?

    1. WuRaidr

      to elaborate, game stutters/stalls ever few seconds. Tried playing a game with it and i would select different targets for spells because of the stutter making me click something else.

      1. kaelari Post author

        Can you tell me your system specs? I’m assuming the base version ran fine for you?
        I’ve had no issues with stutters or stalls. Are your video/audio drivers up to date? Did you have other programs running that might have used up your system resources? Did you try lowering effects quality in the settings menu?

        Also please don’t tell people not to try it. The only way to find and fix bugs is for people to try it and report the issues. You can easily revert if it’s a problem. This is why it’s available as a beta and not just replacing the official client.

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