October Changes to Titanium Standings

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Hello everyone!

With only a few hours left to go in this particular ranked season, the reason why you’re here: starting with our Ranked season starting October 1st, 2016 and ending October 31st, 2016, Titanium standings will be determined solely by games played after reaching Titanium! As before, your standings will be based on your total wins, losses and your win rate, but unlike before, your standing will not take into account the games you played on your way to Titanium. We hope that this will further improve the integrity of our Titanium standings as well as making it more of a truly competitive location to play each season. If you all have any thoughts on this, please, let us know! We’re more than happy to hear what you have to say.

Second, we have a small change to our end of season rewards that will take effect with the rewards for this season’s Ranked play. Previously, when we announced that we were adding Elite Tickets to the end of season rewards for Platinum and Titanium, we also noted that Platinum players would receive 15,000 Silver as part of their end of season rewards (down from 40,000). We’ll be changing that amount to 30,000 Silver, so those of you who end the season at Platinum are getting a nice little bonus.

With all that said, I look forward to seeing who locks in the top 10 Titanium spots tonight, and also seeing who will be the first to make Titanium in our new seasons!

Until next week,

[SBE] Foxhull


  1. kaelari

    Due to some complications on how this was implemented there may be a delay of up to 5 minutes between you making titanium and games counting toward your post titanium standings.

  2. Luischo

    The rank will be calculated by herself or we will have to input values in another web?

    Will the rank places show up in the game?

    I love the game, around 2 motnhs I started and captured me! (Huge fan of “Astral Master” too)

    (Sorry for my english)

    1. kaelari

      Ranks are calculated automatically and are on this page under game -> current titanium standings. They will update to season 4 as soon as someone makes titanium this season

  3. ntillerman

    Now that we’re only counting games played at Titanium, it’s even more crazy to have unlimited rewards for grinding. I understand that we want to avoid people with too-small sample sizes getting ranked highly, but the new system still goes way beyond that.

    I’d like the ladder to measure who’s playing the best, not who’s playing a ton and pretty well.

    Also, shouldn’t the ranking algorithm be made public?

    1. Aredor

      You can grind to Titanium but unless you’re playing the best, you won’t be placed highly inside Titantium, so I’m okay with that.

      Isn’t the ranking algorithm just win rate?

      I like the change, it makes it more meaningful to play games after reaching Titanium.

          1. ntillerman

            “Game Won” is a function of “Games Played” and your winrate. You can’t care about absolute wins without rewarding grinding.

  4. do_art

    I like the change to counting only games against other titanium players in the rankings. I wonder what this means as far as trying to match titaniums against other titaniums. Will there be a greater effort to make these matches? Will wait times for matches therefore increase? Also, as long as there are changes, can we please have the actual formula for determining the rankings? But overall, I think this is definitely a step in the right direction.

  5. Piquadore

    Will have to see how it goes to see if further adjustments are needed, but I think this a good step forward. Alas poor Erodauqip, don’t see you making it into top 10 again…

  6. Ginyu

    The Titanium changes are great!

    I do not really see the need to buff Plat prizes, though… the gap between Gold and Plat is gigantic now, while Silver/Gold is hardly a difference. Actually, the gap between Gold and Plat is bigger than the Gold rewards on their own (compared to nothing).

  7. diablo

    This seems like a good change. As Piquadore showed, it seems a little weird that someone can grind from Bronze I to Titanium in a single day and suddenly be ranked the #5 player in the world. :)

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