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Todaywe are incredibly excited to announce a surprise we have been working on for all of our fans. SolForge is here! You can now download and play a preview version of SolForge on ipad absolutely free! That’s right – head to the app store right now and search for “SolForge” and you can start playing right away!

Go to the App Store Now!

We saw how much fun people were having with the demos we gave at GenCon, PAX, and Spiel Essen – not to mention the fun we were having with them ourselves – and decided we wanted to get this small slice of the SolForge experience into your hands as soon as we could. So this is our gift to you this holiday season – a sneak-peak of SolForge absolutely free!


This preview version includes pass-and-play mode for two player games, a single player mode featuring an AI with multiple levels of difficulty, and a tutorial to get new players into the game right away. The two decks featured in the preview are similar to those used in our demos over the summer – an Alloyin/Tempys deck and a Nekrium/Uterra deck.

This preview of SolForge is not the Beta. It is also currently only available on the iPad. We’re still on track to have the Beta available for all of our backers by the end of the first quarter of 2013, which will include many more features than this limited preview, and we’re still targeting late summer 2013 for our full release. We won’t release anything before it is polished and ready, however, so we’re not going to commit to hitting any specific dates at this time.

In the meantime – what are you waiting for? Go download SolForge now and spread the word!

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