Darkforge Uprising Preview: Forgewatch Sentry

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GreetingsForgeborn, it is once again Outrageous (B+) to discuss Hype Season!  Long-time SolForge players may remember that I had the privilege of writing the reveal article for Gauntlets of Sulgrim when Imprisoned Heralds was announced.  The armor archtype has always been one I enjoy playing, which meant there was a couple of cards that piqued my interest when I first saw Darkforge Uprising.

forgewatch sentry

Forgewatch Sentry caught my attention immediately, with its high stats and high armor totals.  It’s reminiscent of Oreian Battledroid in that it has high attack and high armor, with an obvious fragile element.  In this case, whereas Battledroid falls to any card that deals minus health, Foregwatch Sentry does not die to hardly any of those effects when they are played.  This provides an incredible advantage when playing against Nekruim-heavy players, who used to destroy Battledroids with ease.  The downside is that unlike Battledroid, who if you buff its health it gains much more survivability, it doesn’t matter how much health Foregwatch Sentry gains – any kind of damage dealt to it will render it dead.

Since you really don’t want Foregwatch Sentry to take any damage whatsoever (plus it starts off with a good amount of armor already), the obvious synergy is with cards that give out even more armor.  Gauntlets of Sulgrim is a popular armor granting card, which will provide eight damage to an opponent’s creature, and give you a 6/6 monster with eight armor. Quite the resilient creature, eh?  If you’re adventurous, Bulwark Bash can be useful, being able to deal more damage than several “burn spells”.  And of course, Aegis Knight can be played to deal a healthy amount of damage to whichever creature is in Foregwatch Sentry’s opposing lane.

Looking at the creature type, we see that Forgewatch Sentry is a Robot, so the usual staples apply there.  Brightsteel Sentinel is obviously a good friend to have – tribal synergy and extra armor creates a tidy little package.  The other Robot tribal support cards (Arcflight, War Tinker) could be useful as well.  But I must say, it sure would be great there was a creature other than Brightsteel that could give armor to Robots.

flowsteel carrier

Oh look, it’s another creature that gives armor to robots!  Our second new friend brings with it a delightful little bonus; when it dies, it hands out armor to a random robot on your side of the field.  Flowsteel Carrier is obviously meant to be a disposable creature and not meant to survive an attack, but its attack is nice enough that it can take out weakened creatures (I find that the level three with 15 attack and handing out 8 armor can seal several fates when played).  And although the effect is random, in a Robots deck any Robot would benefit from getting a quick armor buff – it sets up Aegis Knights and Gauntlets of Sulgrim quite well and increases survivability of any Robot it buffs.

What cards work great with Flowsteel Carrier?  Well, great Robots.  Along with Forgewatch Sentry, Anvillon Arbiter and Batterbot would definitely benefit from Flowsteel Carrier’s effect.  And again, Aegis Knight & Gauntlets can deal damage with that armor – with Sulgrim, Herald of Force providing a win condition.

In draft, I think both of these could see play.  Forgewatch Sentry could start being a snap pick for several, and Flowsteel Carrier would work in a Robots-centric draft deck.  As far as constructed decks go, both Foregwatch Sentry & Flowsteel Carrier slide right into a tribal themed deck.  And you won’t have to wait that long to do so; with the former being a Heroic and the latter being a Common, you will obtain playsets of these cards soon after the release of Darkforge Uprising.  Here’s a sample list using some classic ‘bots along with our new friends:

3x Aegis Knight

3x Anvillon Arbiter

3x Batterbot

3x Brightsteel Gargoyle

3x Brightsteel Sentinal

3x Forgewatch Sentry

3x Gauntlets of Sulgrim

3x Nexus Areonaut

3x Overwhelming Force

3x Flowsteel Carrier

It certainly seems as if that Robots are getting some help in this set.  Sometimes, all a themed deck needs is a solid card to make it tick.  Nothing splashy or fancy, just a couple of good additions to bump it up a notch.

I look forward to seeing you all in the queues!

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