Darkforge Uprising Preview: Ariadne, Spider Queen

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which can be acquired from booster packs, she can no longer remember. She would never forget, however, that fateful day that led to her…rebirth. While exploring a particularly vibrant section of tunnels, she was attacked. Not by the Nekrium, but by a twisted image of one of her own, a Darkforged. By pure chance, Varna happened upon Ariadne as she clung to life and he saw the Queen he once loved in her beauty. Varna called upon all of his power to breathe new life into Ariadne, reviving her as a Spider Demon. With her new form came great power, granted by the Immortal King. Ariadne became Queen of the Spiders, able to spawn Spiderlings and drain power from those they cocooned. Ariadne now makes her residence below the Duskspire, devouring all who threaten her lord and her new people. She thirsts for vengeance against those that ended her mortal life. “I hunger… for Darkforged.”

Greetings fellow Forgeborn. I am DsIsmaru, and I have had the pleasure of working with the QA team for the past few months. It is my privilege to introduce to you Ariadne, Spider Queen and her brood.



Before I talk about Ariadne herself, I would like to go over the Spiderlings that are solbound to her, as this queen is only as good as her subjects. When they are played from the hand, the Spiderlings will wrap up any creature that is equal or lower level then them in a web.



The webs attack is equal to the replaced creature’s attack, and the health is the replaced creature’s. More often than not, the Spiderlings will charge directly into the webs. They did their job, generating food for Ariadne.

Ariadne’s stats are respectable but not incredible. However, this can change with her activated ability, which allows her to consume any webbed creature to gain attack and health equal to the creature eaten. You read that right, any webbed creature, including your own if your opponent also has copies of Ariadne in their deck. Even eating only one creature can cause Ariadne to become a sizeable threat, and any Spiderlings you draw from then on generate more food for their Queen.

My favorite Faction paring for Ariadne is with the Tempys, specifically with Ator, Thunder Titan. With him in play you can web up a meal for Ariadne, then have her eat and attack in the same turn.

Here is a sample deck:

Ariadne, Spider Queen x3

Ator, Thunder Titan x3

Shatterbolt x2

Group Meal x2

Flame Lance x3

Byzerak Spitemage x3

Scythe of Chiron x2

Grimgaunt Preditor x3

Grimgaunt Devourer x3

Plunder Imp x3

Byzearak Frostmaiden x3

Thanks for reading the final preview for Darkforge Uprising. We hope you all have as fun as we have had with the new cards when the patch goes live!

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