Raiders Unchained: Front Line

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Hi everyone!

With the next small release of SolForge, Raiders Unchained: Front Line, coming up soon (actually soon, not tm soon), I figured I would show you all a card. There will be other cards spoiled from other sources as usual (A1 has one up right now, here!), so I hope that all of you will start getting pumped up to play with some new cards.

Without further delay, here is the Nerkium Legendary card in the upcoming release!


Meet the Nekrium Legion’s newest Spirit Dragon. This creature definitely lives up to the high expectations we all have for our dragons in the world of Solis. Respectable stats, mobility and an ability that can be very potent against the right opponent. Make sure to pay close attention to the Formation power – it revives only opponent’s dead creatures to aid you in battle.

As with any Formation card, Lichmane Dragon is put to best use in a deck that excels at maintaining a strong board. Pairing it with Mobility creatures, Defenders and Armored creatures (see Brightsteel Gargoyle) will produce great results. If put to proper use, Lichmane Dragon can be a huge boon to the right deck.

Stay tuned for more information regarding the release. Along with the release of new cards, we will be offering a special free item in the store for a limited time as a thankyou to our community.


SBE Gary Arant


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