Raiders Unchained: Rise to Power

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Hello everyone, today I’m here to talk to you all about our upcoming mini-release – Raiders Unchained: Rise to Power!

With this release, we have four different bundles available, one for each faction. These bundles cost $5.99 USD, and contain 1300 Gold and a Faction Legendary Chest of the faction you choose. In addition, each time you buy one of these faction bundles, you will be casting a vote for that faction.

Now you’re probably wondering what these votes are for, so I’ll go ahead and tell you: the faction with the highest number of votes will have its newest Legendary available in the SolForge client store upon release for 1 Silver (one copy per account limit)!

Of course, you need to know what you’re voting for, so take a look at each of our new Legendaries!

Each of these new Legendaries provides new and exciting opportunities, so feel free to discuss and vote for which one you’d like a free (1 Silver) copy of! Be sure to keep an eye out in the coming days as well as some of your favorite community members and content producers spoil the Heroics that will be joining our cast of new Legendaries in Raiders Unchained: Rise to Power!

- [SBE] Foxhull

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  1. AzureNoir

    *-* making a rank…
    1. Nekrium
    2. Alloyin
    3. Uterra

    The nekrium and the alloyin cards are for an specific type of deck, and the other ones can be used easilly on many decks, especially the uterra card. I like it.

  2. Holyghost5514

    I mean does SBE understand that whenever something cool comes along where someone might want to go to the official game store and spend money they cant? Like for 3 years + whenever you try to adds something to your cart, “your cart is empty” Seems completly reasonable for the website store to have this bug for so long right???????

  3. Darth_Gravid

    Alyssa is already annoying enough, don’t want 001 available for 1 silver. Ramble on the other hand is REALLY sweet! He will fit really well into a bunch of my decks!!!!!!! Dinos are getting powerful and Cyrus is a build around, but will be a total whiff on a lot of games in the meta.


  4. SKiTHx

    First off, love the theme you went with here. All of these cards present a new effect that hasn’t been seen before. Means more brewing and more possibilities. All of that = GOOD!

    Secondly, Quakeasaurus Wrecks….. Just awesome name :P

    Just from a competitive POV, I’m going to say that Specimen 001 might be the most played card out of the bunch here. Will fit perfectly into an AU Alyssa deck shell… with thundersaurs and malice hermit. I wish Cyrus was a little better in the # department. I am unsure if Ramble will wind up making my deck too fat. (Can we get the Tomb Pillager effect fixed so that we can maybe take out the other cards from a Ramble deck? That would be nice to try).

    Overall, very nice! Can’t wait to experiment.

    1. [SBE]Foxhull Post author

      The ability on Ramble is a replacement effect. He doesn’t bloat your deck, instead he replaces the copy normally going to your discard with shuffling into your deck instead.

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