Raiders Unchained Spoilers: Lorus and Undying Legacy

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Lorus is one tough Uterra Legendary. His level 1 stats may look too fragile at a glance but don’t let that fool you! He usually doesn’t plan on staying in his level 1 form for very long. When Lorus lands in play at the right time, he can be a threat that demands an immedate answer. He has the potential to become a monstrous Level 3 creature while each player is still in their first Rank.

Our next preview is from The Ironmind Co! You can find a more detailed preview at their site,! Lets take a quick look here at Undying Legacy…



Something worth noting about this new spell is that the buff it gives lasts as long as it takes for it to trigger and that Undying Legacy can be used on level 3 or 4 creatures. Using this spell optimally can yield incredibly results, as it can have the strength of a level 3 or better card without needing to be leveled.

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