Ranked Season 1 Update

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Hi everyone,

Wehave entered our final week of competition for Ranked Season 1! We now have 70 players in the Titanium rank. Here is how the top 30 looks, in order of ranking:

1. Turkis
2. S1AL
3. Wendell
4. JoLaMachine
5. Jabor
6. Arzakon
7. JockeD
8. Mathemagician
9. piquador
10. Tetrarain
11. rockndroll
12. Postullio
13. Gabo
14. KingxofxHarts
15. gloommate
16. Djurre
17. Callisto24
18. PaladinGP
19. Varna
20. simonsnow
21. luckypanda
22. zrandles
23. gottabekd
24. TheGreatWhiteHu
25. Sobrah
26. cacafuego
27. Sundodger
28. GreenLink
29. Jurri
30. PTKtempo

Players have until 11:59 pm PDT on Sunday, July 31st to push for the highest rank they can reach. I’ll post the updated standings again on Friday. Good luck, everyone.

A warning to players in the ranked queue

I wanted to take a second in this post to give a first and final warning to those of you participating in the ranked queue. We do not tolerate win trading or organized concessions at all. From this point forward, any accounts that we find violating this rule will be banned from the game permanently. We are investigating various accounts for this currently and in cases where we find evidence of extreme abuse, we will permanently ban associated accounts. The entire purpose of the ranked queue is to provide the community a way to compete and this behavior undermines the competitive integrity for people who want to compete honestly. The vast majority of the SolForge community do not abuse the queue in this way, but some have and there is no room for this type of behavior here.

-SBE Gary Arant



  1. zjhomrighaus

    Bummer… I was Titanium before the reset… and I actually won a few games in Tit. Sounds like that was good for top 10! As others have said… without any information on how the ranking works, what’s the point. We need to know the rules in order to play the game.

    What a joke.

  2. SKiTHx

    I agree with waitthisisntmtg completely. Why on earth do you insist on keeping this information withheld from us? There is no way that you have missed this request seeing as how it has been asked in basically every single post since the announcement of there being a titanium level to reach. Please answer us.

  3. waitthisisntmtg

    if theres seventy people in titanium thats gotta mean theres like thirty that arent…not that many people play this game….and are you really never gonna give us details about how the rankings work? so fruitless to try to go up in titanium when you have no idea how exactly you would do it…

  4. Gabo

    Awesome, I’m in 13th place! (or is that unlucky?)
    I’m truly curious about how the ranking works, given that I haven’t played a single game since I hit titanium!

    1. Callisto24

      Same here Gabo and I’m at 17th. It has to be done factor of win %.

      Either way thanks SBE for updating this. Can’t wait for when these stars can be live in game.

  5. bluesmurfy

    Are the titanium ranked based on win percentage or total no. of wins , and is there a minimum no. of games to play after reaching titanium to qualify for the ranking ?

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