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Hey Everyone!
Several big announcements. First off:
Tuesday Aug 8 there will be a schedule downtime. This is to fix a few minor issues introduced with the last downtime and push card changes. Here’s the list:

  • GSFCommando no longer does 2x or 3x damage. It was too easy with the original flavor to stack armor and let him rip. During testing, having him stay at 1x was still pretty potent.
  • Nexus Bubble now gives Armor 2 (from 3) to match the rest of the cards from that cycle (every other card gave or did two of something), as well as to limit the amount of “build high armor creatures” abilities are in the game currently.
  • Frontline Combatant is now 10/10 with 10 Armor at Level 3. The L3 is rather large and can deal a great amount of damage, so we decided to lower it a bit.
  • Forge Guardian Beta now has 2 Armor at Level 1, 3 Armor at Level 2 to give him a bit more survivability.
  • Forge Guardian Gamma gains +2/+2 across all levels. This should make the flavorful Guardians Archtype more a bit more viable, but not have them overtake the game.
  • Flowsteel Prototype now has Mobility 1 at Level 2, Mobility 2 at Level 3 It has wings, why wouldn’t it fly? Also gives it a bit of a buff.
  • Grove Dragon now gets +100/+100 at Level 3, enabling the possibility of a difficult to obtain OTK (one turn kill).
  • Chorgias Level 2 is now 0/9, meaning it can no longer survive multiple hits from fellow L2 creatures. It is now also 30/30 at Level 3, which means it now can trade with Iron Maiden.
  • Leyline Vermin has its stats swapped across all levels (now 3/6 at Level1, misc etc)
  • Demara’s Pitguard is now 4/7, 7/11, 11/16, making it less beastly than before, and making the poison do more of the work.
  • Shardplate Toxoid now has reduced poison that is applied at the end of opponent’s turn to 1/2/3. And reduced poison on enters 2/4/6. Toxoid was universally accepted as being oppressive, limiting the poison helps combat this.
  • Shardplate Mutant now has Breakthrough at all levels, a boost to “Big Dumb Animal” and Raid decks.
  • Othra Level 2 now reads: “When you rank up this gains “Activate: Replace this with a Level 3 Othra“, this gives time to respond to his ability and makes an x.4 Othra 2 far less “swingy”. Also, Othra Level 3 has been changed to 10/30, the 50 health was simply excessive. I think it is a reputable “bomb”. It won’t trade with Maiden or Chrog, but it delivers player poison, has mobility, and you can still get that hatching ability as well.
  • Lug, Uranti Charger now has Mobility 1 at Level 2, Mobility 2 at Level 3., in order to give the card a bit of a boost to help trigger it’s effect.
  • Phoenix Call – the Cyrophoenix now has Mobility 1 at all levels. it made sense thematically, it’s a bird. The mobility also helps with the random (RNG) nature of the card.
  • Agamemnon is now 4/10, 8/20, 12/30, his ability makes more sense with higher defense. Also will now work well with Slumbering Shrine.
  • Ignir now triggers at the start of your turn, not the end. This gives people a chance to respond to his ability before it triggers. We’ll be keeping an eye on him closely to see if we need to tune his stats a bit if he falls to the wayside completely.
  • Uranti Icemage now grants Defender to any creature for a turn. This brings Yetis back to being a budget friendly deck people can lean on.
  • Pyre Song wording changed, no functional change.
  • Doomrider receives +1/+1 to it’s stats at Level 1, and +2/2+ to it’s Level 2 and Level 3 stats. The deck and techniques used to exploit him are no longer present, so we thought it would be good to raise his stats a bit.
  • Vengeful Spirit now deals -4/-4, -8/-8, -12/-12 (from -3/-3, -6.-6, -9/-9)m, which essentially makes it operate as removal “on a stick”.
  • Steelscale Dragon is now called “Steelcale Engine”, and is no longer a Dragon-type creature.

Also Introducing Faction Mastery Packs! These feature 10 faction chests, 2 AA Legends and playsets of two good legends. The faction chests are booster packs with at least 1 legend, 3 heroic and 1 AA all from the faction. These are available in the in client store for 30,000 gold

And last but not least Golden Queues! For this weekend only you can join these queues with gold and get massive payouts.
Entry fee is 650 gold (Two entries for $5)
Prizes: (Will all be shareable)
Six Wins – 9 elite tickets & AA Voltaic Prophet(First time available anywhere) & 6 booster packs & 1 random legend
Five Wins – 5 Elite Tickets & 6 Booster Packs & a Random Legendary Card
Four Wins – 3 Elite Tickets & 5 Booster Packs & a Random Legendary Card
Three Wins – 5 Booster Packs & 1 Random Legendary Card
Two Wins – 4 Booster Packs
One Win – 3 Booster Pack
Zero Wins – 2 Booster Pack

This is a test if the results are good we’ll run more of these.

And finally for those interested KUSC 0.67 is out with significant improvements to the deckbuilder, among other things. for those interested.



  1. KingxofxHarts

    Can elite tournaments be extended to two days? It has been very difficult to find matches, and it’s also hard to find enough time in one day to sit around in queues hoping to find games to complete the tournament.

  2. Akaisuisam

    Some nerfed cards seemed not so dangerous …maybe I never faced a tuned deck using them… but some of them are simply perfect. Now Ignir is a card again and not a autowin ticket. Nice work.


  3. mister_VWP

    I see alot of well thought through rebalances. specialy Chrogias was needed.
    Keep up the good work!

    Also I was wondering if the starter decks have had a gigantic boost?

    Or are going to get a gigantic boost?

    I think one of the main topics now should be focusiing on new player experience

    Because In my opinion the main reason beginners dont stay is the lack of a few good starter decks, also give them like 25 top tier legendaries (one of each) to let them experience some fun mechanics and give them room to experiment.
    Since you need 3 copies there is no harm in giving them alot of single lengendaries.

    anyway good work.

  4. JHW527

    Thanks for the responses, guys.

    Kaelari – I understand your position and look forward to potentially playing with new cards being released in the future depending on what they are.

    Outrageous – I also read your post in the forums but again, I don’t agree with the changes. Chrogias 2 is supposed to hopefully survive two attacks (it has zero attack itself) to help me survive with the deck until the 3rd rank. Chrogias 3 shouldn’t trade with Iron Maiden. It doesn’t have consistent. I will typically run energy surge and lucid echoes to try and draw it since it doesn’t in time, but now I’m better off running Maiden instead, which doesn’t heal me nor trigger esperian sage if I’m not running enough Uterra cards. Othra now dies to Maiden and Chrogias, and does a ton of damage to me if someone drops a Maiden on me, and also doesn’t trigger until most likely it is too late during rank 3, making it all but unplayable in constructed. Regardless, I think you’ve effectively made AU level and poison decks non-competitive with most tier 1 decks, which is disappointing to me. If you guys disagree with me or if that was the intent, that’s fine……just stating my position.

    FYI, I saw this post from Brian Kibler on YouTube talking about this exact topic. He’s mostly talking about HearthStone, but his point in my opinion is directly applicable here. You may be catering too much to the dedicated player base, and chasing off the casual ones (like myself).

    Anyway, good luck with future of Solis!

    1. Outrageous (B+)

      Thank you for sharing your opinion. Bringing “bombs” to a specific baseline is something I’ve wanted to do for some time, I feel that they should be on something of a level playing field and trade with one another. With that being said, in my opinion, Chrogias is in-line with with iron Maiden.

      - Both have 1/1′s at L1.
      - Both L2′s offer a distinct ability. Some would argue Chrog L2 is better due to giving a tangible benefit, as opposed to being a 3/3 that will always show up.
      - The L3′s both have breakthrough, and add an additional effect.

      At that point, it becomes a toss up between what do you value more; Consistent 3/3 vs something you can drop and get some Health Gain?

      Bringing Othra down to 30 health meets the baseline of 30. He’s still a bomb that is effectively a 20/30, with the chance to deal a high amount of player poison, which if it connects means his functional attack could be much greater than 10.. The hatching during X.4 is still present and is a nice bonus that other bombs do not have.

      Also poison decks are very much still around, if the ladder and ranked queues are any indication. My own A/U control variant is weaker, however others may have a more optimized list – I’ve seen some interesting ones in ranked queue.

      Regarding casual vs dedicated, it’s a balance. I wouldn’t say that we’re ignoring casual players at all, considering that most would consider myself to be a casual player. Some of the card changes (Lug, Flowsteel, Mutant, Guardians) were done for that reason, with more to possibly come in the future.

  5. Aredor

    Thanks for all the great work as always, really appreciate the meta game being shaken up after this long time.

    But I was a bit disappointed that the rankings were reset, progress lost, I’d liked to have known that at the beginning of the month (or was there an announcement I overlooked?).

    Anyways, how long will the season be now? Until the end of September so that set have enough time, like when you brought it back in the middle of the month? Or only until the end of August?

  6. JHW527


    First, thanks to you and your team for keeping SolForge around. I have to say though, I’m not a fan of the rebalance changes. Most CCGs really try to limit the amount of changes to existing cards for good reason. People have spent considerable time and money to collect cards, and many people leave and get upset when their decks don’t work like they used to because their cards were nerfed. In fact, the guy that got me into SolForge quit himself for this exact reason when cards he spent real money on were changed.

    I myself have been playing for some time. I recruited a lot of friends to play over the years. Most quit when SBE said SolForge was done and moved on. I have told them that you were trying to keep it alive, but without an announced plan or path forward many are devoting their time and money elsewhere.

    For myself, I now have 3 of every non-AA card. After that happened, I came to realize that a lot of the fun for me with CCGs is actually collecting cards I don’t have and adding them to my collection. Honestly, my interest has been waning in SolForge as there haven’t been cards to collect for me, and there hasn’t been new content released in a long time. I don’t even see plans for future content either.

    I typically will run control decks. I remember when raid was first introduced. I would continually get trampled by the new hyper aggressive raid decks that emerged. That limited my play until poison came along. Poison didn’t allow raid decks to maintain a sufficient number of creatures on the board to trigger their raids effectively, and balanced the meta, in my opinion. Lots of people began to run AT aggro instead of raid with Alyssa to counter poison, especially after dissolve got nerfed.

    Now, it looks to me like you are nerfing poison and AU leveling decks, but doing nothing to AT and UT aggressive decks. Many people scream for nerfs against decks they don’t perform well against with theirs. It comes off as the people doing the balancing and in charge of the game typically like to run these types of decks. When running AU level I mostly lose to these decks as it was before the rebalance unless they got unlucky and didn’t draw their leveled up cards. Now it will be worse.

    I know the argument. If I have a full collection and think these decks are so great, why not just run these myself? Quite frankly, this isn’t the type of SolForge I want to play, so I’m thinking this may be the time where I get off. Just like with all CCGs, a meta of top tier decks is going to happen over time. You can rebalance all you want, but in my opinion changes to many of the existing cards is going to drive more people away then bring people in. Besides, I actually think you are going the other way here and shrinking the meta of tier 1 decks. The better way to counter a stale meta is to release new content regularly, if possible. Rotating cards is also a good idea to prevent power creep with new content, as long as people understand when cards they spend real money on would be moved out of standard play up front. HearthStone and other games skirt this issue by not allowing people to spend real money on specific cards……I’m seeing the wisdom of that decision.

    Anyway, that’s my 2 cents. I’m sure many will disagree with my viewpoints, and if I’m in the minority then all the better for you, but figured I would share my thoughts about it.

    1. kaelari Post author

      If I could release new cards I would. unfortunately that’s not possible at the moment so I do what I can. Improving other aspects of the game is also important. My plan as has been stated before is to release a new set, kusc 1.0 and do an advertising push all together. Progress is being made toward this goal.

    2. Outrageous (B+)

      Thank you for taking the time to share your opinion. Kaelari covered new content already, however I wanted to touch briefly on the topic of card balances.

      I understand why one would be upset with cards being changed, however I believe our reasoning behind it outweighs the negatives – especially if communication is present. Throughout the first cycle of balance adjustments I’ve been transparent with the thought process behind it, I detailed a few of the reasons at – and also on the official forum and on Facebook.

  7. Darth_Gravid

    This might not be the place to post this, but the changes you just made to dailies doesn’t work. When people get timed out because they don’t participate or finish the match, now I don’t get a win which is very frustrating after I either have to sit there for a bunch of time because you don’t join or if they rage quit after I’ve already earned the victory. I really appreciate all that you are doing, but could you fix this soon (it’s a very frustrating bug).

    1. kaelari Post author

      As I understand it there are 2 issues, the person timing out still gets their dailies and the clock got set to 5 minutes. (not displaying in client) This is getting fixed in the downtime on tuesday.

  8. mpoitras

    The rebalance changes seem quite good to me. Am impressed with how quickly you pushed the changes through.

    I am happy you held off on the Scrapforge Titan change from a draft point of view. Am a little bit concerned about Omegas in draft.

    To be honest though, I am disappointed in the golden queue payouts. About one third of players will only receive boosters from their tournaments and I think that will feel bad for them. I was also expecting that players who did well would get gold back. Maybe even make a profit from a 6-0. Overall, I think the golden queue payouts should probably be better than the elite queue payouts but elite queues get AA even if they don’t win a game.

    1. Callisto24

      First off, great job doing all of this work to tweak and test the card changes!!!! Really cant thank you guys enough.

      I agree however, with Mpoitras that the gold tournament payouts arent nearly good enough… at least for players with card pools. I love the AA not available elsewhere carrot for the 6 wins. I think the random shareable legendary starting at 3 wins is great. But I think the booster pack prizes for 4 and 5 wins is pretty non-incentivizing. If you have the card pool to get 4 or 5 wins then 5 booster packs are worthless and while the elite tickets are great, you can play draft for tickets (which dont cost gold) to get them. I’d rather see guaranteed Alt Arts or guaranteed good legendaries or gold returned instead of the booster packs and maybe -2 elite tickets at the 5 and 6 win mark. Just my thoughts.

      1. kaelari Post author

        One of the goals was to provide a way for constructed players to earn more elite tickets, Hence the elite ticket prizes. Not everyone likes draft or is good at draft.

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