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Hi everyone,

Solforge is being continued as ReForged, please head over to for more information and to download the new client.
We don’t have a large team, so to keep things simple and streamlined I will be only be posting news/content to the reforged social media accounts (reddit/discord/facebook/twitter).
If you want the latest updates, please join the discord server here 

The server and forums will stay, but I will not be monitoring or posting any more content to it.

Regarding the current FRG client on steam:
I don’t have access to nor the resources to update the Solforge FRG client currently on steam.
All development activity on this client has ceased, with no updates in almost two years.
I can’t maintain support of this, especially with new cards coming in the near future.
If you would like to continue playing Solforge, please consider
There is a Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android and iOS client available.


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  1. OmensOfRuin

    Sorry I still enjoy the old client a lot more than the new one – and with the old one now not working… I’m done. Sad to have stuck with it so long but I find the Reforged app for iOS unplayable.

    See y’all. It was fun while it lasted…

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