Reign of Varna: Immortal King Update Patch Notes

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Solforgeset 5.2: Varna, Immortal King release notes

This release contains 4 new legendaries – Doppelbot, Everflow Eidolon, Dragonwake and Varna, Immortal King.

There are two new campaign missions. Each can be unlocked with gold or silver. Dragonwake and Varna, Immortal King are the rewards for these missions. These rewards will be Bound To Account.

The new legendary cards are also included in two preconstructed decks that can be found in the store. Each preconstructed deck also contains two bonus set one legendary cards!

Card changes:

Ambriel’s Edict- Text updated for clarity. No functional change.

Byzerak Drake- Creature type changed from skeleton to dragon.

The four new cards:

eidolon 3





  1. zhelel

    Hi to all!

    I have spent some Cash in this game and until now ive never tought it was expensive but this time its simply an abuse cuz playes pay 1960 gold or 310 k silver for 2 of the New caros that are not even the 2 best, or not even the ones that are going to be mostly played (probably) it just marés me feel like we are being robbed.
    But this is just my opinion ^^

  2. Kukkamatka

    I had this itchy feeling, that the mysterious queue would be legendary guaranteed and had been hoarding tickets… my first pick was naturally Varna, Immortal King :-)

      1. Kukkamatka

        My second pick in the legendary draft was naturally Dragonwake :-) That didn’t have too much use in the draft, though Byzerak Drake is a dragon now…

  3. Zwaxor

    What was the point in leaving Varna for the patch notes instead of actually spoiling it? This was definitely a place where you guys could’ve torn a page out of WotC’s book, spoiling a flashy new card first and then drop the big bombs shortly after. If Varna is the central selling point of the set, why not try to actually sell him rather than just throw him out there as an afterthought in a patch notes article?

  4. Vectious

    “People hate paying for something they use to get for free”

    True story, its a bad direction to go in.

    Also, its not paying for a card….its paying for the opportunity to get a card, poor form.

    And gold for a account bound card? Come on, 0/3 here.

  5. urbantriathlete

    I think it’s great that you need silver to unlock this mission.

    In hearthstone it is very similar you pay to unlock missions and then if you win you get the new cards.

    Nothing wrong with that, it is almost have the price if you were to forge them right away!

    Great job SBE!!

  6. BadNorn

    The pricetag for the new campaign chapters is unacceptable.
    I thought this was a F2P game, at least this is being said right here: -> “Players can experience Solforge absolutely free …”, or aint it?
    I spent some serious cash on cards and tickets, but this ticks me off as really greedy.

    Also, on Android when I click on the “more info” button in the campaign screen, the app crashes. every,damn.time.

  7. BigTony82

    On the iPhone version after the update the screen is miscut and cuts off the level indicator. I tried uninstalling and redownloading and it was still messed up.

  8. ghend

    looks like a buff to wegu, a buff to soulreap and rather meh cards. kinda like how the last mini expansion only enabled herald cheese decks, looks like this one is buffing the other cheese deck to compete.

  9. PorpusBoy

    Sorry to post complaints here but…
    Just played a few games with the new patch…

    The missions helped to keep the game fresh and interesting, The were/are very challenging.
    But having to pay for then really sucks. I just won’t be paying for them. Period. I need the silver for buying the legendary cards, and save slots for custom decks.

    My creatures that are on the offensive no longer jerk upwards when they attack. It is now much harder to see what is happening and to understand it. The animations have also sped up too. Both are not good. I need to check the log much more often now. This simple change really detracts from the game play. To the point I may play less.

  10. zatreal

    Just a question of semantics but shouldn’t Varna read “creature you controlled”? This is because based on how I am reading it the creature being revived is dead and thus you do not currently control it.

          1. Zeban

            Why the sudden change? I realize that with the inflated “fresh release” price of 285k silver to craft these legendaries we are getting a discount theoretically, but in the past campaign rewards have been given for free. I thought the point of the campaign was to tell Solforge’s story and provide free heroic and legendary cards to players who have the skill to defeat the missions, with each stage becoming increasingly harder than the previous. It feels like SBE is fishing for another way to incorporate micro transactions now. :/

  11. Zok72

    Check out Varna, Immortal King. Straight up board wipe at lv 4 and lots of value in the lower levels (though iffy stats). Seems like a card worth playing in NU value decks.

    The king is dead. Long live the king.

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