Reign of Varna is Live!

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Google Play, or the Apple App Store now!

Apple Users: Please be sure to uninstall the app before downloading the update. There is an issue with Loading Decks and Creating Games on iPad and iPhone that is corrected by uninstalling and reinstalling the app.

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David is the Technical Producer for SolForge handling all things small and large including: Customer Support, Quality Assurance, Community Management, and a half dozen other things for Stoneblade Entertainment.


  1. DumasAG

    Lol, thanks for the heads up I guess. What’s the game plan for fixing this issue? Is it as easy as uninstalling (after you’ve updated) and reinstalling? Will try that when next I’m in WiFi range.

  2. Ripclaw

    Just wondering, if you have an IPhone and uninstall the app and then reinstall , don’t you lose all of the cards you have earned/purchased? Please advise. thank you

      1. Ripclaw

        Thank you for your help David. I appreciate your confirmation. All worked out. Great game By the way. NOTHING comes close to it (for those that used to play MTG)

    1. UnluckOfTheDraw

      I had this issue, but resolved it by deleting the game, reinstalling, opening the game and letting the database update, then completely closing the game right away (double tap the home button and swipe it off the screen). Then reopen the app and it worked.

      Hopefully this helps.

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