Reign of Varna Patch Notes

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legendary chests, and prize packs, and can also be purchased in their own Reign of Varna booster packs and chests containing exclusively new content.


New Game Mechanics

Reign of Varna allows players to have abilities for the first time! When a player has an ability, an exclamation point will be visible on his or her portrait. Clicking the exclamation point will open a pop-up explaining all abilities the player currently had.


New Accounts

New Accounts now start with four pre-constructed single faction decks. Upon their first log-in thy will receive 10,000 Silver in a reward pop-up. (Previously: accounts started with 2 starter decks, 10,000 Silver and a Booster pack)


Daily Rewards

•             Event Tickets are now available from First Win of the Day, whether Online or against an AI opponent (including Missions)

•             Online wins now grant 250 Silver (up from  100 Silver).

•             Log-in reward and 3rd win rewards no longer grant single cards. They will always give a booster pack (or better)


Updated List of daily rewards:

o             Daily Log-in

?             Some amount of silver

?             A Booster Pack (very rarely something more special)

o             1st win of the day

?             An Event Ticket

o             3rd win of the day

?             Some amount of silver

?             A Booster Pack (very rarely something more special)

o             Every Online win (up to a cap of 20 per day)

?                             250 Silver


Reward Messages

We have updated our reward pop-ups to inform players about upcoming events, such as Weekend Warrior tournaments.

Various other text and pop-ups have been updated for clarity.


Store Updates

The Rise of Varna Legendary chest and Booster pack will be available for purchase in the in-game store (as well as on the website)

The following items will be removed from the in-game store (most will be available on our website):

•             Verdant Fortress Deck

•             Titan’s Assault Deck

•             Secrets of Solis Legendary Chest

•             Imprisoned Heralds Legendary Chest

•             Imprisoned Heralds Booster Pack (Will not appear on web-store)

Card of the Day may now feature an alternate art card for the day. Weekly listings of alternate art will be discontinued.




Updated Draft pool to include:

•             All Legendary Cards

•             All set 5 cards

•             All set 4 cards

•             A selection of set 1-3 cards


Full draft pool list available here


Alternate Art

Added the following four Alternate Art cards to the legendary chest drop chances (only ‘All set’ legendary chests)

  •                 Echowisp
  •                 Oratek Explosives
  •                 Borean Windweaver
  •                 Dysian Broodqueen

Additional Alternate Art has been added to the clients for use in special events (such as Elite Tournaments).


Notification Log (iOS only)

There is now a ‘log’ button on the main menu that will allow you to review any pop-up messages you have received that session. Such as: Daily rewards, Pack Openings, & Card Data updates.


Card Changes

Many cards have had minor text updates for clarity. Below are all the gameplay affecting changes.


Ironmind Acolyte

Now only triggers if played from hand.


Master of Elements

Now only triggers if played from hand.


Frostwild Tracker

Now only triggers if played from hand.


Hinterland Watchman

Attack increased at all levels

Before: 3/7, 5/10, 10/20

After: 4/7, 7/10, 15/20


Korok, Khan of Kadras

Health increased at all levels

Before: 4/6, 7/10, 12/15, 18/22

After: 4/7, 7/12, 12/18, 18/26


Esperian Scarab

Creature type changed from Insect to Robot


Steelscale Dragon

Stats and effect both increased at levels 2 and 3


Stats: 7/8, 10/11


“…Steelscale Dragon gets +7 attack, +7 health and Breakthrough…”

“…Steelscale Dragon gets +10 attack, +10 health and Breakthrough…”


Stats: 8/9, 12/13


“…Steelscale Dragon gets +8 attack, +8 health and Breakthrough…”

“…Steelscale Dragon gets +12 attack, +12 health and Breakthrough…”


Ironbeard, Hammer of Anvillon

Attack increased at levels 1, 2 & 3

Before: 3/7, 6/11, 10/17

After: 4/7, 7/11 12/17


Ashurian Flamesculptor

Now only triggers if played from hand.

Stats changed at all levels:

Before: 6/3, 10/7, 17/10

After: 5/3, 9/6, 15/10


Bramblewood Tracker

Now only triggers if played from hand.

Stats changed at levels 2 and 3:

Before: 8/11, 14/17

After: 7/10, 12/15


Contagion Lord

Now only Solbinds 1 copy of Contagion Fiend



Now only Solbinds 1 copy of Funguy


Verdant Charge

Can now be cast when you have no creatures on board without resulting in an error message.


Soothsayer Hermit

May now only target Creature cards in the discard pile.


Palladium Echoes

Renamed to Palladium Wave


Tendrils of Twilight (Solbind spell from Duskmaw, Twilight Drake)

Tendrils of Twilight is now a 3 level spell, but does not change effect with level.

Text updated to match effect:

Before: “Target creature an opponent controls gets -1 attack and -1 health.”

After: “Target creature an opponent controls gets -1 attack and -1 health. If that creature is in the same lane as a Duskmaw you control, destroy that creature instead.”


Dinoknight (Token from Bron, WIld Tamer)

No longer produces a Bron token when destroyed if there is already another creature in its lane from another trigger or effect.



  1. Richard

    Love the updates! However…. how can it be the Rise from Varna if a lot of cards get this update: “Now only triggers if played from hand.” Not complaining, mind you, but this seems to be a contradiction…

  2. Cracatoa

    Eccelent job with these balance changes, it looks like SBE took a lot of time and effort both listening to community feedback and deliberating possible fixes. Looks good on paper, look forward to testing it soon!
    Also, it looks like they took the meta, ripped it into tiny pieces, then put those pieces into a food processor, then burned the food processor. :O

  3. Kukkamatka

    Really cool updates in my opinion. Most of the things that got me annoyed before are now fixed – like getting a single regular card 50% of the time on daily login rewards. I don’t even have to mention how happy I’m about the campaign!
    Even the really small changes are really neat: they even changed Contagion Lord to 1x solbind! Huh, so now the level 3. Tendrils don’t play well with Hermit anymore? I’m glad I didn’t buy more than one precon. It’s really nice to make Korok more playable, since before he came obsolote with Ator. Ironbeard hasn’t been too playable, so I hope the increase in attack does the thing. Also, I like the way you’re trying to improve old cards, like Steelscale Dragon and Hinterland Watchman.
    The game is imho now a lot more playable. Many thanks to the developers. I’ve played only 6 months, but this seems definitely to be the best & most thought patch so far and got my hopes high. What impressed me the most, is that it sounds like they’ve paid a lot of attention to the feedback from the community – even though I’ve been around only a short time-

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