Reign of Varna Preview – Lucid Echoes

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the Reign of Varna is about to begin. Thus far, we’ve seen the likes of Leyline Sentry, Immortal Echoes, Draconic Echoes and Smolderscale Dragon. Indeed, it looks like Varna promises to be a benevolent king. However, I know many of you are wondering, what could the Alloyin Echoes be? What indeed.

Before I get much further, I’m going to go ahead and give you a deck list that can really take full advantage of the card draw that Lucid Echoes promises:

Lucid Control
3x Lucid Echoes
3x Duskmaw, Twilight Drake
3x Ironmind Acolyte
3x Discordant Strike
3x Energy Surge
3x Aetherforge Oracle
2x Anvillon Arbiter
2x Ghox, Metamind Paragon
2x Xithian Direhound
2x Ebonskull Knight
1x Vyric’s Embrace
1x Nanoswarm
1x Howl of Xith
1x Epidemic

Lucid Echoes is a curious card. It is not a card that impacts the creatures on board directly, like Immortal Echoes. It cannot actually kill your opponent, like Draconic Echoes. Instead, it promises something greater – an engine. It promises that you will draw the cards you level, and that the longer a game goes, the more likely you are to turn that scooter engine into the screaming beast that is a monster truck engine. And yes, it works very well with Steelforged Avatar.

However, it has a greater effect than just being an engine. It promises to be a toolbox that you can pack full of tools for every situations. In that vein, let’s take a look at the above decklist. Notice the cards that only have one copy in the deck; they’re situational and they provide a flexibility. You’re not always going to be in a position where Howl of Xith is an optimal play; other times your opponent may not have any creatures on board that you want to do something about. In that case, removal spells like Nanoswarm, Epidemic, and Vyric’s Embrace aren’t going to be very useful. However, when those situations come up, those cards are immensely useful. The problem with playing one copy of a card is finding it at the right time. With your Lucid Echoes engine, you drastically increase the odds that you’ll have that perfect card at the perfect time.

Next, notice the cards that have two copies. Anvillon Arbiter, Xithian Direhound, Ebonskull Knight, Ghox, Metamind Paragon. Each and every one of these cards is powerful in its own right, but once again, they are somewhat situational. Drawing an Ebonskull Knight right before you gain a rank is abysmal, and Anvillon Arbiter is only OK against a deck that isn’t trying to play extra cards. Sometimes, you just can’t afford to play a Ghox, as terrifying as that may be. While these cards are going to be situationally useful more often, they’re not great all the time. Once again, Lucid Echoes promises that you’ll have these cards at the right time, in the right place.

Then we arrive at our main engine pieces, our key cards. Here, you’re already used to drawing the cards you need because they’re the centerpieces of your deck, they’re the cards you want to see every game, so you play as many of them as you can. This is where it gets truly interesting.

A major problem that a dedicated control deck runs up against is faltering in the late game. You may be leveling extra cards, you may be killing everything in your way, but if you miss on drawing the right card even once, that may be game over. It’s a high risk proposition. However, if you can guarantee that you’re going to be drawing the right cards every turn, suddenly things take on a whole new light. What if you move into the late game with Duskmaw and Tendrils in hand? Every time a key creature hits the board, you can kill it. How about starting the turn with your Ironmind Acolytes always active? Suddenly you can start building a dominating board presence. What about Discordant strike? You can neutralize two lanes at once, every turn. You suddenly have an unstoppable late game.

That said, actually reaching the late game is easier said than done. Aggressive decks will do their very best to stop you in your tracks, and playing a level one Lucid Echoes does not come without a cost. Playing it can lose you a lot of time, so you’re still in a high risk situation. However, now you have a high reward to complement that risk.

That is the true power of Lucid Echoes. Level your cards and draw them.

I hope I’ve whetted your appetite a little today for Varna’s rule to begin, and I eagerly await my opportunity to play those decks that simply didn’t have the tools to compete before. I’ll see you all after Varna takes over!

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