Reign of Varna Preview – Snowdrift Alpha

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and I am here to share with you a card that is arguably my favorite non-Forge Guardians card in the game. A card that’s a fun card to build around, and gives a callback to one of the most infamous cards in early SolForge.


Your eyes have not deceived you, Forgeborn. The writing is not incorrect. What we have here is a return to the old days with HUNTING PACKS – this time powered by a creature with an Activate ability for some RNG related grow-wide shenanigans. Plus, with stats that are literally twice that of Hunting Packs (lore synergy!), Snowdrift Alpha has a decent body while being able to produce other blockers.

In case you need a primer, when you play a Hunting Pack an available space you have, there’s a 50% chance that you can place another in another lane. This continues until you either have no available spaces left, or the card “fizzles”. What Snowdrift Alpha’s “Activate” ability allows you to do is spawn a single Hunting Pack in an available space, and begin a Pack’s triggering cycle that way.

So you’ll be asking me now why I’m excited for this card (other than the fact come on guys HUNTING PACKS GUYS), there’s many reasons. On one hand it’s that in Trading Card Games/Digital Card Games, there’s players who are good, but they need a bit more luck-based cards to help push them over the top. On the other, there’s some players who enjoy the thrill of a high risk deck, other players who might see this as a challenge. Personally, I love the card because it’s a high risk card that you can build around and still make a somewhat competitive deck, especially with the right support.

As for what cards work best with Snowdrift Alpha, there’s two cards with him in particular with obvious synergies – which will dictate if you go U/T or U/N. For the more aggressive of us, U/T provides us with Ator, who can allow for instant activates and the placing of the Packs, plus some very aggressive creatures. For U/N, that gives us Deathweaver, a slower deck but with more potential value, along with plenty of other cards that enjoy disposable creatures (Soul Harvest, Grimgaunts),

But, in the end, I feel like most of the cards you will find useful could be within Uterra itself. Spring Dryads are a possible option, in the event you get multiple triggers. If you’re running Dryads, then cards Like Echowisp could be a good play. Cards like Ferocious Roar, Verdant Charge, and Lifeblood Dryad will make your Packs stronger. And, of course, we can look to our friend Weirwood Patriarch, who can buff Hunting Packs easily. Put this all together, and I know this is exciting for some older players; Grow-wide has a shot at coming back.

On top of all of this, it’s at Heroic rarity, meaning you may well come across it soon after release. This is definitely one of my favorite cards in this set, and I look forward to discussing this card soon! Come into Steam Chat or visit the SolForge Forums to discuss this card with myself and other members of the SolForge community!

Farewell, and BEE-LEIVE THE HYPE.

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  1. soulwarrior

    Lore: 5 stars out of 5.
    Balance: 1.5 stars out of 5.

    I’ve lost endless draft games to Bramblewood Tracker “alone”. It’s a somewhat even game, your opponent plays a Bramblewood Tracker at the end of Level 1 and you know that you have now lost the game unless his draft will let him down tremendously.
    You can gain a bit of an upper hand, but whenever the Tracker hits play, your opponent 2 for 1s you (and levels more cards) and you’ll fall behind. Since draft tends to last a little longer (often rank 4), the advantage the tracker generates is often too much all on its own.

    This is, in some ways, a better Bramblewood Tracker. Enough said…

  2. Nickelleon

    Wow, I really love the flavor of this card! But the stats seem way too powerful for an ability that puts 1-4 creatures on the field. This is especially true with the L3 stats. I look forward to playing with this card, and I look forward to seeing this card get balanced.

  3. Zwaxor

    I get that it’s a double Hunting Pack stats-wise, but how is there no downside to a body like this? Are you just going for the gimmick over sanity at this point? This comes after the overall power level of the creatures in draft has seen an overall decrease, with Metamind Infiltrator and Nargath Warrior being the playable filler. Heroics that have a poweful effect on a mediocre-decent body are interesting for draft, but when they outclass every other card on stats alone, something is wrong. Next to Consistent, this is the reason that Bramblewood Tracker is such a pain in draft.

  4. Xelsia

    That’s waaay too big a creature for an at worst 3/2 6/4 /12/8 generator, it’s going to be draft Tuskin Sporelord all over again.
    I can see why you did it though, it’s kinda neat that it’s got the same stats as a higher level hunting pack

  5. Celtia

    That’s… a disappointing spoiler to me. I suppose it’s rude to immediately judge a card’s power level when the entire set hasn’t been released yet. It’s plausible the entire set will be of a distinctly higher power than previous sets.

    Hunting Pack was generally a poorly received card, by some more than others. At its core, it was a low-power card, on average, in draft. But put into a deck, there were those corner cases where it suddenly surged to a power level dwarfing even Echowisp, especially at its higher levels. Variance isn’t inherently bad, but arguments could be made that, given Solforge already has variance in the aspect of drawing cards, are more cards reliant on additional variance necessary? Especially when they can turn the tide of a game regardless of strategic input from either side of the board?

    This card is Heroic, so at least it won’t be seen as often, but even if the Hunting Pack tokens were just vanilla creatures that couldn’t duplicate, this card looks to be an extremely powerful draft heroic. The duplication turns this card from “high quality heroic” into “may win a game single handedly if on level and lucky” – without, again, a strategic input, a choice, a decision largely being behind that power level. Place it in an empty lane, and next turn profit.

    But then, perhaps removal spells (at lower rarities) will be more of a ‘thing’ in this upcoming set. Possible, but I doubt it. Not happy to see this card, but a wait-and-see approach is probably healthiest.

    1. Hydroclasm

      Have to agree with this. The card would be completely playable even if it had no text – in fact, Featherfang and Overgrown Spineleaf have the same stats at level 1 and 2, without the gigantic level 3. On top of that, it has an activated ability that creates more creatures for you. The only risk to drafting this is that you might not see it – but that’s true of 95% of the other cards in draft.

      Heck, this thing trades with a scorchmane dragon at level 3. It might be big enough for someone to make some kind of successful constructed deck out of.

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