Rise of the Forgeborn Preview – Death Current

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deathcurrentTheygrow too large, and too fast. 

King Varna may not have been seen in ages outside the spire of his ruined keep, ” he thought, as he began the incantation. 


When I first saw this card the first thing that hit me is the artwork. The artist did a beautiful job and it really fits the flavor of the card. The second thing I thought about was how this is going to affect the UnHeroic format. This is the first card lower than Heroic that I’ve seen from Rise of the Forgeborn, and this is something that many Nekrium players are going to be glad to see. It doesn’t work well against the decks trying to fill the board like Grove Matriarch and Brighttusk Sower since the randomness can sometimes just hit a 1/1 seedling, but if your opponent is only playing individually high power creatures, sometimes you won’t care what it hits. Anything it destroys is good!

The UnHeroic deck I expect to see playing this is the Tarsus Deathweaver swarm deck. One method of beating that deck is by having massive creatures like Spring Dryad and Forge Guardian Beta. Many of the small creatures in swarm decks aren’t powerful enough to take down these larger creatures, so they can be tough for them to deal with. Death Current gives those decks a tool for taking out a single big creature after mopping up there rest.

For Standard Constructed play this card can be just as effective. Many spell heavy decks rely on keeping just one powerful creature in play, like a Grimgaunt Devourer or a Grimgaunt Predator. This card can shut them down with relatively little downside. This can also help take out large buffed creatures that get out of the range of cards like Cull the Weak, or have too much attack compared to their health to fall to Dreadbolt.

I am really excited to see more of the Common and Rare cards in the new set. I predict that the new Allied Faction mechanic will make it into the Rare or Common slot and I expect it to bring some more diverse builds to the field. UnHeroic has been an interesting and evolving format since its inception. I can’t wait for Rise of the Forgeborn and Death Current to bring it new life.


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  1. b-b-bass

    I don’t think it will see too much constructed play. Level gated plus random/uncontrollable. Even against Nekrium/Tempys goodstuff decks it is likely to just hit a Level 1 Zimus or some spawnling of a Level 2 Lyria not advancing your board state at all. Agreed that it’s terrible agaist swarm decks though; that’s what I play and if I see that played against me I’ll just smile :)

  2. ntillerman

    This card is not constructed playable imo, although we haven’t seen all the cards yet or the new meta so it’s hard to say for sure.

    Still, I think this card is mostly outclassed by the Nekrium removal suite of CtW, Dreadbolt, and Epidemic. Xrath’s Will (which will be very good if there is a viable zombie deck) this is not.

    Don’t even get me started on how this card compares to Byzerak Spitemage (though obviously that only applies to the N/T decks).

  3. ThorFolklore

    You wrote, “or have too much attack compared to their health to fall to Dreadbolt”.

    Unless I misunderstood, I think you mean “too much HEALTH compared to their ATTACK”?

    Still, lovely card! Hopefully your prediction about the Allied mechanic turns out to be accurate!

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