Rise of the Forgeborn Preview – Ironbeard, Hammer of Anvillon!

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SF2_a081(1)_SCVGangenIronbeard was born to lead.

In the Alloyin city of Anvillon, Gangen came into the world just a month later. From an early age, he showed incredible aptitude for strategy and tactics. He never lost a war simulation game to any of the other children – nor to any of the adults who were willing to play him. When he took the admission tests for the Academy, his results were off the charts. He had higher scores in every category than any Iron Tower applicant before him. Even his father.

The Generals of the Iron Tower showed him no favoritism for being his father’s son. Indeed, they asked more of him than of any of the other students. And he always delivered. He rose through the ranks faster than any ever had before him, leading expeditions into the wastes over a year before his peers who joined the Academy of War in his class.  

When he completed his studies, Gangen was the youngest General in the recorded history of the Iron Tower. There were those who whispered that he ought to be Grand General, so keenly could he see a battlefield and predict the movements of an enemy.

Those whispers must have reached the ears of Grand General Dalrek, Gangen thought, because he found himself dispatched on patrols further and further from Anvillon. At the time, he thought nothing of it. He cared little for pride or jealousy, and would serve his duty to his city wherever it might take him.

He knew not how far that would be, nor the cost.

SF2_a081(3)_LCV (deleted 82473bff5c46b465f2bb6ac56e4adfb8)There is little known about Gangen’s last journey as a General of the Iron Tower, at least officially. All records of it have been destroyed. He had led his patrol far from Anvillon, into the frozen wastes near Tempys lands. There, as they traversed a deep crevasse, they were beset upon by creatures of darkness. His entire patrol was slain, and Gangen was left for dead, frozen in the ice.

And there he would have remained, perhaps forever, if he had not been found by a scout from the Tempys clans. The scout dragged the General, encased in ice, to his Khan, hoping for a reward for capturing Alloyin scum.

But the new Khan was not like the old Khan in his ways. Korok saw Gangen’s frozen body in the block of ice and immediately felt a connection with him. Though their factions were enemies, there was a kinship here, and Korok knew he had to take the fallen Alloyin with him to the SolForge itself.

The Elders saw what Korok had felt. Gangen was one of them.

The SolForge breathed life back into him. His armor, broken and battered, was made anew. 

When he returned to his homeland, he was General Gangen of the Iron Tower no more. He was Ironbeard, Hammer of Anvillon. And he was Forgeborn.

SF2_a081(4)_SCV (deleted 398ec212506593686bdc97254a2b9638)


And here is Ironbeard as you will find him in packs of Rise of the Forgeborn



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    I don’t know that I dig this new tier 4 stuff. We had a nice simple mechanic, do we need to mess with it already?

    I had wondered why some cards specifically called out tier of targets, tier 1, 2, 3, and any. Please don’t do tier 5.

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