Rise of the Forgeborn Preview – Nuada, Faith’s Flourish

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filling the cavern with a dim, ghostly light. Vines entwined themselves with stalactites, wrapping their hungry tendrils around the luminescent gems that peeked through the surface of the stones.

A harsh chill emanated from the tunnel entrance near where Nuada labored, but the brighttusk paid it no heed. The desolation of the surface world was like a distant memory here in the depths, where life sprung anew. While the lands above were frozen and ravaged by conflict, here in Deepwood, the Uterra thrived. 

Nuada felt a rustling beside him, and glanced down to see one of the plants he had just tended wriggling and stretching toward the light above. Its leaves bent inward, and seemed to make the faint shape of a mouth. With fangs.

Yes, little one. Grow tall, and grow strong. Together, we shall keep our home safe.”


Hey everyone – Foxhull here. And wow. Nuada, Faith’s Flourish. Wow. Just. Wow. Let me just say to you – Plants just got bigger. Much bigger.

Nuada’s main purpose is to cultivate your plants. Maybe spread some fertilizer, and help them to grow up nice and strong. Oh, does he do that well. Every turn that Nuada remains on the field he will wreak havoc on your opponent, turning innocent tokens into raging monstrosities. He’s even able to refresh the Treefolk he cultivated and keep them going. Let me paint you a picture.

You’ve just started a constructed queue and you’re playing first. You see Nuada in your hand, and decide to play him. You pass your turn (let’s assume he survives). Next turn you play Brighttusk Sower (because elephants) and place the Seedling into an empty lane. You immediately activate Nuada to create a 7/7 on turn two, and you still have another card to play. Next turn, you swing in with your 7/7, and assuming it doesn’t die, you activate Nuada again to refresh your Treefolk back to full health!

You see, Nuada is delightfully hard to kill. The fact that he has Defender means that your opponent will activately have to deal with him, because he won’t run into any traps on his own.  Barring a removal spell like Cull the Weak, he’s almost certain to get at least one activation, if not more! If you really want to get fancy, you can even tell your opponent that combat is right out of the equation by giving him a Touch of Blight. He’s also going to be a joy to see in action with his good buddy Heart Tree – you block off lanes almost indefinitely while presenting very large threats to your opponents. Even Chrogias might come along for the ride!

However, there’s something that needs to be seen before we can make any other judgement calls – does he play well with others? That would be a resounding YES! Tarsus Deathweaver loves to come over and hang out, and Weirwood Patriarch would love to lend a hand as well. You can even get Wildwood Sower, Grove Matriarch, and Brighttusk Sower invited to the party! With friends like that, well, where are you enemies for a taste of your vegetarian soup?

All joking aside I fully expect Nuada, Faith’s Flourish to be staple in any kind of Seedling deck that seeks to grow wide, as he’ll present a large creature every turn for your opponent to deal with while you fill the rest of your lanes. And once you’ve filled your lanes, he takes on the role of your team healer, refreshing your Treefolk while you grow them. I’m extremely excited to get my hands on this card and see what I can do. Alloyin may be my favorite faction, but Uterra is certainly making some compelling arguments! Until next time, let your Faith Flourish!


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  1. bobbychan193

    Hmm… this could make opponents think twice before using Botanimate on any of the player’s creatures. A 3/3 Sapling could easily turn into a 14/14, and if added with Deathweaver, this could really wreak havoc on the opponent. Maybe add in a level 3 Roar and directly breakthrough the enemy creatures.

    The only downside is that it’s a weak defender and within culling range at any level (if not buffed by Roar or WW Patriarch).

    In general, awesome card.

  2. ForgettableNPC

    It’s like Cultivate in monster form. And much more convenient.

    Considering that Cultivate is Heroic, I’d say this monster will probably ranked Legendary if not higher.

  3. ntillerman

    I think it is really bad for cards to not do what they say- if a card is a Seedling and is not listed as a Plant, then it shouldn’t count as a Plant. Text changes would be a good way to resolve this.

  4. Diethel

    Is a good combo with Chrogias.
    I discovered that the best way to make a Chrogias deck work is to make it usuable in the lvl 1 or 2.
    I’m using Cultivate because of that, but the problem is that it doesn’t work with the lvl 2 Chrogias.
    As i use dark and green deck, i can’t use technosmith and the other Alloyin’s combos to evolve it.
    That’s the reason that i really appreciated this card. However, it could be only Heroic, because the game doesn’t have many Plants creatures currently.

  5. evanmoney

    Is this hinting at type change, a new type, or are we going to start seeing secret information?

    I remember first targeting a cyborg with Tech Upgrade (back when it said target Robot) and I was really pleased with the flavor of that. Obviously a cyborg is both a human and a robot, but then it turned out that it was just going to target anything and the text was just outdated.

  6. Melquiades

    So, seedlings are plants? Because otherwise I only see three current targets for her ability: Cadaverous Thicket, level 2 Chrogias, and Mimicleaf. Either way it’s an awesome card, and I love the artwork.

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