Scheduled Downtime – Monday

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Lookingto push two small changes that hopefully will improve the game. Soft downtime should be about 5pm Monday EDT. Hard downtime will be an hour later. Total downtime is estimated at about 3 hours.


When someone times out the person who times out will not receive credit toward dailies. This won’t stop some poor losers from timing out when the game is over but it should stop people joining queues and walking away to get games played. I want to see how this change affects things before looking at changes to the clock.

New ranked queue algorithm
(Old system)
First 30 seconds: your division +/- 2
30+ seconds: anyone

(New system)
first 20 seconds: your division
20 seconds – 40 seconds: your division +/- 1
40+ seconds your division +/- 3

This prevents bronze and titanium from being paired. This is by design. This may cause slightly slower queue times but the hope is to have better matches. This only affects ranked matches all other pairing is how it’s always been. I’ll be watching this system and feedback from you guys on how this change is. It may need to be tweaked more. I’m always up for suggestions.

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