Secrets of Solis Update – Known Issues

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Muse of Varna – Fixed 

The level 3 version of Lyria incorrectly only returns one creature.

Oratek Explosives – Fixed 

Currently deals damage based on the creature’s Attack value rather than the damage the creature deals, when there are 2 or more options present, and you pick the first target, but leave the game without picking the second target. The game will get into a hung state.

Blight Witch – Fixed 

Blight Witch is not correctly tagged as a “Zombie” and does not work correctly with zombie-related cards like Xrath’s Will.

Broodfang – Fixed 

Broodfang applies Poison based on its Attack value rather than the damage the creature deals, causing it to interact incorrectly with Armor.

Ruthless Wanderers – Fixed 

Ruthless Wanderers currently incorrectly trigger from opposing Spirit Wanderers.


Creating a game against the AI using a deck with SolBind cards may cause the game to freeze with an empty screen. Closing and reentering the game can solve this problem.

Tournament Issues

Some players may be stuck in games and/or tournaments if they had an active game and/or tournament when we implemented our fix. If you have a stuck game or tournament, please contact support at and we will resolve this.

PC Only

The space bar and enter button do not shortcut to battle or end turn.

In some games, a player who leaves and re-enters the game before their opponent has taken an action on their turn will see a blank board state. The board state should update once the opponent takes an action or it becomes that player’s turn.

Occasionally, you will be unable to click cards for choosing cards to play or targets for triggers. In this case you may still drag the cards into play or onto their targets. Restarting the client also fixes this issue (temporarily).

Individual Card Issues

Lyria, Muse of Varna

Lyria can currently return creatures that have been banished, in addition to those that have been destroyed or replaced.

Varna’s Pact

Varna’s Pact can currently return creatures that have been banished, in addition to those that have been destroyed or replaced.

Forge Guardian Omega

Forge Guardian Omega is not properly tagged a Guardian Piece, so it cannot be used to summon a bigger, badder Forge Guardian Omega.

Forge Guardian Delta levels 2 and 3 only, count your AND your opponent’s creatures when counting for Alphas, Betas, and Gammas to trigger its enters-the-field ability.



  1. thegodofcheese

    Also, frequently I lose the ability to click on “Play” and “Store” buttons on the main menu after completing a game. The rest of the buttons work fine, but in order to reactivate these buttons, I have to close out of the client and restart.

  2. Electrophile

    Several customers are not able to get their prize packs from tournament wins. Instead, we get an error code. On PCs the error is “UNKNOWN ERROR WHILE CLAIMING THESE REWARDS”. On iOS devices we get “”There was a problem claiming your reward.
    There was an unexpected error code –510.
    Invalid Quantity”. I currently have 8 of these missing prize/ticket packs and climbing (they each trigger an error window upon PC login, but not upon iOS login). Can you tell us when we will receive our missing prize packs?

    1. SeomanReborn

      “The failed delivery of some tournament rewards while our tournaments weren’t functioning properly is causing some players to see an error message whenever the server attempts to give them the (generally duplicate and invalid) rewards.”

      It’s in the article what is happening

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