SolForge 3.1.2 Patch Notes

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NextGame Button Added

  • Players can now use the Next Game Button to navigate between active games.  The button appears when it is the player’s turn in another online game, Death Seeker, Grove Matriarch now only trigger if their space is empty when the effect resolves.
  • Lifeshaper Savant can now correctly only target your own creatures
  • Vengeful Spirit text changed to specify opposing creature
  • Scorchmane Dragon text updated
  • Scourgeflame Sorcerer text updated
  • Grave Pact can now correctly target your own creatures with the second part of the effect
  • Tech Upgrade text has been updated to correctly target any creature.
  • Corpse Crawler text has been updated to remove the word “another”
  • Matrix Warden’s target prompt text has been updated
  • Glowstride Stag, Druid’s Chant, and Lifebringer Cleric text template has been updated
  • Explosive Demise Level 3 has been fixed to correctly deal damage
  • Fervent Assault text has been updated to correctly indicate it grants Mobilty 2 and Mobility 3 at higher levels
  • Keeper of the Damned text has been updated to indicate it can only be used on creatures you control
  • Dr. Frankenbaum’s creature type has been changed to Abomination
  • Asir’s Blessing has had the typo in the name fixed at level 2
  • Forge Guardian Omega 1 is now 20/20 and gained Mobility 1
  • Forge Guardian Omega 2 is now 40/40 and gained Mobility 2 and Armor 20
  • Forge Guardian Omega 3 is now 80/80 and gained Mobility 4 and Armor 40
  • Talisin, Bard of Abundance’s text has been updated to correctly reflect its ability
  • Leafkin Progenitor is now a Treefolk and is correctly affected by Cultivate.
  • Oxidon Spitter is now a Dinosaur (was Treefolk)
  • All Saplings can be targeted by Cultivate now
  • Wildwood Sower’s trigger has been updated to be optional
  • Storm Bringer now correctly triggers on both players’ turns
  • Spiritflame Mystic’s text has been updated to indicate opposing creatures
  • Flowsteel Prototype has had its text template updated



  1. Drengy

    What’s the timeframe to add an option to turn off the music on the iPad version? I like the sound effects, but the music can get annoying. We need a audio options pane where we can disable music and/or sound effects. The PC version has this, please add it to iPad version.


  2. JimmyJimjim

    I like the update to make Dr Frankenbaum an Abomoniation, but you seem to have made a slight error in his text since on mine the ‘rank’ in his name is flagged as a rules text that tells me that players rank up every 4 turns. Just makes it look a bit disjointed and isn’t really relevant to Dr F.
    Still, cheers for the big update! Really enjoying this game :D

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