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Hey everyone,

Withthe release of the new flashy client and Raiders Unchained expansion on the horizon, there is a lot to be excited about if you love SolForge. Today I will be telling you all about some other changes that are coming with the release.

We felt that such a big moment in the game’s life created a good opportunity to take a step back and assess many of the systems we have had in place for so long. What we found was that there was room for some improvement. This article will not be a comprehensive list of systems changes to SolForge, but it will cover some of the most exciting and impactful ones. Namely, changes to what packs are sold, card forging, and daily rewards. Let’s go ahead and jump in!

Let’s crack some packs!

Chances are if you love SolForge, then you love opening packs. One of the amazing things about a free-to-play card game like SolForge is that you earn packs for free just by playing the game. Many of you also purchase packs with gold to help bolster your collection even faster. Up til now, most players have had to learn that if you want the best value for your dollar, you should exclusively buy Legendary Chests. This can be both confusing and a shock to a new player. Having to spend 2500 gold each time you want to purchase anything can be a tall order.

To help reduce confusion, going forward there will only be one pack type in the store. This new pack will contain 6 cards and cost 290 gold. Among those cards will be a guaranteed Rare card, a Heroic card around half the time and a Legendary card approximately one out of every ten packs. To replace the functionality of Legendary Chests, we will offer bundled packs at a discount. Our 10 pack bundle will be very similar to the price and value of a Legendary chest and a larger bundle will be better value. We will provide set specific versions of the pack along with an “everything” pack that can drop any card from the game.

Base_Booster_Store Base_Booster_Store_x10 Base_Booster_Store_x25

RU_Booster_Store RU_Booster_Store_x10 RU_Booster_Store_x25

Perhaps the best part about this shift is that the packs you purchase for silver and earn each day will have considerably higher value than the current basic packs. All in all, we believe this change will have a positive impact to our existing players and a substantial positive impact on new players moving forward.

Forging on

Since we implemented the Forging system, we have paid close attention to the community response. In general, we feel that the system has accomplished its primary goal, which is to give players a way to utilize the extra cards in their collection and to be able to acquire specific cards that they want. With that said, there is room for improvement in the current system.

The main challenges were that Forging Legendary cards felt nearly impossible to the average player, and that extra Common and Rare cards felt like they had too little value. In order to address these issues, we will implement a more player friendly Forging system.

Here is a summary of the new Forging values (values in silver):

  • Legendary cards: Forge cost becomes 100k (currently 142k) and Dismantle for 25k (currently 32k)
  • Heroic cards: Forge cost becomes 25k (currently 32k) and Dismantle for 5,000 (currently 3,500)
  • Rare cards: Forge cost becomes 2500 (currently 1,400) and Dismantle for 250 (currently 50)
  • Common cards: Forge cost becomes 250 (currently 150) and Dismantle for 25 (currently 5)

Costs of Legendary cards are a whopping 42k less. The cost to craft a Heroic cards is also reduced, while their Dismantle value is higher. The Dismantle values for Rare and Common cards are also increasing five times from what they currently are. This should make everyone’s collection feel more valuable and make needed cards easier to Forge. Lastly, we believe these values are easier to remember and evaluate for players.

Day by day… by day

Our daily rewards are also changing. Overall this system is staying close to what it is now, with one major exception. This exception is that instead of giving players a small amount of Silver for each online win they get as the day goes on, we are going to give players event tickets for every three online wins they get (maximum of three tickets per day). This will result in much less of a grind for players to receive their full amount of daily rewards. It will also make it so all players will be able to participate in tournament events more frequently.

We hope that these adjustments are exciting for all of you. Please let us know what you think. Share what concerns you as well as what sounds good to you. If there is something you think we may be overlooking, we want to hear it.

Check back tomorrow for Ben Lundquist’s design article for the upcoming set, “Raiders Unchained”!

-SBE Gary Arant


  1. L3pr3chaun3

    VERY excited to see these changes. As someone who has to take the time to build up silver to craft legendaries/heroics instead of straight out buying most of them, this will be an incredible change. 3 tickets per day too!? HELLO DRAFTS!!! Drafts are my favorite form of online play since the meta is ridiculous and filled with people who have WAY more legendaries than me. Keep it up guys!

  2. griffinwik

    Where does the rarity appear on the new card arts? I have played Solforge casually for years now and want to pre-order a pack just to support the team, but I don’t know what the alt-art cards’ rarity is. If they are all legendaries, I might spring for all 4 packs, but if they are only rates or so, I can get the alt-art for my favorite faction and wait to get the normal art of the rest.

  3. Osirus


    I was going to say I’d miss the option to buy a legendary chest, but then I realized that now I can forge whatever (non-new) legend I want for that 100k silver. I’ll miss the ability to drop gold on a new set Chest, but hopefully I won’t hit too many leg-free 10-packs — and certainly the set7/newUI release will deserve the purchase of at least a new 25-pack anyway.

    I agree with the prevailing sentiment that the Streamlining is better for the game. Simple pack options, better legendary odds, easier to digest forging numbers (and better forging terminology!)… and enough daily ticket rewards that new players can grind out a free regular draft every day. Fantastic. As someone said above, frankly my main worry is whether SBE will still be able to pull in enough money with such generous rewards. But here’s hoping!

  4. Sagitor

    “We are going to give players event tickets for every three online wins they get (maximum of three tickets per day). This will result in much less of a grind for players to receive their full amount of daily rewards.”

    This is the worst thing ever, THINK about it… now i have to win 3 games / day one match last 20 minutes so if im lucky it can be done in one hour. But now i will have to play 9 games to get my dayly reward… 9 games… even if i have a very very good deck, my win ratio can not be more than 85% (if the game is balanced) so that means i have to play 11 match every day… if one match lasts 20 minutes… than its 220 minute gameplay … meaning i will have to play aproximateley 4 hours a day… or i will be left behind, because the grinders and the little kids with infinite freetime will grind their way through me… And you think this will result LESS GRIND? HOW? How will this lead to less grind? If this is the case im gonna quit solforge for sure, i dont have 4 hours a day to play just to keep up.

  5. PorpusBoy

    Questions about daily rewards: I play SF ONLY on my iPad Air(1).
    Will we still get: a random amount of silver and a free pack for logging in (starting up the game)?

    Will we still get: a free ticket for first win?

    Will we still get: another random amount of silver and a free pack for 3rd win?

    Answer these and I will have more question. Thank you.

    1. griffinwik

      They said there will be no change for us casual players who just like to log in for a game or two. Our daily rewards remain the same, but the daily win per match reward for competitive players will now be 1/3 of an event ticket.

  6. eidolon

    Imo it would be a good idea to make it easier to earn the first ticket (1 online win) for those who are busy, have a small collection or don’t enjoy the online games that much. You could increase the number of wins that are necessary for the third and final ticket to 5 so that there are is no difference for all the players that would have grabbed all 3 tickets under the proposed system.

  7. Tourfaint

    Awwww… I, for one, loved the excitement of buying and opening a big, fat legendary chest every week or so… I just think that opening like 30 packs is just not the same as opening one big, rare chest. I will really miss them…

  8. kailord

    not a good idea to occasionally have a tournament whereby you can use ALL the cards you have in your collection (including those more than 3 copies), so it works for people who have like, for example, 5 copies of one type of legendary ?

    i know there is the no copy limit artificial creation deck but those are not what you own.
    might be interesting to have it only for those only owned by players in their collection …

  9. truckasawrus

    Sounds to me like I need to open all the packs and prizes I’ve been hording, they won’t help me get Raiders Unchained cards (I have a full play set of everything else) and at the moment if I get a Legendary from a pack I can forge it for 32k, if i wait this goes down to 25k.
    Do I have that right?
    Will any of the ‘Old’ pack or prizes be able to get Raiders cards at all?

    1. Mong0

      Yes all of them will. The basic packs you have now can have cards from any set based on when they’re opened. These basic packs are just being retired like many packs before them, so your not getting any more. So the reason to hold off is set 7 cards, but you are correct there’s also a chance you net more silver opening them now and forging them.

      1. SamIAm

        But here’s the breakdown:

        Legendaries will dismantle for 7000 less


        Heroics will dismantle for 1500 more
        Rares will dismantle for 200 more
        Commons will dismantle for 20 more


        You would make up for what you lose in one legendary with only 4 heroics and 5 rares. I’ll take those odds, especially given that I can get set 7 cards.

  10. Dave

    With the new client will their be a way of actually trading cards instead of just sharing? Or will you be able to trade or forge event tickets for those people who aren’t interested in the tournaments? I for one am overrun with event tickets I will never use.

  11. Drake

    3 Tickets a day seems way too many. I am a decent drafter and 1 a day was a little tight, but with 3 a day, there will never be a reason to spend money. Maybe if they increase the cost of the WW by a ticket it would bleed me some. On the positive side, at least the reward is tickets which gets people in the queues (just probably not the expert queue where I am).

    I guess the problem, which they can’t really fix for drafters, is there is no reason to have 1 account. For constructed you need the cards on 1 account, but for drafters there is no reason not to have 2,3,4.. accounts and collect tickets and draft free forever. I only have 2 accounts which is enough, but for a less skilled drafter they just need more accounts.

    And there is no incentive for me to try Constructed because I don’t get to keep the cards in the expert draft and my collection is horrible even though I have been playing a long time. I do have enough to enter the Highlander (barely, I had to forge a bunch of cards) or Unlegendary WWs but that’s it.

    1. checkmate

      I think you’ll still get your booster + ticket for one win + booster for 3.
      However, they are now saying for every 3 ONLINE wins you also get a ticket.

  12. Kir3n0

    Any chance that more drafts will be available for you to keep what you draft? That is the biggest reason I don’t get into more tourneys personally.

  13. Hackworth

    I am glad that you guys could make these changes, they address all the issues I’m having with the game’s economy, and then some. The large amount of tickets that can be gained every day for moderate grind indirectly help alleviate the woes with the expert draft tournament reward structure as well, because botching a draft is not nearly as punishing as it is when you get only 1 free ticket per day. I really hope that it still works out financially for SBE.

  14. pikkusiili

    Will the packs that I have waiting to be opened remain with the same distribution they would have now? More importantly, will they still have Raiders Unchained cards in them if I open them after the new set’s release?

    1. [SBE]nick

      Those packs will function exactly as they always have but you will not be able to get anymore of them after the update. But they will not be converted or removed from your account they will still be there for you to open when you choose to.

  15. Darkness1

    Hey guys just wanted to ask what will hapen to the booster packs i still have in my Inventar ?
    P.S. I am realy looking forward to the new client you guys got some talent :)

    1. The Average Guy

      Unless I’m misreading it, you can still get silver as part of the big daily rewards and as tournament rewards. You just don’t get silver from winning individual games now after exhausting your primary daily rewards (such as “first win of the day” and so).

  16. ProbablyDrunk

    Is the plan to convert existing “basic” packs into these new super-packs?

    I got bored last weekend and went on a pack opening spree, I will be a sad panda if I just threw away a 2x increase in legendaries.

    1. [SBE]nick

      Nope you’re good. All existing packs will stay on your account and function the same. The new packs will be just be what you get moving forward.

  17. raist

    If you are making just one kind of pack available now, what is going to happen to the existing bronze, silver, gold and platinum packs that are already in our accounts?

    1. [SBE]nick

      Those packs will function exactly as they always have but you will not be able to get anymore of them after the update. But they will not be converted or removed from your account they will still be there for you to open when you choose to.

  18. SamIAm

    So will the hundreds of packs we’ve been hoarding be converted to the new and improved packs when the new UI is released? Or will we lose them all?!

    1. [SBE]nick

      Those packs will function exactly as they always have but you will not be able to get anymore of them after the update. But they will not be converted or removed from your account they will still be there for you to open when you choose to.

  19. The Average Guy

    Spoon-feed this for me because I’m dumb: Does this mean that booster packs of specific expansions can be purchased using Silver (along with the same ‘ol Booster packs that has every single card, just as always)?

      1. The Average Guy

        “Perhaps the best part about this shift is that the packs you purchase for silver and earn each day will have considerably higher value than the current basic packs.”

        This part in particular leads me to believe yes because it wouldn’t make sense for them to say this if the non-premium stuff was still limited to the basic packs with every single card that are basically identical to the basic packs that are currently available. Buuuuuuuuuut I’d still like confirmation to make sure I’m not misinterpreting things.

        1. Gortoth

          “Perhaps the best part about this shift is that the packs you purchase for silver and earn each day will have considerably higher value than the current basic packs.”

          The pack are reevaluate as 10 pack more or less guarantee a legendary to correspond at the old legendary chest so the probability to have a legendary is much better than the old pack.

  20. Zwaxor

    I’m starting to see what SBE meant when they said that they could ride the popularity wave of Hearthstone. More and more features (ladder, packs and new forging prices) get streamlined to be in tuned with Hearthstone’s wildly succesful model. Mind you, I think this is a very smart decision and will most likely serve the game in a favorable way.

  21. BlinksWithFists

    I’m glad you’re changing things for clarity’s sake. My only complaint is that I hope the larger bundle packs will have a guaranteed legendary, just like the chests did.

    I actually didn’t mind dropping a significant amount of Gold on Legendary chests, because I knew doing so was likely to result in me getting a full collection faster. Now, it seems as if I’m going to have to purchase more packs and cross my fingers for good distribution or that other members of the community will be willing to trade to fill the gaps.

  22. Elder Dragon

    Are tournament rewards changing? I would love if the platinum pack was replaced by multiple packs of the latest set. Tournament rewards are increasingly unhelpful for getting the latest cards.

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