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Want to put your own creative touch on the SolForge world? How about writing flavor text for some of your favorite cards! We’re in the process of fleshing out the first set with a bit more personality, and we figured there are tons of creative fans out there who might like to help! From now until next Thursday, we will be accepting flavor text submissions for any of the cards we have released so far.

Anyone whose text is chosen to be used on a card will get their name as part of the creative team in the credits of the game, and one winner will be chosen to have their likeness portrayed on an upcoming card!

Post your submissions in in our thread on Facebook or in our forums for a chance to win!


  1. therrypeople1

    Witherfrost succubi-hmmmm are you feeling cold darling
    Frozen solid-The yeti seemed to have frozen itself
    Dr.Frankenbaum-Its alive, it’s alive.
    Fleshfind-It’s great whenever you kill it it comes back again.Perfect for training
    Pytobomb-Boom!!!The forest rustled with new life

  2. Dawnbringer

    Flameshaper Savant – “Fortunately, fire is not very choosey in what it consumes. See that spark on your breeches?”
    Epidemic – ” It starts with headaches, goes on with itching, brownish-black spots , followed by the loss of bodyparts and in most cases ends in death.”
    Zimus, the Undying – ” No, it wasn’t me you killed, it was my other identity!”
    Fleshfiend – “To keep it alive just feed it past 10pm and keep it wet.”

    1. tilfordkage

      Grove Matriarch – “In death, life.”
      Grave Pact – “Let no death go to waste.”
      Explosive Demise – Gurk quickly decided that he was not volunteering for any more “surprise” missions.
      Vengeful Spirit – “Rest in peace? No quite.”
      Lifeshaper Savant – Her song cuts deeper than her blade.
      Ghastly Touch – “Is it just me, or did it just get very cold in here?”

  3. redsands100

    Keeper of the Damned ” Once a deal has been made with him, it cannot be undone……….his will is your command, for eternity ”
    Keeper of the Damned ” When you make a deal with the Keeper, you shall know the meaning of being Damned”
    Keeper of the Damned ” When he Calls your name, you’ve no choice but to answer his bidding”
    Keeper of the Damned “Its is he who collects the souls of the Damned Fallen, its his he who raises them to do his bidding, it is he who shall not be named, it is he known only as…The Keeper Of The Damned.
    Keeper of the Damned ” He mercilessly uses the souls of the Damned as mere pawns when he pleases, and should they fail him, it is he who shall bring them forth once more until his will has been done.

  4. Fisk

    Natural Selection – In the contest of survival, there must always be a loser.

    Glowstride Stag – “Whatever the source of abundant life that this ethereal being spreads, you’d best hope you not learn it at the end of its horns.”

    Hunting Pack – “The Dire Wolf must not be dealt with like one would with a bear– Entering their territory does not warrant the attention of the Pack Mother, but instead her children.”

    Battle Techtician – “Nobody interrupts him while he’s in command. We don’t avoid him because he’ll get distracted. We avoid him so not as to be sent down into battle ourselves.”

    Stasis Warden – “My love for my work stems from a long history in the business of Wax Museums.”

    Phytobomb – “Don’t make too much noise, or the seeds will sprout. Actually, forget what I said. They’ll grow anyways.”

  5. Deadmirth

    Phytobomb – “May our vines fill every crevice of this world.”

    Ferocious Roar- “‘GRRRAAWWWWRRR’ – Uterra Shaman”

    Botanimate – “‘The seed of new life lies inside each of us. I just coax it forth.’ – Fyndren, High Druid”

    Scourgeflame Sorceror – “He barters in blood”

    Echowisp – “It moves and there are two. A living stamp, the air it’s ink.”

  6. ForgettableNPC

    I felt like putting my name in one or two of these because it’d be amusing if they actually got used and I could brag to people about how I helped write this stuff.

    Technosmith: “The engineers who are the brains behind the creation of Brightsteel’s technology, and maintains its robot soldiers.”

    Alloyin General: “It is not the weapon which makes the man; rather, it is the man wielding it and using it to decimate as many armies as possible.”

    Spark Bot: “These robots have been nicknamed ‘Shockers’ among the Technosmiths. Why they were called that, no one knows.”

    Forgeplate Sentry: “Loyal, intelligent, and merciless. These are the traits that are installed into every single one of Brightsteel’s robot soldiers.”

    Ionic Warcharger: “The chivalrous soldiers of Brightsteel that always fight in the front lines; charging straight in without a second thought.”

    Tech Upgrade: “Even the most perfect soldiers could always use better weapons. –Keeyoung the Technosmith”

    Scrapforge Titan: “One man’s trash is another robot’s soon-to-be weapon of mass destruction.”

    Scrapforge Titan (alternate version): “Through science and magic of technomancy and steelshaping, this hodgepodge pile of scrap metal was given sentience, life, and a humanoid form.”

    Munitions Drone: “These scrappy robots provide support and supplies to the front lines of any war.”

    Matrix Warden: “They called Keeyoung crazy when he suggested to build a robot which repaired and upgraded other robots in the middle of war until they put the idea to the test.”

    Sonic Pulse: “Unless if you’re a half-bat hybrid, you’re not going to get out of this one easily without a broken eardrum. And that’s if you’re lucky.”

    Brightsteel Sentinel: “The best offense is a good defense…or was it the other way around?”

    Brightsteel Sentinel (alternate version): “These selfless, giant robot defenders continuously protect the city of Brightsteel with their nigh-impenetrable shields.”

    Scout Drone: “Small, fast, and easily mass-produced, these grunts of the Brightsteel’s robot army gather information, ambush enemies, and patrol the borders for any hostile movement.”

    Electro Net: “Works well at incapacitating humans, mutants, renegade robot soldiers, and magical beings comprised of water.”

    (That renegade robot thing might be a good idea for another Alloyin creature card.)

    Steelshaper Savant: “Magic and science combine to create the technomancy art of steelshaping.”

    Synapsis Oracle: “Mind over Matter.”

    Synapsis Oracle (alternate version): “Hand-picked individuals with strategic minds, these ‘Oracles’ direct orders to the countless battalions of Brightsteel’s robot army.”

  7. rotbeard

    Scrapyard Titan: “One part at a time.”
    Alloyin General: “There’s not much difference between engineering and strategy. Both end with me standing over your corpse.”
    Echo Wisp: “Late at night, don’t follow the light. There’s always at least one more.”
    Magma Hound: “Man’s best friend prefers him well done.”
    Volcanic Giant: “The first things you feel are rumblings steps and searing heat. So are the last.”
    Scorchmane Dragon: “It hatches big.”
    Cinderfist Brawler: “A master of the one-two punch.”
    Uranti Bolt/Lightning Spark: “The difference between electrify and electrocute.”

  8. HitmanHitchen

    Blight walker – “now you see me, now your dead”
    Shardplate delver – “evolution has never been so sweet”
    Hunting pack – “call forth the pack, for the glory of Uterra!”
    Scorchmane dragon – “do not underestimate that egg, one day it shall be the death of you”
    Wind primordial – “now you see me, now im gone”
    Vengeful spirit – “my death serves a purpose”
    Graveborn Glutton – “im a walking bomb, set me off, i dare you!”
    Toxic spores – “your already dead, you just don’t know it yet”
    Death Seeker – “what kills me, makes me stronger”
    Munitions drone – “aiding the war effort in any way we can”

    1. BrianWeissman

      If you’re going to bother to write flavor text, at least use capitalization, and know the difference between “your” and “you’re”.

  9. yeng

    Ashurian Mystic- “Swift are his flames.”

    Rageborn Hellion-”Born in Tempys, die in Tempys.”

    Firestorm-”Is it raining in Tempys?”

    Grimgaunt Devourer-”Death only encourages more death.”

    Blight Walker-”If I’m going down, you’re coming with me.”

    Bonescythe Reaver-”In Necropolis, he is known as the reaper for the undead.”

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