SolForge Holiday Sale! Half Price Packs for a Limited Time!

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December 2nd, gold prices on all packs in the SolForge store have been cut in half! ¬†Pick them up before they’re gone!


  1. Falterfire

    You should really consider posting this to at least the news feed on Steam. I just heard about this today, if it had shown up on the Game page when I clicked on Solforge I might have bought some packs.

    Even better would be an in-game or notification icon or something. I’m pretty sure I played those days and I just didn’t know this was happening.

  2. dios Achilleus

    Eleziel’s comment and complaint are fair. I only learned about this today. I didn’t see it advertised in-app either. Did I miss some subtle pop-up announcement?

        1. Eleziel

          Well i got a reply from Mark, and because i started the payment before the offer expired (paypal made it an echeck..), he can still work it out.
          It is nice to see friendly support nowadays.

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