SolForge Holiday Sale! Half Price Packs for a Limited Time!

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Now is a great time to expand your SolForge collection or start a new one!  From now until Midnight on Monday, look December 2nd, gold prices on all packs in the SolForge store have been cut in half!  Pick them up before they’re gone!


  1. Falterfire

    You should really consider posting this to at least the news feed on Steam. I just heard about this today, if it had shown up on the Game page when I clicked on Solforge I might have bought some packs.

    Even better would be an in-game or notification icon or something. I’m pretty sure I played those days and I just didn’t know this was happening.

  2. dios Achilleus

    Eleziel’s comment and complaint are fair. I only learned about this today. I didn’t see it advertised in-app either. Did I miss some subtle pop-up announcement?

        1. Eleziel

          Well i got a reply from Mark, and because i started the payment before the offer expired (paypal made it an echeck..), he can still work it out.
          It is nice to see friendly support nowadays.

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