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Hi everyone!

A lot has happened in the last couple of weeks. We had a great show at Gen Con, the final week of our Raiders Unchained: Front Line release and the conclusion of our first Ranked Season all took place in a matter of days. Now that the dust has settled a bit, I wanted to circle back around with all of you to give some updates and address some questions I have been receiving a lot regarding SolForge.

Elite Tournaments

I have seen a lot of players begin to ask questions about when they will be able to put their stockpile of Elite Tickets to use. While we are not 100% sure about what we want this system to look like going forward with the new client, we can announce now that there will be an Elite Tournament in the month of September. I will make a post with the details in the next few weeks, so keep an eye out.

I am interested to know what people liked about the old system and what they wish Elite Tournaments could be. Let us know on our forums!

Ranked Season Length

With the current season of Ranked already two weeks old, I wanted to say a few things that we are thinking about at SBE regarding season length. When we implemented this new system into our game, we were not sure what length of season was appropriate. We knew that we wanted to make sure that plenty of our players could participate and work towards reaching Titanium but we also didn’t want the seasons to be so long that they become stale. We are still listening to you all and watching closely to try to make season length ideal, so keep telling us what you think.

The season we are currently in will run until the end of September. We will assess how we feel about the length before it ends and will make a decision about how long the following season will last.

Client Improvements and Bug Fixes

It has been a while since we have told you all about where we are at with a number of the existing issues with the new client. You can expect a post from me this week detailing our top priorities and our recent progress.

Thanks for checking in,

SBE Gary Arant

P.S. – We will be announcing an addition to the SBE team tomorrow. Can’t wait to share the news with all of you!




  1. SpringDryad

    Thank you for this update, it is helpful and it is great to know about your plans.

    On another topic, please do not remove me from the next Draft pool which you design. I am currently the most potent Rare in the format, I am great fun to play with, and I will be sad if you nerf me in the next Draft pool.

    Spring Dryad.

  2. simonsnow

    Two months for ranked season length is rather appropriate to me, given the circumstance that there will be elite events. I also think 20 elite tickets for one entry is quite expensive. 10 could be more reasonable since some people play a lot of ranked games now.

  3. Skaven

    Great to hear some news! Very happy to see what comes next. A question I would really be interested in hearing about is, when will the extra (new) Elite tourney AA that was promised to those who entered those events be granted? I recall this was promised to entrants for at least 3-4 tournaments.

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