SolForge PC Beta FAQ

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We’vegotten a lot of feedback since the initial release of our SolForge PC Beta last week, and we’re paying attention to all of it.  Some particular questions have stood out and we wanted to tackle them directly.  If you have questions or concerns that are not covered by these answers, voice them in our forums at  We want to hear from you!

Q: Why does the PC Beta have fewer features than the iOS version?

A:  Our iOS version had a head start in programming due to our use of the platform for our original demos.  While there is some overlap between PC and iOS, we have different programmers working on each, so the matter isn’t as simple as just shifting from one to the other.  We have reallocated our resources as we can, and we’re working to catch the PC Beta up to the iOS version as quickly as possible, with the goal of releasing new features on PC first so we can test them in more traditional Beta setting.

Q: I can’t get SolForge to work on my Windows XP system.  What’s wrong?

A:  The current PC Beta does not support Windows XP.  Support for Windows XP will be added in a future update.

Q:  I can’t access my purchased starter decks on the PC Beta.  Why not?

A:  Deck selection is not yet implemented in the PC Beta.  It will be added in a future update, which should be available within the next few months. Any purchases you make can be used on any platform, as SolForge will be fully cross-platform compatible.

Q:  Are there plans to add more hotkeys?  The interface doesn’t take advantage of PC input options.  I’d like to use right click, mouse wheel, etc.  

A:  Absolutely.  We plan on implementing additional hotkeys in future versions, including the ability for players to customize their own key bindings.  We’re going to be doing a lot of work to improve the overall interface for PC and make the game feel more at home on the platform.

Q: The game doesn’t look as good on my PC as it does on my iPad.  What’s wrong?

A:  Our graphics are currently optimized for iPad resolutions.  We’re going to be improving the graphics on PC resolutions in future updates.

Q:  Computer Easy is too easy, but Computer Normal is too hard!  Are there plans for other levels of difficulty?

A:  Getting the AI difficulty levels in the right place is a challenging task.  We agree there is too big of a disparity between the current options and plan to implement an intermediate level in a future update.  Also, Computer Normal is going to be renamed to “Computer Big Jerk”, or something similar.

Q:  Is there any way to get access to the PC Beta now?

A:  We will have more opportunities to get involved with the PC Beta in the future.  Stay tuned to for details!


  1. mestrahd

    I’m glad to hear it will be fully cross-platform, as I have purchased all the decks on iPad and would like to play on PC because it’s convenient.

    I’m also glad you acknowledge the huge gap in AI. Normal is either playing 3 cards per turn or getting god draws every time. It’s hard to tell without a log.

  2. FalconGK81

    “Deck selection is not yet implemented in the PC Beta. It will be added in a future update, which should be available within the next few months.”

    GAH! I’m already addicted! I don’t wanna wait months! Here’s hoping that “months” turns into “days”. ;-)

  3. RagEneT

    Don’t downscale PC normal difficulty. It is challenging and that keeps me playing.
    Can’t wait till a new PC BET update. I have high hopes for this game and for it to be my TCG of all time.

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