SolForge Server Update – 2-15-17

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The SolForge game servers are now up and running and Solforge has returned to the iTunes, Google Play and Steam store for download! We will now monitor player traffic and server stability over the coming days and weeks. Assuming that the game remains stable, we will add gold purchasing back into the game.

We greatly appreciate the community’s continued support as well as the support from Chris and Brian from Grinding Gears Games to help with this transition. I know that everyone wants more details on the future of SolForge, but unfortunately we don’t have much to share right now.

In the short term, we are working on making sure the current game is stable and sustainable while we investigate options for further development of this and future iterations of SolForge.  We will keep you posted as things develop, but for now, we are all incredibly excited to see SolForge alive and well, and look forward to seeing you in the queues!


  1. HappyGilmore

    Want to get me back? get rid of the restriction of having 3x always in your collection…there are so many completely useless legendarily that I can never get rid of, how stupid is that. This is the ONLY game that uses “accidental” disenchanting as a justification of trying to make more money. Get rid of it…and I would love to come back.

  2. Artifex28

    I don’t understand what’s going on. Just got some email related to Ascension and when I browsed down, I found something about SolForge. Googled around and here we are.

    I thought SolForge was gutted 31st of January? I uninstalled the game the day I noticed the in game message about that, after three years of daily playing and this is the first I hear it’s …somewhat back?

    Can someone clarify what’s going on?

  3. Neo42


    My Suggestions to improve SolForge: (note I am not mad here, just using ! points for oomph)

    bring back offline mode!!! priority #1!

    provide a way to open multiple packs at once. (see the game Animation Throwdown for an example)

    provide auto deck features and some features present in Plants Vs Zombies Heroes. This game is my replacement digital ccg if solforge completely dies. Take note of many of the things they do in this app. The campaigns are longer. The daily goals are great. The app supports offline play.

  4. Broodbeast

    I started from scratch on this game and worked my way up by completing all the quest line and learning from other players on multiplayer how to play and combine cards. I really hope this game does not discontinue because it is the only card game I enjoy and I’ve played all of them … At least I think all of them. However, I think it would be a good idea to give new players a winning combination of two of the four alliances of their choice after completing the The four quest lines of the four alliances so they know what they’re getting into, Plus maybe about 20 booster packs to add a little variety to their deck. It’s a lot of fun opening new booster packs and seeing what cards are inside.
    P.S. if you make the cards easier to see by making them like a poker deck in your hand being able to scroll through the cards you own with the swipe of a finger I think that would be a good combination of how you had it the first time and how you currently have it. I think it’s important when building your deck to be able to see what The card does without having the tap it to bring it in closer, just make things smoother and faster.

  5. mister_VWP

    Even though this is great news and Im happy :)
    You dont seem to adress the issue.

    Just try 1 more simple thing to make Solforge a succes:
    Update the starting decks,
    give new players a change to win!

    and give each players 100 packs when first starteing the game.
    What do you have to lose, you need more players.
    And much more you need staying players.

    The number 1 reason this games player base dosent grow is because the game play for new players is horrible, they get slaughtered no matter what.



    PS: I ‘ve said this many times, and I know almost everybody in this community agrees.
    Maybe given the current state of the game SBE might actually listen this time.

  6. WuRaidr

    I only ask one thing. When you do finally get things stable and can start addressing the game state, focus on fixing all the known clients bugs and maybe some balance changes before you even THINK of new content.

    1. brekthegreat

      Well new content means more $_$. To me the game is still dead since as you said they really need to make the client work…which i doubt will ever happen.
      I will never understand why some games come up with changes that are overwhelmingly negatively received but still go through, like the launch of the new client, which alienated a lot of the playerbase. I see it as a clear sign that they don’t really care about feedback so i see little reason to invest anything into their product.

    1. JHW527

      Those and also the ranked play mode resetting. This is certainly good news, and I’m glad to hear it, though I think you will need to share a LOT more on the future plans and development before people would be willing to spend money on gold.

  7. HotHamBoy

    Thank you so much for your effort! This means a lot to the community, especially those of us who invested a lot of money and time into the game. Sorry things didn’t work out but just giving us the ability to continue playing with our collections is commendable and incredibly appreciated!

    I will continue to be a SBE customer whenever the opportunity arises!

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