SolForge Summer Sale and Rise of the Forgeborn 2.2 Heroic Packs!

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and that means sun, surf, sand, and SolForge sales! That’s right – from now until the end of July 2nd, we’re running a 20% off sale on the following items!

  • Single Event Ticket
  • 10 Ticket Bundle
  • Rise of the Forgeborn Booster Pack
  • Rise of the Forgeborn Legendary Chest (no purchase limit)
  • 2.2 Heroic Pack

booster_rotf_2.2_heroic_lootThe 2.2 Heroic Pack is a new item we are adding to the store along with the sale. We’ve received feedback from a lot of players that they felt like the 2.1 and 2.2 packs weren’t very satisfying to open, because they would frequently include only cards they already had, and often no higher rarity cards at all.

We recognize that this experience isn’t as fun as we would like, and it’s especially not fun when it’s the only way to get new content. To that end, we’ve reworked the packs to improve the experience of purchasing and opening them.

These packs include 5 Cards, at least one of which is guaranteed to be of Heroic rarity or higher. They will cost 800 Gold (640 during the sale), and will have a higher drop rate for Legendary cards than normal Rise of the Forgeborn booster packs.

So go out and enjoy the SolForge Summer Sale! Even if it’s still icy and frozen all over Solis…



  1. Pjt1983

    Yay! was my initial response, and I suppose the heroic packs are an improvement, but I was thinking I would finally get the spend that last 120 gold that has been sitting in my account for months on a 2.2 3-pack, then when I went to the store they were no longer available for sale :(. Did you really need to replace the old packs with heroic packs? You could have simply added them.

  2. AvatarOfErebos

    Excellent change! I haven’t been too happy with SBE’s response time in terms of problems (perceived and otherwise), but this is one change that was definitely both needed and fairly timely. Good job!

  3. Dgrivera84

    Woohoo! Thanks StoneBlade! I very much like the idea of the summer sale, although I would have liked to see it end shortly after the Fourth of July. However, I agree that ending the sale before then is good for your business. Moving on, I can appreciate the introduction of the Patch 2.2 Heroic pack because after investing about $35 worth of gold on Patch 2.2 packs, I have a play set of all commons, rares, and heroics minus that last Stygian Lotus that I need :-(. The Patch 2.2 Heroic pack should help mitigate that in the future (for right now I’m not sure that it’s worth it for me to buy the heroic pack if that’s the main card I’m after). I’ll very likely buy some of those RotF exclusive legendary chests since that has legendaries I’m still hoping to collect out of all of Set 2. In regards to the tickets, that was a great idea since I enjoy playing both draft and constructed tournaments and now would be a good time to buy some. That’s not to mention all of the new players you have on the Android! I’m sure they want to hit the ground running and playing and improving at draft is the best way to do that and for that, many tickets could be needed.

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