Solforge Summer Series #1

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(Written by JockeD)

Solforge Summer Series Weekly report

Hi. This is the first weekly report of Solforge Summer Series (SSS). This is an article series where I will present winner and post interesting decklists of latest SSS tournament. I will also take a look at top standings of the official ladder. This is also the place and time where I will post the banlist for upcoming SSS tournament.

So lets get to it.

This weekend will not have a SSS tournament but instead there will be a constructed standard tournament with no banlist. This is a nice opportunity to get familiar with how tournaments are run at solforgeladder.comif you haven’t attended to those tournaments before.

The tournament will start Saturday 1st Jul, 2017. 19:00 (UTC).

Deck lists need to be posted 1 hour before tournament start and check-ins will start 30 minutes before start.

I hope I see you there!

Ladder standings
You can always follow the ladder standings here

It’s only a couple of days left in the current ladder month and Doart is the one who sits comfortable at spot number 1. Doart has a score of almost 6000 points and a win rate at 77% over almost 300 games and that is really good. We also have a bunch well known Solforge players who have returned to the game and climbed fast to grab some of the top 10 spots. Jabor is currently having the highest winrate at 96%, but “only” played 25 games as titanium, still fantastic though. Hopefully I can have those players provide some insight and deck lists for next week.

AA cards for this season will be Death Current for silver and above and Killion, Infinity Warden for Titanium. Remember to climb to platinum or titanium to get elite tickets for upcoming elite tournaments.

Next month the top 4 of official ladder will get an invite to SSS finals.

Solforge Summer Series week 1

SSS tournament week 1 will start Saturday 8th Jul, 2017. 19:00 (UTC).

The tournament is completely free, all you need to do is create an account on (also free).

The following cards will be banned for SSS week 1

Shardplate Toxoid
Ignir, Khan of Ashur
Ambriel’s Edict
Steelscale Dragon
G.S.F Commando
Frontline Combatant
Indomitable Fiend

Shardplate Toxoid: No one can have missed the power of poison decks. Many cards have been discussed and many or other cards could have been banned instead of my choice. My reason is that I think Shardplate toxoid is the card that puts poison ahead of every other creature deck. It is an autoinclude in any Uterra deck and even though its effects are cool the stats are over the top.
Chrogias: There are lots of level 3-4 bombs in the game and Chrogias is the one that currently is the best one. It only have one bad level and currently it’s very easy to skip level 1. The level 2 part of the card is actually very strong in the deck and strategy where you use Chrogias and level 3 just wins the game. I think it has to good stats and no real drawback.
Ignir, Khan of Ashur: A card I didn’t have on my first banlist, but I saw a lot of posts and heard a lot of discussion about it. It is another card that has no real drawback and just wins the game on the spot at both level 3 and 4.
Ambriel’s Edict: I want to see more creatures battle each other and that is something I have heard from more players. Ambriel’s edict takes away some of that.
Steelscale Dragon: A centerpiece in the dreaded AT Burn deck. Most players really don’t like AT burn deck, and I can see that. I can still see it provide some sort of balancing to the meta. Keeping the main key component Ice Grasp but ban cards like Steelscale dragon and Ambriel’s edict will definitely hurt the deck but there is still room to explore other versions of the same strategy.
G.S.F Commando: Maybe not a complete powerhouse but a card that can spoil the game experience by himself. It has over the top stats, ability and too much armor. I’m banning this because I think it will dominate too much in a new meta.
Frontline Combatant: Banning this for more or less the same reason of the card above. Armor is hard mechanic to balance and it has being pushed to far.
Indomitable Fiend: This isn’t a too powerful card or part of an overpowered deck, but it can spoil a game experience like no other card.

So this is the banlist for SSS week 1.

Please leave comments below, discuss in forums and in chat.
See you Saturday for some constructed play and start your playtesting for upcoming SSS tournament.



  1. do_art

    I agree w/Pion – nice banned list. Knocks out 3 cards I normally play with in an AT control deck. I think this approach of banning various cards is good – makes one think about decks other than the standards or standards w/minor variations.

    As you can see, I’m no longer in first – got knocked out by a couple of players with incredible winning percentages. I have no qualms being knocked out, but it does make me wonder what the best approach for determining a season winner is. Under the current formula, it seems like the best strategy is to wait until near the end of the season and hope that you have a nice win streak. We’ve seen that before. Having just gotten somewhat familiar with Kaelari’s page, I see he uses an ELO system. I wonder if this wouldn’t be a better approach to the season scoring.

    I’d be open to sharing decklists and thoughts. Mostly, I’d love to see what Jabor and Passy are playing. Those winning percentages are just crazy!

    Finally, I want to thank all the people who have been contributing their time and energies to keeping this game alive. And additional thanks for setting up the SSS. Speaking of which, I need to go and contribute some money.

  2. Pion

    Good banlist! It’s going to be exciting to see how AU Control looks like without Chrogias or Toxoid, or NX control now that Ignir isn’t the finisher of choice. I look forward to playing on Saturday!

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