Solforge Summer Series

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I present to you Solforge Summer Series(SSS)

This will be a constructed premium event that will have huge gold prizes and a special modified AA playset of card for the winner of this special tournament.

The finals will take place in the beginning of september and qualifiers will be running all summer both with the official in client ladder and with weekly constructed tournaments through

So be ready to climb the ladder and create an account on today for some exciting and top notch constructed play.

How to qualify

Winners of weekly qualifier tournaments get qualified to SSS finals. If the winner is already qualified, the runner up will get the spot. If both winner and runner up are already qualified, the spot will go to the “last chance qualifier” tournament.

Top 4 from July official solforge ladder get qualified for SSS finals. If all top 4 are already qualified 5th place will get the invite. If all top 5 are already qualified the spot(s) will go to “the last chance qualifier tournament”.

Top 4 from August official solforge ladder get qualified for SSS finals. If all top 4 are already qualified 5th place will get the invite. If all top 5 are already qualified the spot(s) will go to “the last chance qualifier tournament”.

The last chance qualifier” tournament will be open to all except those already qualified. Number of spots and how they will be distributed will be clarified at least 12 hrs before the tournament.

Weekly qualifier tournaments

These are the current dates but can be changed (at least one week in notice). All weekly tournaments will have a start time of 20.00 UTC.

8/7 – standard
15/7 – unlegendary
22/7 – standard 
29/7 – unlegendary
5/ 8 – standard
12/8 – unlegendary
19/8 – standard
26/8 – unlegendary
27/8 -standard – last chance qualifier
2/9 – solforge summer series finals – standard and unlegendary


There will be gold prizes in each weekly qualifier tournament. In addition there will also be gold prizes just for showing up to a random player in each tournament.

SSS finals will have huge gold prizes to top players and some sort of prize for all 16 qualified players. Winner of the Solforge Summer Series final will also get a playset of a modified AA only available through this tournament.

Formats and tournament structure

Tournaments will be played with a ban list:
There will be 5-10 cards banned from each tournament. Cards will be announced at least a week in advance. Ban lists may change between tournaments.

In unlegendary tournaments all legendary cards are banned and there will be an additional 5-10 card ban list

Weekly tournaments will be swiss with a cut to top 4 (if 16 or less players) or top 8 if more than 16 players.

Matches will be played best 2 of 3 games.

All decklists for all tournaments needs to be provided 1 hour before tournament start.

Matches will have a 45 min timer. 

All tournaments will be played through so players need to create an account on that website before signing up for a qualifier.

I really hope we can bring a competitive scene back into Solforge, so spread the word, get those old players back and bring new ones into the game. 
Lets do this!

Questions and suggestions are all welcome and are best posted to me or kaeleri through



  1. JockeD

    Tournaments will most likely be in eu-friendly timezone as I myself are in EU

    Maybe one or two of the unlegendary tournaments could change into unheroic but I think unlegendary isnt that steep for a new player.


    1. Zwaxor

      Two problems:
      1) The finals are going to include Standard anyways, so participation or not, there’d likely be no shot at prizes if your collection isn’t able to support Unlegendary.
      2) Based on known data from across SolForge’s history, Unlegendary is a far more balanced format than Unheroic. Combined with point 1, this means it will make for a much more skill-based competition, which I gather is the point of this tournament.

      1. TheIrishBAMF

        1.) There are still gold prizes awarded weekly, which are exponentially more valuable the newer you are as a player. I’ve never heard of a new player expecting to sweep a tournament. Ever.
        2.) There are already bans so taking out the obvious problem cards will shake up the meta enough to reward deck building skill alongside skilled play.

        No matter how you set the rarity restrictions this will be a skilled play tournament with a good ban list.

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