Darkforge Uprising Preview: Plunder Imp

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Hey everyone! This is STILLHADALLDEEZ, member of 5th faction and World championship 3rd-4th place finisher. Spoiler season is in full swing and boy do I have a spicy one for you today.

In Solforge, you cannot take any actions on your opponent’s turn which can make interacting with your opponent, outside of combat, sometimes difficult. You have spells like Dendrify, the Leylines to get free actions off the unfair things your opponent is trying to do, or Malice Hermit as a catch all for their creatures. All of these things are reactive. There are only a handful of cards in Solforge that are proactive answers that interrupt your opponent’s game plan. Broodqueen is a good example, and playing an Aetherphage to take an important spell has also proven to be a powerful effect. My spoiler, Plunder Imp, falls into the category of a proactive Solforge card.


Fun fact: the wording on Plunder Imp allows him to be destroyed by Suruzal and take another creature from your opponent’s hand.

SBE seems to have found a comfortable stat level for the utility creatures in the game. This bad boy comes in with identical stats to Soothsayer Hermit and Aetherphage. A comfortable body that, at level 1, crushes a Dysian Broodqueen in combat, Will always eat a center lane Nexus Aeronaut, and still trades with cards like Herald of Destruction.

Now let’s talk about the part of the card that really excites me. Let’s just think about some cards your Demon with be plundering from your opponents hand while on level, with some exceptions at its third level.

Dysian Broodqueen
Spiritstone Sentry
Herald of Destruction
Esperian Sage
Nova, Grove Queen
Crypt Conjurer
Varna, Immortal King

Along with some other cards that can be taken at any level.

Shardplate Behemoth (yes Behemoth’s base stats are 0/10 so you will be able to plunder him)
Wegu, the Ancient
Steeleye Seer
Dozer, The Dormant
Relic Scout

I have to mention that Plunder Imp will deal with level 2 Everflame Phoenix’s and more importantly our new friend Ortha, Apex Predator! This card is currently the only card in the game that can prevent either hatching if they are in your opponents hand on 2.4!
Also given its rarity it will surely have implications in Unheroic and even Unlegendary. Nabbing some problematic consistent cards at level 1, such as Batterhide and Bramblewood Tracker respectively.

This is a card that will always be considered in any Nekrium deck depending on what the popular decks are at the time, in the same way that Aetherphage will pop up every once in a while to keep overpowered spells in check. Zombies used to be a deck that exploited metagames filled with Crypt Conjurer and Wegu. This will give you a similar effect as Xrath’s Will without needing to dedicate your list to a Zombie package. Lastly, Plunder Imp is a card that utilizes Solforges pre-sideboarding deck construction. It will not always be great, but against some decks it can swing a full matchup by itself.

I will leave you all with an Idea that I will probably jam in a couple constructed tournaments when Darkforge Uprising is released.

3 Shardplate Behemoth
3 Malice Hermit
3 Dysian Broodqueen
3 Spiritstone Sentry
2 Weirwood Patriarch
2 Thundersaur
2 Soothsayer Hermit
2 Plunder Imp
2 Suruzal, Emmisary of Varna
2 Lysian Shard
2 Dysian Siphon
2 Scythe of Chiron
2 Dendrify

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  1. eidolon

    Discard effects help you against the Ironmind Acolyte decks as well and have the potential to turn off allied cards.
    Many of the creatures mentioned in the article represent a threat that can’t be dealt with by simply playing a blocker, so discard seems like the best solution. Since the effect is strapped on a creature it also won’t be a completely dead card as an underdrop unlike some of the conditional removal spells from the early sets.

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