SSS Update #4

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SSS Weekly

SSS qualifier #2
Sobrah does it again! Sobrah wins another tournament. This time it was SSS #2, an unlegendary tournament with banlist. Sobrah was again piloting a mono alloyin deck masterfully winning the finals against Asmodel who brought an Alloyin/Nekrium deck focused on Darkforged creatures. With Sobrah already qualified for the SSS finals the spot goes down to Asmodel, congratulations to him to be the second one qualified for Solforge Summer Series finals. We had another great tournament with a great variety of decks and great players. Nekrium and Alloyin was the most used factions and only one player decided to bring Tempys. The power and synergy of Darkforged creatures was heavily displayed but there was some counters to it, for example Jabors very defensive AN deck. There were some great and exciting games that went back and forth and being able to watch those matches through is a great feature.
You can find the result and all decklists from the tournament here

SSS qualifier #3
Next qualifier will be played this Friday.
It will be a standard constructed tournament with a special banlist.
Check out all info and full banlist here
Remember to create an account on in advance and checkins will be open 30 minutes before tournament start.

Ladder Standings
Some more players have been able to climb to titanium in this week and there has also been some movement at the top of standings. You can see the standings here . Top 4 when the ladder ends at the end of July will be qualified for the SSS finals. Phobo, Piquadore and Wendel have the top 3 spots slightly secured at the moment with the 4th spot is a bit more open. But the season is far from over and much can still happen.

SSS #4
We will again be playing an unlegendary qualifier. I feel that the unlegendary format is pretty unexplored and have decided to not have a banlist for this qualifier. Information for the tournament can be found here

Remember the qualifier on Friday and keep giving me feedback on banlists. Keep on Solforging and climb the ladder for an invite to Solforge Summer Series finals.


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