SSS #3

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SolforgeSummer Series Weekly

SSS #1
Sobrah is our first winner and first person to qualify for Solforge Summer Series finals. Congratulations to him and very well played and well deserved win!
We had our first SSS qualifier tournament last week. It was a standard constructed tournament with a special banlist. Sobrah who have won multiple tournaments in a row took him this one too. He was using a Mono Alloyin robot deck, you can see full result and decklist here
There were 16 players and we had a quite diverse metagame. Mono Nekrium variants were the most played archetype with 5 players using different version of the deck. Nekrium was also the most played faction with 11 players bringing some number of nekrium cards to the battlefield. It was very fun to see some old favorites getting played like Grimgaunt Preadator, Zarox, the raging and Nug, fury fists.
It looked like a lot of players expected the Nekrium meta and bought some tech in form of Blazing Hostility which was very nice. But in the end there were two robot decks that battled for the win, Sobrahs mono Alloyin deck defeated Draftsilvers UterraAlloyin robot deck over three close games.

SSS #2
The next SSS qualifier will be played this weekend the following time and date
Sunday 16th Jul, 2017. 19:00 (UTC), check here for full information including banlist.
It will be a unlegendary tournament with all legendary cards banned and an additional banlist which you can find in the description. Remember to create a free account on before signing up to the tournament. Checkins will be had at least 30 minutes before tournament start.

Ladder standings
When I write this we currently have 12 players at titanium level in the official ladder. Top four of this ladder will be qualified for SSS finals at end of month.
Phobo, Callisto24, Lomanski1 and Wendell are currently the players that are taking the top spot, but the season is far from over and there is still a lot of time to catch up and pass those players.
4th place last season had around 3500 points and the current top four is sitting around 500points, so I expect some movement and position changes during the following weeks.

SSS #3
Next week will be the second standard qualifier and I have changed some cards in the banlist.
You can find the information and banlist here
This will be the banlist for SSS #3
Shardplate Toxoid
Ignir, Khan of Kadras
Ice Grasp
Frontline Combatant
Relic Hunter
Iron Maiden
Patron of Tarsus
Othra, Apex Predator
G.S.F. Commando

Big change is that Ambriels Edict is now unbanned. Instead I have choossed to ban a bunch of the so called “bombs”. Unbanning Ambriels edict opens up for control decks using the Alloyin faction, but banning the biggest and the most used “bomb” will make players to think one extra time before going the full control route.
Another big change is the banning of Patron of Tarsus. It’s a reaction to the amount of mono nekrium decks last standard tournament and I hope to still see nekrium midrange/control decks but this means they can add a second faction without losing one of the “best” cards.
Opening up Ambriels Edict meant that I banned Ice grasp instead to keep the classic AT burn deck in check.
The banning of Relic Hunter might be controversial, but I think this a key card in various growwide strategies. With the banning of Patron of Tarsus I felt something needed to be done about the aggressive alloyin strategies.
Some cards remained banned and some others got unbanned.
I still want more feedback from everyone about the banlists in the different formats.

Remember to play on Sunday and keep on climbing that ladder. SSS finals will have some great and unique prizes.
Keep on Solforging!

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