State of the Forge – August

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Stateof the Forge

Hey everyone, sorry this is a bit late. I’ve been super busy working on solforge. Here’s where we are this month:

Rebalance: Some love it, some hate it, but steam charts and internal monitoring shows an increase in activity since it came out. I hope everyone’s been enjoying the changes.

Gold Queues: We introduced gold queues early this month. These didn’t not perform as well as I hoped. Better than I fear but not quite where they should have been. These will be reworked before returning. I’m not exactly sure how, possibly a higher entry fee for better prizes.

Elite Queues: I tried repeating the AAs given out, we currently have a limited number of AAs and need to conserve them some. The results were a bit disappointing. I’m not completely sure how to handle this in the future but for now I’ll make sure to at least rotate the AAs around. I do plan to keep draft and constructed for a given month the same.

We switched to the new pairing system. It’s still not perfect but does seem to have improved pairings some. I believe there is a bug related to ladder ranks being cached.

Kusc is continuing development, Deck editor is getting good and many of the performance issues will be fixed in the next version. Follow on my discord for detailed updates.

Future Plans:

We have begun the basic steps of starting a new set. Much work to be done there.

Timer Issues There’s a known issue with the timer that should be fixed with the next downtime.

Several new WWs are being planned. Not sure exactly when you’ll see them. If you have ideas feel free to post them.

Servers: We’re preparing to move servers to help cut costs. More information will be available when we’re ready. After this move we should be stable, paying less than before and on better hardware. There will be some downtime during the move.

I’m working on a better tool for editing game data. This is still in it’s early stages but should help make maintaining the game easier given there’s one main person doing everything now.

New Player Experience: Working on this. I still lack a good testing ground for making new missions/tutorials. That should be resolved during September. Will still take some time after that to get things set up.

Official Client: New version coming soon. Not sure when, but soon. Not much has changed yet but I added a chat button that links to the discord. I’m planning a “community run” button on the tournaments tab which links to the ladder and some bug fixes. Let me know what bugs you most want fixed. If its reasonable to do so I’ll look into them.

Relaunch: Still working on this. Everything is taking longer than I hoped but the goal hasn’t changed. Releasing kusc 1.0, new set and then doing an ad push. This is still a ways off but we are moving toward this goal.

Forgebuilder Program: This is still being designed. It will include a few unique features but the goal is to raise money for the new set. I’ll post more when I have more to post.

Many thanks:
Brian Weissman, Chris Wilson for keeping the servers up.
Navil has been incredibly helpful with kusc and getting stage moved.
Agoaj has been a huge help as the only person still around that actually knows how things are supposed to work.
Outrageous was a huge help in the recent rebalance and in the new set designs.
Everyone who plays, without you we’d have no game


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