State of the Forge June 12, 2017

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Hey everyone,

This is an update on the current state of things. First off thanks to Agoaj, Without his help we might not have a running game right now. Also as always big thanks to Brian Weissman and Chris Wilson from Grinding Gear Games who are personally helping to fund the servers.



KUSC isimproving nicely, navil has been helping a ton with recent developments. Latest version includes improvements to sound effects and some new(er) user things like tooltip help on keywords, and being able to click on the game log to see cards.

Official client beta seems to be doing good. I’ve had few reports of new bugs and several confirmations of old bugs being fixed. Please let me know if this doesn’t line up with your experience.

IOS support. This has been a major thorn in my side but I believe I have started to make progress on this front. No promises yet but don’t be surprised to see kusc or official versions available in the not distant future.

If you have problems with either KUSC or the beta feel free to report them on the bugzilla. If the issues is from the original client but still exists in the beta feel free to report.



We had two new Weekend Warriors added. One was the first weekend this month, the 6 card special draft. The next is coming up this weekend, tribal draft. This is the beginning of new content as I get used to the system. There’s a lot of potential here and I hope to have more new events.

New draft pool is going to take a bit longer than I originally hoped. This requires server downtime to push card changes. But I am hoping to get something out soon. I’ll let you know more when I know more.

Elite Tournament. These should start being scheduled again soon. I currently have one small issue to deal with that’s preventing me from doing much here but once resolved I should be able to get one set up pretty quick. I’ll need to give some notice so you’re likely looking at july for these to start again.



I am still unable to do anything server side but i’m hoping that issue will be resolved soon. There are a number of changes I would like to make such as: timeouts not counting toward dailies(for the person who times out only), VS AI counting toward dailies, bug fixes, etc. I’ll let you all know when this is farther along.

I am considering tightening the game clock some, reducing time per game. I know some people like having the big clock, but lots of people don’t like waiting for those people. No final decision has been made on this yet.



Newly signed up players can’t login to the website. (game works fine) This needs a server-side fix. See above. This is a side effect of the website move and their setup.



If you stream solforge and would like codes either to play with on stream or to give out to viewers contact me. I’m happy to provide such things, just let me know.

We’re still working on bringing server costs down to sane levels. They are much better than originally but still have a ways to go. Other things are also going on behind the scenes as we all work toward a better solforge for everyone.

Overall solforge is making slow but steady progress. How do you think I’m doing? What needs to be better? Where have I failed?





  1. Aridoz

    Seeing steady progress, and I very much like the new WW-content.
    All big plusses.

    Only thing I’m personally very much against is further tightening of the game clock for reasons mentioned in earlier threads. (Maybe the turn clock can be reduced a bit, but leave the time bank, or maybe even slightly expand the bank as a trade off.)
    Mostly because of time required to think out moves, and executing combo’s in multi-interaction turns. (Still a fan of Kitfinity and you can’t get that one turn kill within 2,5 minutes. Even knowing in advance the exact sequence.)
    But the combination with slow mobile animations, connection issues, and it being an on-the-go game, would make it a real fight against time, instead of focus on game-play in a tightened clock game.
    Should you decide to make changes to it, I hope you will do it with community input. Like with the previous changes where there were polls that we could fill in with multiple options and give some feedback.

  2. SKiTHx

    Kael, keep up the great work. You are doing a great job making improvements and keeping the game alive. Truth be told, that is the only way it ever has been :P

  3. Richard

    You’re doing amazing, kaelari!

    As for tightening the clock… you could do that, but I think timing out doesn’t count towards dailies for the person timing out might solve this problem completely.

  4. simonsnow

    I have left the game but the work Kaelari put into Solforge is extraordinary. I hope people who are still playing the game are enjoying it and reach out to Kaelari as the man (I think) deserves all the love from the community.

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