State of the Forge

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Stateof the Forge

Hey Everyone!
Things we’ve succeeded at over the last month:
Clients –
Kusc 0.65 is now out with a deckbuilder and many other improvements.
Official Client is now out for Linux and Mac. Changes from the beta version have been pushed to the official for steam. Steam now lists all 3 platforms.

Game Play -
We’ve had several new Weekend Warriors added. I hope you’ve all been enjoying them, I know I have. More are planned for the future as well as a return of some old favorites. Actual schedule should be posted in client soon(If not already).
Leafkin Progenitor has been renabled and a tweak to lightning elemental. This is the first time I’ve pushed card changes to live and is a first step toward the rebalance I want to have happen. There were some issues with this change but now I know how to avoid those issues in the future so hopefully next time will be smoother.
New Player Queue has been added. I don’t think this got properly announced. Designed specificly for new players the queue gives booster prizes and has a generally flat payout.
The new draft pool has been implemented and is now live. The website should be updated now.
Rewards have been updated to give small amounts of silver for games played after finishing your dailies.
The first Elite constructed tournament happened and went smoothly.
SSS – We had the first tournament. Results are available at Thanks to JockeD for doing such a good job with these events.
Ranked season reset and rewards went out without a hitch!

Future Plans:

Kusc is still making good progress and I hope to continue this. Deck editor needs some polish and single player is on the horizon.
Official will be getting a beta of new fixes soon. Not sure exactly when but some more low hanging fruit should be dealt with. Major changes are still only likely in kusc.
Still hoping to get an IOS version of kusc and updated official client. This is one of my priorities. Pushing new versions to all platforms will enable adding things. Currently if I tried to add art it simply wouldn’t work for anyone on iOS until a new version can be pushed. This limits some of what I can do in terms of tournament prizes. I have a bunch of AAs that were created but not added to the software.

Game Play -
Gold Tournaments. These will happen once per month, cost gold to enter and have great prizes including elite tickets. I’m still working on the exact prize structure but entry fee will likely be 650 gold. This allows 2 entries for $5. Feel free to post suggestions for how you’d like these to run.

I’ve started looking into a rebalance. I’ll be posting for testers soon. If you’d like to be a tester keep an eye on the page.
I’m still looking to make a bunch of new campaign missions and tutorials. Currently I don’t have a testing platform so I can’t make much progress but if this can be fixed these will become a high priority. Tutorials in particular are really important as I feel new player on ramping is one of the most important things the game needs to improve on.

Server Side -
Still having trouble with this and little progress has been made. There are a number of changes I would like to make such as: timeouts not counting toward dailies(for the person who times out only), VS AI counting toward dailies, bug fixes, etc. I’ll let you all know when this is farther along.

Questions? Suggestions? I’m going to be doing a stream at noon EDT on wednesday feel free to come ask whatever you want or post here.

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  1. KingxofxHarts

    I would like to see some sort of ranked system implemented for limited play. I grew tired of constructed quite some time ago, but still regularly draft. I doubt I’m the only one who would like to see their limited ability reflected in their ranking.

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