Tempys Week Starting Tomorrow!

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Hi everyone,

Thenext phase in our release of “Raiders Unchained: Front Line” is coming tomorrow, July 28th at 12pm PDT. What this means, is that the Uterra Chest that we have in our store now will leave the store and a Tempys Chest will take its place. In the Tempys chest, there will be the chance to get the new Alternate Art card, Blitzmane, the Destroyer.



We will also be adding a new precon deck to the store, Winds of Fury. This deck will include a copy of the new Tempys Legendary Yeti, Nug and the latest Heroic Asir, Cyclone Rider. The deck will also contain a Legendary Frostmane Dragon.

Nekrium week will follow Tempys week. Stay tuned for more information on that event!

Thanks for checking in,

-SBE Gary Arant

EDIT: changed the language about the Tempys chest to make it more clear that the AA Bliztmane has a chance to drop in the chest and is not guaranteed. The chance for the Blitzmane to drop is substantially higher than the other AAs, however.



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  1. Skaven

    I’m confused as to what AA will be in the Tempys chest. Will it be a guaranteed AA Blitzmane? Or will it be any Tempys AA card with the possibility to obtain an AA Blitzmane?

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