The Golden Gauntlet Tournament is coming on June 7th!

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000 Gold sound? Well now is your chance! The gauntlet has been thrown down!

The Golden Gauntlet tournament is coming on Saturday, June 7th! In this event, SolForge players from around the world will have a chance to battle for Gold prizes and the right to call themselves a SolForge tournament champion.

To enter into the Golden Gauntlet tournament, you must head over to our web store and purchase your entry. For $10, you will receive entry into the event, along with $10 worth of gold credited to your account. Additionally, all participants in the tournament will receive a free alternate art Graveborn Glutton card, and top finishers will receive Gold prizes!

1st Place: 30,000 Gold

2nd Place: 14,400 Gold

3rd-4th Place: 5600 Gold

5th-8th Place: 2750 Gold

9th-16th Place: 1300 Gold

Unlike the normal on demand tournaments run within the SolForge client, the Golden Gauntlet tournament will be run with swiss style rounds leading up to a single elimination Top 8, resulting in a single winner.  Pairings will be hosted on the Challonge website and posted on the @SolForgeTourney Twitter account.

For event information and tournament rules, visit the Golden Gauntlet Tournament page!

Are you ready? The gauntlet has been thrown down!

Enter here.



    1. David_SBE

      Yes, you may certainly use your phone as your playing device. Be sure that you are still keeping up with the twitter and Challonge site though!

  1. Zaken

    I want to join and play too!!!! But the time difference just doesn’t cut it for me. I am on Asian time and this tournament stats at 3am…… 3:00 AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I won’t have the concentration to go through it. So sad…………………..

  2. MyrMaster

    Could you please announce something like this a little earlier next time? One week seems kind of short notice. Thanks for setting this up though, can’t wait.

  3. qotal

    Thank you!
    This is one of the very rare occasions when a tournament is being hosted at a time that is convenient for me. 12:00 pm PDT is 9 pm Israel time, and on a weekend at that.
    It’s going to be my first Solforge tournament ever. I am really excited about this, and can’t wait:)

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