The iPhone and Tournament Update is Now Live!

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HelloSolForge fans! Today is a very exciting day that we know you have been awaiting for quite some time. We certainly have!

We’ve just released a major update with a bunch of major new features. Let’s take a look at the list, shall we?

We’ve envisioned SolForge as a mobile game from the beginning. We’ve always wanted to create a complete collectable game experience we could carry with us and play wherever we go. Now that dream is finally a reality.

This latest update brings the complete SolForge experience to iPhone, allowing you to carry SolForge with you in the palm of your hand. You can battle with your friends across the country over lunch, tinker with your favorite deck while waiting for the bus, and pass the time in your boring classes by cracking booster packs. Or, if you’re anything like us, now you have a new favorite way to spend your time in the bathroom…

Due to screen size constraints, some features such as the deck builder look a bit different on iPhone, but all of the major components are there, so you can take the full experience of SolForge wherever you may go. For those of you without iPhones, do not fret – our Android client is well underway, and we plan to begin the beta for it very soon.

Think your deck is the best around? Want to test your skills in a competitive environment? Well, you’re in luck. The new update introduces tournament play, which allows players to compete against one another for prizes.

Tournaments in SolForge are unlike those in many similar games in that you never need to worry about setting aside a big block of time to play. SolForge was designed from the ground up to be mobile friendly, and tournaments are no different. No need to wait around for other players to finish their rounds or for enough players to enter the event. You can play your rounds in a SolForge tournament whenever is convenient for you, and you’ll be paired against someone else at a similar place in their event. Once you finish your three matches, which you can complete over the course of days if that’s what you want, you’ll receive prizes based on your results.

Entering tournaments requires Event Tickets, which can be purchased with either Gold or Silver, as well as earned through daily rewards. All players receive prizes, and players who go undefeated in a tournament are guaranteed to receive at least enough Event Tickets to enter another tournament of that type as part of their prize.

For more information about tournaments, visit

As competitive collectible game players ourselves, one of our favorite things to do is draft. Drafting is a special kind of tournament in which you build your deck as you go instead of choosing one of your saved decks to play. This not only creates a level playing field for everyone no matter how long they may have been playing or how big a collection they might have, but also means that you have a totally new experience each time since you’re always playing with a different deck. It’s also a great way for players to grow their collections, since in addition to whatever prizes you might win, you also keep all of the cards that you draft.

Much like the rest of the SolForge experience, drafting is designed to be conducive to the mobile experience. You can draft wherever and whenever you want, and you don’t have to wait for a queue to fill or for other players to make their picks. The evaluations of other players still impact your draft, however. The algorithm used to generate the content of draft packs takes into account how frequently cards are picked by the community at large, so if you correctly identify a hidden gem, you’ll have a chance to grab them with your later picks.

We’ve been having a blast testing out the SolForge draft format over the past few months, and we’re incredibly excited that the rest of the world is going to have a chance to experience it too. The concurrent release of both drafting and the iPhone app means that you can always be drafting wherever you might go! If that isn’t exciting, I’m not sure what is!

For more information about drafts, including a video walkthrough, visit

The update introduces twenty-four brand-new cards across all rarities, including six from each of the four different factions. These cards are now available from packs that are purchased from the store or acquired through daily rewards. These new packs can be identified in your inventory by their new artwork.

Additionally, changes have been made to a number of existing cards. These changes were made to improve gameplay in both Constructed and Draft play. For a full list of the changes, view the full patch notes on our website.

While we still have quite a few features we want to add to SolForge before we’ll consider it truly complete, this update is a huge step in that direction. We appreciate your support as we build this game we all love. Without our fans, SolForge would have never happened, and now people can draft from their phones! While we’re thrilled to have come this far, we have no intentions of resting on any laurels. We’re already hard at work on the second SolForge set and more features, which include tools for us to be able to introduce new content faster in the future.

In the meantime – we hope you enjoy playing SolForge this holiday season! We certainly will!

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