The One About Lightning Leaf

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Recently, we released a card named Ritual of the Elements. This card, when it produced a Lightning Titan, in combination with Leafkin Progenitor, often represented a combination that could win games easily, early, and without significant chances for interaction. Furthermore, it was relatively low risk to both add to a deck, and attempt to pull off. As such, we will be taking the following actions:

  • Starting at 12:00pm Pacific on December 16th, pending future downtime to implement balance changes, Leafkin Progenitor will be temporarily disabled in-game.

After we have had a chance to schedule and execute downtime to balance this particular interaction, Leafkin Progenitor will be re-enabled and restored to the collections of affected players. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope to have this fully resolved soon.


    1. diablo

      Assuming you’re referring to Ator, Ator is level-gated and only gives aggressive to cards you play from your hand in an empty lane. Lightning Titan from Ritual of the Elements gives all of your creatures aggressive at all times.

      So you get 2-4 aggressive 11/11s rather than one non-aggressive 7/7 (in rank 1).

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