The SolForge Open Beta is now LIVE!

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That’s right – it’s the moment you all have been waiting for.  As of now, SolForge is now LIVE in the real world in Open Beta!  We’ve been pushing toward this moment, and it’s finally here.  Head over to the app store on your iPad or Steam on your PC now and start playing absolutely free!




Complete SolForge Set One

Scorchmane Dragon

Scorchmane Dragon

We’ve been hard at work testing and balancing the approximately 180 cards that will make up our first real release.  If you have been having fun exploring the deck building possibilities in SolForge so far, just imagine what it’s like now that the number of available cards has tripled and you can try out all kinds of new cards and combinations.


Booster Packs and Collection ManagementBooster-Pack-v9-resized

With this new update, you can start building your collection in earnest.  The SolForge store is now live, where you can buy booster packs to expand your collection.  Any early access rewards and pre-ordered packs will be in your collection as soon as you log in.

There are three different kinds of booster packs in SolForge – the Basic pack, the Normal pack, and the Premium pack, with varying costs in SolForge currency.  These packs have different numbers of cards and distributions of rarity to give players more flexibility looking for the cards they want for their collection.  The Normal pack is the version that we have previously explained, with 8 cards across three guaranteed levels of rarity and a chance to contain the highest level of rarity.  This is the kind of pack that is included as part of the Early Access rewards and 20 packs for 20$ promotion.

Hunting PackFree-to-Play

Up until now, SolForge has only been available as a limited beta.  With this update, however, we’re going entirely free to play and open to the public.  As we’ve said all along, we plan to make it possible to play and enjoy SolForge without spending anything at all.  To that end, this update includes ways for players to earn content just by playing.  Every day, you’ll be able to earn three different rewards – for simply logging in, completing games, and winning your first game.

Every account will also begin with two all-new free starter decks.  These are two-faction decks designed to introduce players to SolForge.  The cards in these starter decks are a part of the player’s collection and will provide a basis on which to build new decks.

Cross Platform Play

Synapsis Oracle

Synapsis Oracle

With this update, we have brought both PC and iOS platforms in sync, so each will have all of the same features.  Not only that, but you can now access your account on any supported device, and play against any of your friends, no matter whether they’re playing on PC or iOS.


Game Timers

Looking to play a quick game?  Tired of opponents who stop playing when it looks like they’re beat?  The new update has you covered!  We have added the option to play timed games, with a clock that counts down while it is a player’s turn to take an action.  If the clock runs out, that player forfeits.


What are you waiting for?  Your clock is ticking!  Go play SolForge now!


  1. Imprez92

    I’m playing a match right now and it seems he’s AFK. Now I have to wait 25 minuts to play another game. It’s better if you give 2 minuts max per turn and if the player doesn’t respond it’s forfeit.

  2. wrip

    The app seems to be uber-sluggish and crash-prone still, so I tried to get it on Steam, but I’m on a Mac…which I see now is a problem :(

    Are there any plans to bring SolForge to OS X?


  3. chrishall2889

    Game is really lagging. my opponents clock was running on my turn. I took my turn passed it back and then my clock kept running for like 2 minutes. I love the game but this is really annoying.

  4. Halaku

    Please disregard my earlier comment. I was in the wrong forum, and the problem may have been my ISP dying like a Vengeful Spirit. The game remains awesome!

    1. Adam

      I don’t see any starter decks, either. I seem to have started with new cards though, presumably from the new starters. I also don’t have my purchased starters as deck options but still have the cards.

      The app was running faster at lunch today though still a bit slow and buggy. Glad to see performance improving a tad.

  5. Halaku

    ” If the clock runs out, that player forfeits.”

    This function needs a little more work. Here’s the game log:

    Halaku starts their turn.
    Halaku plays Unrelenting Dead (lvl 1) in Lane 5.
    Lane 1:
    No combat
    Lane 2:
    No combat
    Lane 3:
    No combat
    Lane 4:
    No combat
    Lane 5:
    No combat
    Halaku ends their turn.

    (name censored to avoid witchhunt) starts their turn.

    He never took an action, and the timer counted down from 30:00 to 00:00 and… that’s it.

    When I hit the gear, the game offers me the chance to concede. I’d rather not, and give this guy the win when he didn’t play any cards, so I’m going to sit here and see if it ever times him out.

    This bug report aside, the Open Beta is awesome.! Proud to be one of y’all’s KickStarters.

  6. soulwarrior

    Words can’t describe how excited I am! I would have been sold if “just” the online play and the deck building functions were implemented, but all of this is way too much awesomeness to take in at once. I don’t think I’ll get anything done tomorrow, which really is a shame in a way, but then again I don’t mind too much since this is simply too cool.
    Great work guys, please keep it up!

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