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Three Faction Constructed!

What’s better than two factions? Thats Right… THREE FACTIONS!

All Weekend Starting Thursday at 12:00 noon pst You will be able to battle with any 3 of the factions in your deck instead of just 2.

My personal favorite in the past has been DINOS! YEAH DINOS!
I play Uterra, Nekrium and Tempys to make the most of all my favorite Dino Cards Like

Dozer The Awakened

Dysian Siphon


Or Even the Almighty Thunderstomp!!!


Here is a quick pic of my deck if anyone wants to get on the crazy Dino Train With Josh The Intern

Decklist for 3

Let us know your favorites and share any awesome stories below and in the forums!
As Always Happy Forging!



  1. Holyghost5514

    Next time this WW happens,, deck requirements should be 10/10/10 of 3 different factions. Quickly just degenerated into everyone playing their tier 1 constructed decks. Kinda defeats the whole purpose of special Q, and not in the spirit of the event……

  2. [SBE] Joshua Post author

    HAHA Those are great questions guys!

    First of all I just noticed I cropped Dozer out of my list :(

    He is the oldest bear on the planet and probably pretty prehistoric. Kind of like an Angry Dino BEAR :)

    HAHAH Good catch guys. He is not a Dinosaur, but I like him a lot none the less

  3. [SBE] Joshua Post author

    Noted and Noted!

    These are admittedly a little it older! :)

    I just wanted to give ya pictures to know the cards. Thank you for the feedback though. The last thing I want is for Dozer to only have half a head on level two hahah

    You are very welcome for the post my friend.

  4. diablo

    Thanks for posting this!

    A couple of points of feedback:
    - Dozer’s art needs to be moved to the right a bit in his level 2 version so we can see his full head. I hope all cards in all views/zooms get a quick pass to make sure they look reasonable.
    - I hate to beat a dead horse, but why are creature types still superimposed over the art? I feel like the community has agreed that just having the type line be “Uterra – Bear” is a better way to do this. The only possible drawback is that beginners may not immediately realize this is a creature, but they can get over this very quickly and that doesn’t seem worth making the art ugly forever.

      1. [SBE] Joshua Post author

        I’m not aware of any legal reasons honestly!

        Seems like it could be laying it out for new players or non magic folk, just to be as clear as possible.

        I will ask the powers that be for some explanation. or potentially get rid of those extra spaces!

    1. QuantumNinja

      Yes, thanks Josh for making this post. Even if the card layout here isn’t something we haven’t already seen before, it’s still nice to see glimpses of it every now and then in a different context.

      I will agree with diablo about the the placement of the creature type text. Placing it over the art means that there’s potential for the text to be illegible if the colors of the card art don’t have enough contrast with the white text…. plus it just obscures the beautiful artwork further. “Bear” might be short and not cover up so much of the art, but what about more elaborate creature types like “Robot dinosaur” (e.g. Batterbot)?

      I also feel like spelling out the faction of the card is a little redundant when the icon representing that faction is literally right above it (not to mention the unique faction frame around the card art). I get that spelling out the faction is perhaps friendlier to new players while they learn the game, but I’m not sure redundancy is the right answer from a design standpoint.

      Finally, I really really really dislike the dark-blue/cyan/aquamarine (whatever that color is) background behind the card text. It just seems to clash with the rest of the card design (particularly with the gold frame of the level 3). I really prefer the more neutral tone of the current card design (textured beige / parchment). Maybe the new color choice makes sense when seen in the context of the full GUI, but in seen in isolation, the background color for the card text is visually jarring to me.

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